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  1. Stuck in corrupt chunk

    Teleported to spawn, issue solved.
  2. [Rollback Request]

    identical to this one (albeit by a different person): though coords seem to be different, which set is correct?
  3. Anti-Matter Greifing.

    Players punished, damage fixed and looking into ways to prevent it in the future. Thanks for the report! ~Nukes
  4. Refund Request

    Inventory was already rolledback. No need for a refund. T/C
  5. Spawn greifed

    We're looking into it. For now i'll try to refund people as soon as possible. ~ Nukes
  6. Spawn was greifed

    We already know this, unfortunatly only bruny can fix it :/
  7. Unban TheToxic_Avenger

    Lowest punishment for a rule 19 offense is a 1d ban, a warning for it is not possible.
  8. Unban TheToxic_Avenger

    The dynmap is actually not meant to track players/staff, but rather to be used for scouting ahead for places to set up your base
  9. Unban TheToxic_Avenger

    The whole thing about the dynmap is that it tracks staff, which in case you weren't aware, is bannable. Now, the rule 19 part comes from pressumably you, or someone else in the clan, explaining how to use that to your advantage, along with sharing it with other players, such as your clan mates. As it technically is considered and exploit, and therefore explaining/exposing an exploit. So unless someone else has something to say about this, the ban will stay. (As well as it possibly expiring anyways)
  10. Item Refund

    Items refunded, player was online to recieve them.
  11. [Refund request]stefanvip1

    Items refunded.
  12. [Chunk claim restore] RandomNukes

    I had 608. i first bought P+ (adds 160) and later upgraded to S+ (+320 chunks)
  13. As of the recent wipe my chunk claims have been reverted to the same as the default rank. Is it possible to have them restored to the amount Sponsor+ can have? Thanks, ~ Nukes
  14. VIP

    did you purchase it on the name of "Walnutrat"? and if possible, can you check if you've recieved a confirmation email?