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  1. Refund Request

    Please edit your post and provide us a list of the items you lost.
  2. [Refund Request] LunarLogic112

    Topic moved to Tekkit Technical Support section.
  3. Iritated

    Looks like you don't play on our Network servers, looks like you're from Tekkit or SkyFactory?
  4. Discord VIP rank

    Okay, first of all we need you to retrieve your Nick first to see your IGN. Second, what's your name on discord?
  5. An admin theif my enchant and want to thief from my chests

    Need you to be online right now, I'm logging in.
  6. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Capture The Wool

    I don't see any kill aura/Anti-Knockback evidence, could you give us some more proofs about this?
  7. I lost my stuff

    Topic moved to DW20 Technical Support Section.
  8. Okay, just to be clear. Admins are there to help you, not for trolling. I guess someone is just playing with you, but I can be sure that it's not an admin, please next time you want to complaint about something provide us some screenshots, also, any user with /fly permissions (VIP, Premium, Sponsor) can take an Invisibility Potion and watch the Live Map to go where you at. Not a complaint, not a doubt, so T/C.
  9. Advertising & Ban Evade

    Punished. T/C.
  10. Lost items report

    Topic moved to DW1.12 Technical Support Section. Wait for a DW Staff.
  11. Smoke in spawn #4 - Ac v1

    Punished. T/C.
  12. Empty enderchest - Ac v1

    Refunded. T/C.
  13. Empty enderchest - Ac v1

    Why it says "Pinecoeu Personal Storage"? If you're Pinecoeu I'll have to ask you to change your name on forums and use the same as that one you use on the server also I need you to give us a proof of ownership that you are Pinecoeu.
  14. [Unban] Isma

    He's not asking for your main account, he is asking about the unban, now that you mention it, why you didn't used your main account to create another unban request instead this one with this account?

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