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  1. Builcraft Builder

    All buildcraft machinery is quite buggy with the town plugin we have... and since BC doesn't release a sourcecode, there's nothing brunyman can do about this. just needs a few tries to get it working, but it'll work. a few tips to help you get it to work: - Make sure there are no liquids like lava or oil in the area - use it for small areas (32x32x32 at most) - make sure you have buildcraft enabled, you might need to disable and re-enable it
  2. Help ! Stuck in deep dark pls Tp me out to spawn

    try joining now i've jailed you for a few seconds, this should pull you out of the deep dark dimension and allow you to continiue on playing
  3. Rollback req: corrupted chunk [SERVER CRASH]

    Player moved to another base so i assume this can be closed. T/C
  4. dudisek 70 griefery

    player dealt with and items (about to be) refunded. T/C
  5. Inv rollback req/refund req

    items refunded. T/C
  6. Hack luc_123456

    we've been over this in-game and it has been dealt with. T/C
  7. Fluid Transposer Issue

    For the ink vials: NEI thinks that a bottle has a 1000mb content. but since this is a different value in mystcraft, it will not accept it with fluidtransposers (mystcraft liquid crafting works different to normal so the mods don't allow transfer) For buckets: i think this is a side effect of a fix for liquid dupes that was done during the last wipe; disallowing buckets to be emptied using fluid transposers for some reason (probably to a likelyhood of duping liquids). Could also just be a bug in the mod. Thermal expansion in 1.6 was far from finished, so bugs are very likely.
  8. Rollback req: corrupted chunk [SERVER CRASH]

    I'll help troubleshoot tomorrow, looks like it's a chunkloading issue
  9. [Island rollback request] RandomNukes

    little bit too far back, but that's okay. all good now, Thanks!
  10. [Item Refund Request]

    items are in your inventory, if you miss anything just sent me an ingame mail by doing /mail send RandomNukes T/C
  11. Your Name: RandomNukesIsland Owner Name: RandomNukes Coordinates: 3000,141,-14795Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 17-1-2018 19:00 GMT+1Description of Issue: I placed a smeltery controller and that cleared every chest in the same chunk .Screenshots (Optional):
  12. [Item Refund Request]

    Could you specify which modifications you had on the armor? Slapping every single upgrade on there isn't an option
  13. For admins!

    If everything is legit, you are free to sell, give away (though, if you do don't make it too end-game) or do any other form of player-to-player transaction. The rule can be a bit confusing at times, i give you that. But it's implemented to balance everything a bit. I'm really glad to see everyone's on the same page again!
  14. Urgent Rollback request: corrupted chunk

    It's all good now? Sorry for the inconvenience, but every time you logged in, the server crashed. I guess the issue fixed itself then, let me know if it's fine now
  15. Unban Dumblore

    If he wants to appeal for an unban, he can make it himself. it's not up to you to make unban appeals for others. Unban request denied. topic closed

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