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  1. Username change problem

    Inventory, money and town ownership has been transferred
  2. [Inventory Rollback Request]OverLimit

    Rollback successful, confirmed with the player T/C
  3. Lost Items between server restarts / sessions

    I've placed the jetpack and energycell in your inventory. before i close the topic, do you know how you lost them?
  4. Client crashes in spawn

    unfortunatly it seems that the mod to fix the skins for tekkit causes your client to crash whenever there's a player with a cracked account inside your rendering area The issues are fixed now that i deleted the mod. If you experience the same issue: delete this mod T/C
  5. Chunk rollback request

    Player made a new topic for the refund. items are refunded. T/C
  6. [Refund Request] 0_PANDA_8

    Items refunded, they are in your inventory. T/C
  7. Well this is awkward.

    Egg moved to your inventory T/C
  8. Client crashes in spawn

    it's not every time, but it does happen atleast once a week. And yes, others have reported the same issue
  9. Client crashes in spawn

    Hi, There seems to be an issue in spawn that causes the client to crash when something in spawn gets loaded (usually somewhere around the vote crates). This can also occur when you try to log in at spawn, causing you to be unable to join :/ maybe someone can figure it out with the crash report, but i cannot figure it out one bit... I'd also like to know if others have the same issue, so if you do either like the post or reply below ~ Nukes
  10. [Presentation] Zanda

    It's always nice to know a little more about people so you can understand them that little bit better Saying welcome now wouldn't make much sense as i already welcomed you when you started off as staff Hope you're enjoying your time as staff! (Edit: judge! way to go, keep it up!)
  11. Account Name(you): RandomNukes Server: Dw1.7 Town name in question(case sensitive): MmmmTown Coordinates: 2416, 71, -1845 Town members: XxMekillu19xX, arturogamer, Segeant_Saiz, Norville_, MmmmSasuke Reason for request: Their town is abandoned and in the way of my town's expansion Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  12. [Complaint] gatitoteam

    Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : CTW In-Game Nickname : RandomNukes Nickname of the one you are complaining about : gatitoteam Description of the situation : i believe gitatoteam to have some form of anti-knockback cheat. when i hit him with arrows, he would just stay crouched half in mid-air without getting knocked off or move in any way :/. If you compare it to the person i hit earlier in the video you can clearly see that he did get knocked back by the arrow . and if gatitoteam was lagging, he wouldn't have taken damage and died (the animation would show but the player wouldn't take any damage) and he had no indication of lag before this... Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : Geri33 was there, but i doubt they saw anything
  13. [Rank re-adding] RandomNukes

    thanks! everything works so this can be closed
  14. [Rank re-adding] RandomNukes

    Name: RandomNukes Server: Tekkit Rank: Sponsor+ Had my rank hidden (i guess it just got removed) when i became GM to shorten the tags a little and to solve a minor bug where I didn't show up as staff, and now i don't have it anymore . thanks in advance ~Nukes some proof if you really need it (the tag was bugged out after mod,so i don't have any more recent screenshots)
  15. (Suggestion) Adding Vote for Server Restart

    not always... most of the times lag is caused by people's bases .Restarting would only help if that person is offline, otherwise they'd log back in and the server starts lagging again

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