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  1. you spend killing new ones who have nothing. and as you can see, you cannot run full spamw and record the screen with full diamonds. for something they were waiting for you at the door you will provoke and then run to spanw.
  2. It seems a bit immature of you. You were the one who was killing everyone. Riding and so on. in life and in a game you have to prove who you are....
  3. Apodo en el juego : JaissonL Apodo del que se queja : TumbandoElClud Descripci├│n de la situaci├│n : ocurre diariamente Capturas de pantalla / Prueba de video (obligatorio) : https://imgur.com/a/ZSbvDkb Jugadores que pueden confirmar su situaci├│n (si corresponde) :
  4. In-Game Name: JaissonL Server :AcItem name + Item ID: all my money Time & Date :Ac server update day, afternoon time Description of Issue : it happened because of the update Evidence : https://imgur.com/QiFjrc6
  5. Account Name: JaissonL Rank: sponsor+ Requested Commands: (flyspeed Assassins creed ) /speed Reason for Request: (my time at play is many hours a day, in the course of the day I meet new people, and I take the time to teach most dungeons, for me it is very important to help new and old people who enter the server so I achieve a I link with them and trust to keep coming to AC, I want this command to speed up my daily things) sorry for my English
  6. Hello everyone, 1. This suggestion is very important for people who have rank, be it VIP or sponsor, is to have our own money bank in the warp premium or vip you will decide, this would serve a lot and facilitate the mobility of each user always thinking about their comfort Excuse my english
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