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  1. Halloween Drawings

    impressive good technique for art keep it up I really liked the chucky, for me without exception B win.
  2. Rank Giveaway

    IGN: Termi07 Server: Network Good luck to all and Regards!!
  3. Wish badly understood

    Granted, but when you predict it you predict your death to the moment and you die I wish to travel to the whole world and know more.
  4. My Suggestions Skywars

    Well, clearly this caught my attention because lately I've been playing a bit and it's very tedious in certain parts, it is expected to gradually improve to implement a good Skywars and PvP. Same as it says @_ItsWolfie_ I've also been testing the SG, and very little entertainment performance and players, is a network, which lacks support among other small things that implement it.
  5. Dupped items

    Bad template, follow the following.
  6. Wish badly understood

    Agreed, but as the knowledge, is so great your brain increases in a very fast way it explodes and die. I want to be a martial arts champion of the UFC.
  7. Wish badly understood

    Granted, but you see a very tragic future, you go crazy you kill yourself and you die. I wish to stop the time.
  8. Hello everyone, first to the one who does not know me, Here is a brief description of me. Well today I wanted to make a little game to have fun among the whole community and get to know more friends among other interesting things, I would say that a game to not have so dead the forum, well without more words we start. REQUEST A DESIRE AND RUIN THE OTHER This game consists of asking, and the person who comes will ruin it and then ask for another desire Example: User A: I want to have a boat User B: Granted but after 15 minutes you melt the engine, it comes a storm sinks and you drown. I want to be millionaire(Male/Female) "Well, I start: Wish have a plane" The game is simple but fun at the time I hope you like it and play, regards!!
  9. Smoke in Spawn

    Incorrect section, not hit the forum, with duplicate themes. reference subjects.
  10. [Smoke in Spawn]

    Incorrect section, move theme and use l correct template, or your message will be ignored.
  11. [Smoke in Spawn]

    Duplicate theme, refer to the following thread.
  12. My Presentation Termi07

    Name : Roberth Ponciano. IGN : Termi07. Age : 18. Crafter's Land Servers you play : Network. Location : personal thing. A short description of yourself : I am a person, little humorist in certain parts, I would say very direct in things and sociable, I am practicing martial arts training among other small things, how to edit apps and practitioner of computing. Hobbies and interests: In my free time, I like to practice, martial arts and read interesting books and play football, and help in some occasional jobs in my family's business. Discord / Skype Name : No, I occupy none of these social networks.