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  1. Unban request - Caro

    Un-Ban Request DENIED. T/C
  2. Unban watson2

    He said that have hacks in game... Denied again.
  3. Unban watson2

    Unban request DENIED. T/C
  4. Unban Request

    Hello, The first time that you killed me, I saw some strange, but I thought that was my ping... Second time, you was hitting other player and me... A moment next, the plugin AAC kicked you for hacking. So, Unban request DENIED T/C
  5. Powerwarp and brunyman

    The beginning of the end if nobody do something. @Powerwarp @brunyman
  6. Nice!
  7. Nice!! Good job @brunyman
  8. Bug Abuse - Throwing Poison in Spawn

    Punished! T/C
  9. Asking for items acv1

    Warned! T/C
  10. Happy birthday, I was not connected during these days but I congrat you today, lol.

  11. Happy birthday! :P 

    1. Cuadroto


      Ohhh gd! Thx Marce :)

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :DDDD :3333333333 WE ALL LOVE YOU!

    1. Cuadroto



  13. Your favorite music


    The sponsor?