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  1. Username: RandomNukes Server: Skyfactory 2.5 Description of issue: It seems my rank wasn't fully removed after the rank transfer from skyfactory to tekkit. I don't have any permissions that i shouldn't have, just have the tag and color still. Might be a bit confusing to people if i still have a staff rank 😄
  2. This is a pretty common issue, but there isn't a real fix for it from the server's side. best tip, which has prevented blocks going missing during my pretty extensive testing, is to ensure your PA is only in chunkloaded chunks. The MFR chunkloaders are capable of creating a cross (or +) of 5 chunks to load, if you place the chunkloaders in a pattern where you get a large (4x4) square, you can build your PA in there. it's large enough to generate anti-matter (though not very efficient).
  3. This is actually a modpack issue, rather than a server one. This also happens in singleplayer. unless anyone knows how to fix this within the pack itself, there's not much that can be done i'm afraid 😕
  4. player muted as per rule 13 - no racist slurs/text/content. Thank you for the report! T/C
  5. due to the large amount of items and the lack of knowledge of content of the chests, i would recommend making a rollback request rather than a refund request. It's simply too many items to refund...
  6. Your Name: RandomNukes Town Name: IslandiaCoordinates: -3627, 66, -1197Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 12:00 UTC 12-09-2019Description of Issue: World edit grief. could've been prevented ?
  7. Unfortunately there was no direct evidence to who spawned the mobs. Inconclusive evidence. T/C
  8. Please refrain from escalating the situation any further. we are working on it and we'll make sure to find the person who did and not punish anyone unnecessarily.
  9. Items refunded, they are in your inventory. Confirmed everything was present. T/C
  10. ah yes, that is my bad. I forgot to post my reply: It is currently under investigation. feel free to update us if you happen to find anything or spot suspicious behaviour
  11. Duplicate post of: T/C
  12. i'm not sure what you want here - is it 1 pickaxe, or 3 pickaxes? i'll need a fixed number for it, not one that ranges from 1 to 3 I've refunded the items and placed them in your inventory. The unstable ingots are in one of your backpacks. If anything's still missing, please comment down below which items and how many.
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