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  1. RuisuMC

    I can't write anything on the server

    Solved in-game. Topic Closed.
  2. RuisuMC

    Without P+ 7u7_Paradox_7u7

    Please provide us your in-game nickname so we can reactivate your rank. Topic moved to Network Technical Support.
  3. RuisuMC

    Help ...

    Problem solved, Topic moved to Network Technical Support and Closed.
  4. RuisuMC

    Problem direwolf server 1/7.10

    User made another topic in the correct section: Topic Closed and moved to DW 1.7.10 Technical Support.
  5. RuisuMC


    Topic moved to Network Unban Requests @iDennsey_ Edit your post and follow this template:
  6. RuisuMC

    [Item Request] Direwolf20 1.7

    Topic moved to DW 1.7 Technical Support.
  7. RuisuMC


    Users banned! Topic Closed.
  8. RuisuMC

    [Refund Request] - iiTzArismaltor_

    Items were refunded! Topic Closed.
  9. RuisuMC

    Game Of Hangman

  10. RuisuMC

    Report - ACv1

    Users punished! Topic Closed.
  11. RuisuMC

    Forum Report - Swearing [Momoloquendo] {#1}

    Solved. Topic Closed.
  12. RuisuMC

    HB at spawn

    User banned! Topic Closed.
  13. RuisuMC

    is ban or not¿xd

    Users warned! Topic Closed.
  14. RuisuMC

    Troll 2

    I can see the bucket also, he is on fire as you can see here http://prntscr.com/kgstkx User banned! Topic Closed.
  15. RuisuMC

    Report: Team troll

    I can't see him holding any bucket But he was using caps in excess... User muted! Topic Closed.

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