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  1. RandomNukes

    Minigame - Wave Survival

    dual wield revolvers with dragon's breath ammo? that can only be the most OP combo ever.. in all seriousness though; it looks like a fun idea, but i'm not 100% sure if there'd be enough players to make full use of it
  2. Server: Skyfactory 2.5 In game name: RandomNukes Rank: Sponsor Proof of Ownership: Description of Issue: My playerfile pre-dated the current authentication plugin for premium accounts. And thus i had to log in every day as if my account were a cracked one, so i had my password reset (making it so i no longer had to log in and regained my skin). But that also meant that i no longer have my rank since it created a new playerfile.
  3. RandomNukes

    3 reset 1 day

    i believe it's for tekkit
  4. RandomNukes

    Compact Machines 3

    oh, i see i wasn't clear i meant that it spawns new ones in the same area as existing compact machines from other players
  5. RandomNukes

    Compact Machines 3

    This issue also happened on revelation. i'm not entirely sure what caused it as i could never recreate it in single player.. maybe a bug where it spawns new compact machines in the same area as old ones?
  6. RandomNukes

    Forum suggestions

    @Yusixs So an example template would look like this when you select "post your issue here" And when you fill in all the info, would look like this: I'm not asking for an entire forums overhaul, just an easy way for players to post about their issues and it automatically being in the right place and containing everything that's needed.
  7. RandomNukes

    Forum suggestions

    Well, it's basically a (forced) template that requires you to select the server you play on, issue type and to give your username before you can post it. it's sole purpose is to either have it automatically place the post in the right section (or to give enough info for staff to move) and solve the issue without having to ask for other info. The whole issue of having the seperate templates is that it loses out on massive amounts of valuable time as it currently goes like this: 1) Topic gets posted in the wrong section without any info 2) Staff member notices it (sometimes days later) and asks what server it’s for 3) Player replies with the server (if they haven't left already by then) 4) A moderator has to move it to the correct section 5) Staff member has to ask for more info 6) Player has to reply with the additional info 7) Issue can be solved And as you can see, this takes a lot of valuable time from both players and staff...
  8. RandomNukes

    Forum suggestions

    This post is not to point out everything that’s wrong or some kind of post intended to stir up a riot, so please do keep that in mind before posting a reply. It may, however, contain some criticism. I’ve got quite a bit of experience using the forums from my time as staff, so I have found a few things that would, in my opinion, improve the way issues are resolved for everyone. These are suggestions and I do ask to have these considered. Preferably to have them implemented in the near future. First off I want to point out a few issues I have noticed as a base for my suggestions: For a new player to use the forums, I’ve always seen it a little awkward. You open up a page with all these different servers and no real easy way to request help. For experienced staff and older players, this is easy. but, when i started minecraft, it took me a fair bit of time to understand that a network meant a bunch of servers with gamemodes and other different gameplay elements. so i'd imagine other players (mostly ones that are newer to the concept of multiple servers under one name) having the same trouble. Example: Just imagine yourself as a brand new player with an issue that only plays on one of the network game modes (let’s say CTW in this example). You open up the forums and are greeted by this screen: I would have no idea where to go from there. So what ends up happening is that the request would go somewhere in the totally wrong place. This in turn requires a moderator to see the post, to move it to the correct place, wait for the server’s staff to see it and reply. Costing valuable time, since it could very well be missed for a couple of days. If you request help, you want a reply as quick as possible, right? Of course you do. Then there’s also the template issue: it’s required for staff to know all the info in order to help, but for players it’s a really awkward thing to work with (having to copy it from another post and then paste and fill it in). Besides, seeing the first reply to your post be “please use this template” or "What server is this for?" instead of the reply you want doesn’t look too friendly… With this being said to show why I make this post, here’s what I think would help (mostly new) players and staff to solve issues quicker: have the top bar that currently says “forums – start new topic” and then give you this menu: change to “need help? Create a topic here:” and then have a post with a simple selection system that allows you to select the info that applies to you (saving time for both parties). Basically an integrated template for each post that automatically sorts it to the correct area. I’m not a graphic designer, so I can only make a very simplified version: This should ensure that players always give all the info required for staff to help, it being in the correct area and to speed up response time since there's no need to ask people to use the template after they posted. Consider this: If a lot of people complain, make common mistakes or are reluctant to use the forums, maybe there’s something wrong. The forums are a great way to keep players actively involved in the community, but if I see how few issues people have in-game/discord actually get taken to the forums, that worries me. In a bussiness, if people have a complaint or are not happy with the service they received, they don't come back. The same applies here, people happy with support tend to stick around longer, behave better and recommend the server to other people (and also are more likely to donate). Thank you for your time, ~ Nukes
  9. RandomNukes

    Advanced Inscribers Dissapearing

    Advanced inscribers are no longer in the pack after the 2.0 update. So this issue won't come back for a while...
  10. RandomNukes

    [Broken Spawner] (I bought it)

    spawner changed to iron golem T/C
  11. RandomNukes

    Favorite History Topic?

    World war 2, hands down. and to be more specific about it: German unit tactics (aviation, infantry and tanks), aviation (development of certain types of aircraft, mostly german side) and mayor events: battle of kurks, battle of stalingrad, battle of moscow, battle of leningrad, operation 'bodenplatte', operation 'fall blau', battle of midway and many other
  12. RandomNukes

    Good Songs? :3

    just like the other post, these are my recommendations:
  13. RandomNukes

    Your favorite music

  14. RandomNukes

    [Refund Request] Jah_Blessed

    Items refunded and confirmed in-game that it was all there. T/C
  15. RandomNukes

    [Complaint] Taylor_Savard

    We already banned him yesterday. I wanted to ask if he was carrying any of the items you lost, but you had just logged off. you just want the minium stone and rocket back, correct?

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