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  1. Hi Cuadroto, ¿me recuerdas? xD

    1. Cuadroto


      Of course! :P

    2. ElGamesHD


      Me meti aqui para recordar viejos tiempos me agrada ver que sigues por aqui, y felicidades por el GM 

  2. Warned! Thanks for report, have a nice day. T/C
  3. Hey @RuisuMC! I told you the reason in the game but I will repeat it here... I do not know how to explain it but at the time of entering the wool, instead of going over bedrock you went outside the map. UnBan request DENIED. I'll don't close the topic
  4. He said that have hacks in game... Denied again.
  5. Unban request DENIED. T/C
  6. Hello, The first time that you killed me, I saw some strange, but I thought that was my ping... Second time, you was hitting other player and me... A moment next, the plugin AAC kicked you for hacking. So, Unban request DENIED T/C
  7. The beginning of the end if nobody do something. @Powerwarp @brunyman
  8. Happy birthday, I was not connected during these days but I congrat you today, lol.

  9. Happy birthday! :P 

    1. Cuadroto


      Ohhh gd! Thx Marce :)

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