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  1. (Swaggirl200)(Insulting)(CTW)

    Sincerely idk why people keep using Noob as an "insult". IMO I think the only punishment Swaggirl will receive is for using the caps and spamming, due to I don't consider the word "noob" as a bad word. So I'll punish that account when I can be on the PC, if other staff does it first, lemme know.
  2. /fly bug

    For which server is this?
  3. [ACv1] Trade Rooms | Blocked-Cmds

    Thanks for reporting it. Fixed. T/C.
  4. smoke spawn

    Punished. T/C.
  5. smoke spawn

    Punished. T/C.

    Please be patient, they will see your post soon, since they're busy doing updates on our modded servers, wipes, fixing bugs and tons of other things.
  7. [Question Of Prefix]

    Is this a request or just a question? I think it could be possible, but... if I'm not wrong, each color has a price so mixing them all could be expensive, I'm not really sure about that... BTW, how many times you were warned about tagging staff members? Just stop doing it, it's unnecesary.
  8. Change The Color Of My Name

    Dupped topic. Let's refrain to this one: T/C.
  9. Playing at wrong ip adress.

  10. Help me Please

    @Meldieboy_2 Please provide us your IGN, which server is this for and a picture of all the things you lost as a proof. As I know you're a non-english speaker please write all of I asked on spanish. TRANSLATION: Por favor, dinos tu nombre de usuario en el juego, para que servidor requieres esto (AssasinsCraft, Pure Survival, etc etc), y una foto de todo lo que perdiste como prueba. Como se que no eres hablante del inglés, por favor escribe todo lo anteriormente mencionado en español.
  11. Assasins, whats a dungeon key?

    Greetings. Well, you're talking about the Memorial Garden Dungeon that I made, so, you can find the key for that dungeon on the spawn with 2 villagers, you'll need to exchange 16 assasin pages to get the Key. For more details about this key, please watch the video below.
  12. Character is Glitched

    Wrong section, please another moderator move this topic to the correct section, as I don't know for what server is this for, or if someone could tell me to move it I'll apreciate that.
  13. Camp in Spawn

    Both jailed for 30 min. T/C.
  14. Bug Abuse 1st offense - HB in Protected Area [ACv1]

    Punished. T/C.
  15. Report - CTW - Spawnkilling

    Topic moved to Network Complaint's Section. Next time please use this format when complaining and post in this section.