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  1. KayWolves

    Favorite History Topic?

    WWII, Greek and Romanian Mithology.
  2. KayWolves

    [Swear] AurelTheDark, SofiaGonzalezRat, southrumble80

    Settle down everyone. First things first. iHoney_69, using the word "hate" is too much. I can't understand the purpose of constantly attacking someone, as anyone can see in the photos, in the first picture of the album you made, the first comment is you attacking south, telling him slave, and telling him to shut his mouth. After those comments you were the first one wishing the death. How can you complain about him when you started to attack him?. Looking the pics over and over again, I just can look just one bad comment of south that can be interpreted as "I don't like you" in a non-correct way. And, talking about the thing of mirs, that's something you shouldn't talk about, if they had that kind of relationship is something that should not be in this post. AurelTheDark, wishing death to someone is not the best thing you can do, even if he started to wishing death to someone else. southrumble80, your behavior wasn't good at all, higher staff members will talk with you in private to decide what to do with you. Being agree with my partner Fire_Ligth, we are a community, and we should give the best from ourselves and share the good things with the others, not constantly attacking. EDIT: Since Henkekalmar was unavailable, I decided to make the punishments by myself. SofiaGonzalezRat and AurelTheDark, I hope the day you'll be banned make you think about the bad attitude you took. Also I hope that this kind of situation doesn't repeat anymore. SofiaGonzalezRat, I hope you change your attitude towards southrumble80 or any member of the community, you said you wanted respect from him? Start to respect him to, you can't ask for respect if you don't show respect. AurelTheDark, same for you, doesn't matter who started, don't continue the discussion. For both of you, if someone is insulting you, drop the discussion, and just report him, don't argue with him. Last but not least, south, I already talked with you. You know your punishment and why I gave it to you. I hope the three of you change your attitudes and improve yourselves. T/C.
  3. KayWolves

    Crafter's Land Newsletter | June 2018

    New Vanilla gamemode?! Really?! Wow!
  4. KayWolves

    *MEGALOLYT - 2nd offense duplicate items*

    User punished. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  5. KayWolves

    *MEGALOLYT - 2nd offense duplicate items*

    No, looks like hasn't been uploaded at all
  6. KayWolves

    *MEGALOLYT - 2nd offense duplicate items*

    YouTube link video is not working, are you sure you copy/paste it well?
  7. KayWolves

    Bug Abuse - Florecitas

    Punished. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  8. KayWolves

    Hb in spawn - patozombie97

    User banned. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  9. KayWolves

    HB in spawn

    User punished. Thanks for reporting. T/C.
  10. KayWolves


    Didn't knew that you already made a unban request that got denied, so if you already had an answer for the admin who banned you, why you keep asking for an unban through messages? I knew I told you to create this one, but you already had an answer, next time follow the template for unbans or you post will be ignored. Unban Request Denied. Wait until your ban expires. T/C.
  11. KayWolves

    Player claimed next to my base

    Topic moved to DW20 1.12 Technical Support Section.
  12. KayWolves

    Review help

    Topic moved to Tekkit's General Section.
  13. KayWolves

    please ban by scam on acv1

    Greetings. First of all edit your post and follow the correct template that gerry_lmao provide you. You have to give us proofs of the scam to punish the user you're complaining about. Topic moved to Complaints Network Server.
  14. KayWolves

    Items Disappearing

    Is this on DW 1.7.10?
  15. KayWolves

    Removed Beacons and Iron Blocks

    Proofs given propperly. Thanks for taking the time to collect the evidence that those items are totally legal. The items were retrieved due to being suspicious items, sorry for the inconvenience that I could caused. I'll refund your Iron Blocks and Beacons. User Refunded. T/C.

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