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  1. impressive good technique for art keep it up I really liked the chucky, for me without exception B win.
  2. IGN: Termi07 Server: Network Good luck to all and Regards!!
  3. Granted, but when you predict it you predict your death to the moment and you die I wish to travel to the whole world and know more.
  4. Well, clearly this caught my attention because lately I've been playing a bit and it's very tedious in certain parts, it is expected to gradually improve to implement a good Skywars and PvP. Same as it says @_ItsWolfie_ I've also been testing the SG, and very little entertainment performance and players, is a network, which lacks support among other small things that implement it.
  5. Bad template, follow the following.
  6. Agreed, but as the knowledge, is so great your brain increases in a very fast way it explodes and die. I want to be a martial arts champion of the UFC.
  7. Granted, but you see a very tragic future, you go crazy you kill yourself and you die. I wish to stop the time.
  8. Hello everyone, first to the one who does not know me, Here is a brief description of me. Well today I wanted to make a little game to have fun among the whole community and get to know more friends among other interesting things, I would say that a game to not have so dead the forum, well without more words we start. REQUEST A DESIRE AND RUIN THE OTHER This game consists of asking, and the person who comes will ruin it and then ask for another desire Example: User A: I want to have a boat User B: Granted but after 15 minutes you melt the engine, it comes a storm sinks and you drown. I want to be millionaire(Male/Female) "Well, I start: Wish have a plane" The game is simple but fun at the time I hope you like it and play, regards!!
  9. Incorrect section, not hit the forum, with duplicate themes. reference subjects.
  10. Incorrect section, move theme and use l correct template, or your message will be ignored.
  11. Duplicate theme, refer to the following thread.
  12. Name : Roberth Ponciano. IGN : Termi07. Age : 18. Crafter's Land Servers you play : Network. Location : personal thing. A short description of yourself : I am a person, little humorist in certain parts, I would say very direct in things and sociable, I am practicing martial arts training among other small things, how to edit apps and practitioner of computing. Hobbies and interests: In my free time, I like to practice, martial arts and read interesting books and play football, and help in some occasional jobs in my family's business. Discord / Skype Name : No, I occupy none of these social networks.
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