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  1. Memories

    Has someone unjailed the people that got jailed unfairly? Those cmds were used yesterday, user complaint about it on Discord "Networkservers" channel.
  2. Good Horror movies to watch

    -The Human Centipede -V/H/S 1 and 2 -The Poughskeepie Tapes If I can remember more, I'll edit this post to add them.
  3. Aren't you bored of this?

    Greetings Mainblast. As Jimmel said, Brunyman has been working on some other things, and we, the Network staff can't do too much due to we don't have enough permissions to fix some bugs and all those things. Even without those perms, we've been working on some changes. I don't want to make a spoiler, but the GM+'s we've been working on some changes for ACv1, also, I guess you knew this, but we created some new dungeons in there. I know we need to change a lot of things, so I'll start to work in some features for the server, like new spawn for SkyWars lobby, new spawn for CTW lobby, new maps for CTW and SkyWars. Also even if I'll start to work on this, you have to keep in mind that I can't make all those things in a hour, it will take some time to finish the buildings and after I finish my job, it gonna take some time to be on the server. Please be patient, we are working hard for the improvement of the server, changes doesn't take a day to happen. Have a great day.
  4. Unban Resquets

    Alright, I'll unban you, sorry for the inconvenience that I could cause. Unban Request accepted. P.S: I just hope you just changed your way to act, and you won't dupe or create more illegal items since your record is too dirty. T/C.
  5. Unban Resquets

    Alright, and what can you tell me about the item: #0166 Barrier on someone else inventory? The item has your tag on it.
  6. Unban Resquets

    Alright, first of all, this is not the first time you got banned for having illegal/dupped items, so you should stop using them or creating them. You should know that having item: #0166 (Barrier) is a no obtaineable item, so is considered illegal. https://imgur.com/a/Rfk6W Tell me more about that notch, and I'll consider to remove or reduce your ban.
  7. ACV1 Unban

    Alright I warned him in a verbal way to make his next posts on english. He says in the reason: "they banned me for 2 days for supposedly camping and I just went outside to pvping, after that they get me into jail and I got accused for using the HB in Jail, I didn't that, I don't think that it's fair to got the ban without asking me or something, jist cause I just entered in pvp cause I was ordering my chest they accuse me of camping." Alright Jorge, just wait for an answer of @Lexylelelele in this post, I'll help you with the translations mate.
  8. [Acv1] Swindler

    Well, first things first. Selling IRL things for InGame items is a delicated situation, we can't avoid this of happenning, that's why all users have to have extreme caution with this situations. Second one, scamming on the server deserves a punishment, and as ItsWolfie said, scamming using things IRL for InGame things has the punishment of being permanently banned from the server. We will NOT allow this things happen. You will have a refund of what you lost, he will lost the Gold Blocks and he's gonna get a punishment, I'll take care of it when I get home.
  9. Command Request

    Just wait for an answer from Powerwarp or Brunyman
  10. Command Request

    That's what I'm talking about... not even staff members have the normal fly speed.
  11. Command Request

    I already answered you in this topic: Don't create new threads for the same purposes. T/C.
  12. Command Request

    First of all, you're not allowed to be at that part of the map (below the bedrock). Second, not even staff members can have that speed while flying, this is caused by the anticheat, so asking for it would be useless.
  13. Unban Resquest

    Ik I'm not involved in this, but... You being catch having illegal items so many times by a lot of staff members, we all know you're a dupper and you always find the way for having illegal items, don't try to play the fool. If you don't want to be banned again, behave yourself. The ban stays!. T/C.
  14. Advertising

    Punished. T/C.