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  1. RuisuMC


    Topic moved to Network Unban Requests @iDennsey_ Edit your post and follow this template:
  2. RuisuMC

    [Item Request] Direwolf20 1.7

    Topic moved to DW 1.7 Technical Support.
  3. RuisuMC


    Users banned! Topic Closed.
  4. RuisuMC

    [Refund Request] - iiTzArismaltor_

    Items were refunded! Topic Closed.
  5. RuisuMC

    Game Of Hangman

  6. RuisuMC

    Report - ACv1

    Users punished! Topic Closed.
  7. RuisuMC

    Forum Report - Swearing [Momoloquendo] {#1}

    Solved. Topic Closed.
  8. RuisuMC

    HB at spawn

    User banned! Topic Closed.
  9. RuisuMC

    is ban or not¿xd

    Users warned! Topic Closed.
  10. RuisuMC

    Troll 2

    I can see the bucket also, he is on fire as you can see here http://prntscr.com/kgstkx User banned! Topic Closed.
  11. RuisuMC

    Report: Team troll

    I can't see him holding any bucket But he was using caps in excess... User muted! Topic Closed.
  12. RuisuMC

    [Refund Request] SahucPro

    Items refunded! Topic Closed.
  13. Hello, since the wipe on PS i lost my rank and prefix, i would like to have them back Nickname: RuisuMC Server: Network, PS Rank: GM, Premium global, and one prefix &3[R] Also, i would like to change my ctw premium rank for one prefix: &7[Kanashii] so, it would be: &9[P]&3[R]&7[Kanashii]&4[GM] Thanks
  14. RuisuMC

    Discord name

    Role added!
  15. RuisuMC

    Game Of Hangman


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