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  1. I can confirm, another player killed Gondis with that potion, and then he put that potions in a shulker, Gondis asked me for help because he didn't know what to do, and then I got rid that potions. @TheTheadNote reported that player with @iiTzFermin_ but he banned Gondis instead of that player. (I won't say his name because Fermin knows it)
  2. In-Game Name: HowYouLikeThatBP Server: ACItem name + Item ID: I don't have the ID but it's an Ares Shield Time & Date yesterday at 8pm Description of Issue I had it in my left hand, but when a restart passed I lost it Evidence https://imgur.com/a/HKaakZf
  3. Everyone stopped logging into CTW since the entire server changed to 1.15, and I'm not talking about bringing the 1.8 pvp back (because it already is) I'm talking about being able to log into the server with 1.8
  4. Please I ask you to read the whole post, it is important. It is not a secret that the server has been falling in number of players lately, this post is intended to give ideas for the server to stabilize at least a bit like before. 1. Reactivate CTW. This minigame is the one that had the most players all the time, having several hours of continuous play, with games with many players, this minigame was the one that most caught the attention of users, and the reason why several players bought a rank . 2. Bring back 1.8. Last year, there was a smaller number of players in CTW, but this number dropped to 0 when the server became exclusive for version 1.15, and that happened even in AC, the server was very good when you could enter with version 1.8, Maybe it was moved to version 1.15 by Survival, skyblock and Hiipo minigames, but I think it was a bad idea to change the version. 3. Advertising. I suggest that they give more publicity to the server, either with a youtuber or somewhere else, but that this is when the server is in version 1.8, lately the players have been playing more than 1.8 servers (A clear example may be HY ). I would like you to comment if you agree with my post, especially on the subject of changing the server to 1.8, or if you have any suggestions, I ask you to comment on them :p The post in spanish:
  5. Account Name: HowYouLikeThatBP Rank: [Sponsor+] Requested Commands: World Edit in Pure Survival and Hiipo Plot Reason for Request: I want to build faster, to be able to make very nice constructions
  6. Network Server : AC In-Game Nickname : HowYouLikeThatBP Nickname of the one you are complaining about : Chiche and TheTheadNot Description of the situation : They both were swearing, saying homophobic trash and spawncamping Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : proof hidden Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Materiallize
  7. Network Server : AC In-Game Nickname : HowYouLikeThatBP Nickname of the one you are complaining about : BaconMinecart and Screwball1821 Description of the situation : They both are swearing Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : https://imgur.com/a/thaSWdP Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : battlefiled
  8. Nickname: HowYouLikeThatBP Rank: Network Sponsor+ Requested Commands: In assasins: /hat, /skull and flyspeed Reason for Request: -/hat and /skull: I want to use it for fun -Flyspeed: I want to get to the cities faster uwu Proof: click here
  9. In game name: StickyAndSweet_ Proof of Purchase: my profile and https://imgur.com/a/Q0c0n53 Description of Issue: I don't have my Sponsor+ rank in assassins and in the lobby Date/Time of Purchase: mmm 2 years ago Items/Rank Bought: Sponsor+ rank Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: no
  10. I confirm I'm pretty sure that Uru should be punished, becaused he's a very toxic player:)
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