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  1. Ganted, but you'll be sweating all day in the winter. I wish I was happy no matter what.
  2. granted, but every wish you grant, it takes 10 years of your life. i wish i would never get bored of songs i like and could listen to the same song for hours and still enjoy it as if it was the first time.
  3. Te conozco desde hace mucho, he perdido mi rango (he mirado las tres cuentas donde jugaba) y era premium, joder que putada, ojala recuperar el rango y los objetos

    1. Adriiibr


      Haz un post y pide que te lo devuelvan

  4. Alright no problem, I asked for it as I saw someone who has it, maybe it was from a while ago
  5. Account Name: Adriiibr Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands: /thru /flyspeed /speed (For AssassinS Craft) Reason for Request: Basically to go faster to parkours. And /thru, because there are some cooperative parkours that I can not complete as maybe there's no one up for it.
  6. Adriiibr

    Music I like

    Here goes another one
  7. Adriiibr

    Music I like

    So I create this topic to share music i enjoy listening to. You can also share your music if you'd like to.
  8. In-Game Name: Adriiibr Server: ACItem name + Item ID All you'll see in the picture inside the enderchest (specially the eastereggs and scythe's helmet) Time & Date Today around 12:30AM GMT+1 Description of Issue: My enderchest got a rollback I don't really know why. I had a lvl 5 enderchest and now lvl 4. Evidence:
  9. Looks like henk or bruny should take a look at this as you got banned from the console.
  10. Good old times hahaha that's mine lol, i wasnt even staff at that time
  11. Hi @Henk, my name is Adriiibr with 3 i, thanks
  12. Hi, id like to have my sponsor on assassins, thanks.
  13. No problem. Solved, this post can be closed.
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