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  1. ayuda :v

  2. [Unban] mirs

    Greetings. I want to ask something, if mirs has his/her own forum account, why you ask the unban instead of him/her? Second, staff doesn't ban people without reasons, if mirs got banned is because she did something, checking our forums I found this: Third, last but not least, I will have to ask you SniperWolf to stop with the attitude of being "a poor hated" user, nobody hates you, don't act like nobody likes you.

    Just reminding you Mr. Hacker, you should never use your own IP. Please, don't do me anything D: HALP!
  4. Staff members' skins :)

    Or one of me.
  5. Error learned

    Greetings. Next time you want to make a unban request, do it in the correct section following the template for it. Also, you won't be unbanned, xtomyserrax banned you in a fairly way due to you were bug abusing. You say there's some other people that do the same, and I can tell you that they've been banned or if they do it again, take a screenshot and complaint about them on forums. Unban request denied.
  6. Report - CTW

    Thanks Lexy. Aris, you're overreacting with this kind of things, also, in that case you must have a punishmen for the reason of "Trolling" due to you were placing blocks around me blocking me the way that I was trying to go through. I did nothing 'cause I don't care about how you've been acting. Anyway, drop the attitude, it's useless to keep acting as you've been doing. P.S: If you want to reply to this topic, don't create a new one, just PM me.
  7. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but the only thing you can get for free it's the friendzone. I wish to have an Audi R8.
  8. Report:Ctw

    Punished. T/C.
  9. New to Craftersland!!

    Woah, that's great!, also if you and your daughter enjoy the vanilla minecraft, you can log on our vanilla server, we have a lot of games and minigames there. Althought I think you could enjoy FeedTheBeast server, there's some features like vampires and those kind of things.
  10. New to Craftersland!!

    Hello there! I just saw the vid you posted on your YT channel like 16 hours ago. Great work on the transformation of the village!. Also I would like to know, in which of our servers are you playing? (Tekkit, SkyFactory, Network[Vanilla]) I would like to see you guys in-game soon!. Have a nice day!.
  11. Advertising!

    Punished. T/C.
  12. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted. But you wanted to kill someone, so you didn't move your wand as it has to be and the spell hits you and you die. I wish I could appear any thing with my hands.
  13. Do You Play Any Instruments?

    I play guitar (I'm not good enough yet) and I would like to return to my piano classes. Playing instruments on softwares counts?
  14. Not getting my keys

    Topic moved to SkyFactory3 Technical Support Section.
  15. Ryanmc213

    To meet some people, could you tell us in which server you play? Tekkit, SkyFactory, Network, FTB?

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