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  1. RandomNukes

    Advanced Inscribers Dissapearing

    Advanced inscribers are no longer in the pack after the 2.0 update. So this issue won't come back for a while...
  2. RandomNukes

    [Broken Spawner] (I bought it)

    spawner changed to iron golem T/C
  3. RandomNukes

    Favorite History Topic?

    World war 2, hands down. and to be more specific about it: German unit tactics (aviation, infantry and tanks), aviation (development of certain types of aircraft, mostly german side) and mayor events: battle of kurks, battle of stalingrad, battle of moscow, battle of leningrad, operation 'bodenplatte', operation 'fall blau', battle of midway and many other
  4. RandomNukes

    Good Songs? :3

    just like the other post, these are my recommendations:
  5. RandomNukes

    Your favorite music

  6. RandomNukes

    [Refund Request] Jah_Blessed

    Items refunded and confirmed in-game that it was all there. T/C
  7. RandomNukes

    [Complaint] Taylor_Savard

    We already banned him yesterday. I wanted to ask if he was carrying any of the items you lost, but you had just logged off. you just want the minium stone and rocket back, correct?
  8. RandomNukes

    Unable to research elemental fires

    Moved to Direwolf20 1.7 tech support.
  9. RandomNukes

    [Refund Request] Raiaan

    Items refunded, they are in a chest in your base. T/C
  10. RandomNukes

    Lost Password

    Password reset. make sure to register a new password when you join next time. I'll leave this topic open for your reply in case something went wrong
  11. RandomNukes

    Refund Request

    Items refunded, let me know via /mail if you're missing anything. T/C
  12. RandomNukes


    Already denied before. No. Every post you make about this will be automatically closed. T/C.
  13. RandomNukes

    [NuclearCraft] Fusion Reactor

    @brunyman so, a small update: this config change broke the entire fission branch of the mod (this is roughly 75% of the mod). fission reactors now instantly overheat as they cannot be cooled with this x1000 heat generation. 😕 it's for the better if this change is getting reverted back to it's original setting. @Beh Fusion reactors in nuclearcraft mimic the ones irl, so they require massive amounts of power to operate. in their current state, they only generate about equal to what they require to start up... these fusion reactors aren't like the ones in tekkit, they require a auxilery powersource to work (as they should do imo). they simply aren't the solution to your every power need.
  14. for which direwolf20 version is this exactly? there's no Dw20 1.10 anymore and both 1.7 and 1.12 run on version 1.10.0
  15. hmm, this shouldn't be the case as the config is only supposed to affect fusion reactors. but i'll look into it to see if there's an issue inside the config that makes it affect both types Update: yes, the change in the config is to blame. I made the same reactor in SP and on the server and got the following results: - SP: the reactor can run for 53minutes without being shut off (depleting its fuel cell) and still have -120HU heat during the entire run - MP: reactor instantly overheats & explodes when switched on

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