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  1. Confirmed that the prefix has been set and is visible in-game. T/C
  2. As far as I know, and correct me if i'm wrong, islands aren't reset for inactivity
  3. Ahh yes, pinging people off their bridges until they started yelling in chat
  4. yeah that must've been over 3 years ago... i remember quitting CL for a while before coming back. glad to see you still being in that (t)rusty GM position
  5. Been on this network for what now? over 2 years? might be a little overdue to do one of these. Name: Roel IGN: RandomNukes Crafter's Land Servers you play: I tend to lurk in the shadows of SF2.5, Tekkit and Revelation. Don't really play anymore due to a lack of time, but this may change in the near future Location: Limburg, The Netherlands A short description of yourself: I'm an Avionics engineer (category B2) in training, so i spend a lot of time in, around and learning about aircraft. The training mostly consists of Learning about, replacing and repairing electronic devices and everything attached. But, it also includes training in human elements such as leadership and reviewing worker performance and attitude. Aside from my training, i enjoy nice long hikes in nature, driving and maintaining cars, reading up on historical documents and following politics. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my professional carreer (and everything i deem in need of professional behaviour, such as staffing). But that doesn't mean I'm never pleased with the work done, as long as things go as they were intended to go, it is satisfactory. mind you, satisfactory does not mean perfect, i can always find ways to improve efficiency or the method. Just because i give criticism on your work doesn't mean i don't like you, I just give you points to improve upon and feel free to do the same. I used to staff on Tekkit, DW20 1.7 and Revelation from May 2017 to around June 2018. People who played on the network during that time may recognize my name and/or methods (oh dear). The staffing and the network never fully left me, but i have noticed a change in practically everything involved with Craftersland. Both for the better and for the worst, so take that as you will. Hobbies and interests: Aviation (seems a little obvious), Engineering, Cars (and anything vehicle related for that matter), Gaming, listening to music, Hiking, History, Politics and annoying henk :^) Discord: RandomNukes#3767
  6. and around what date did this occur?
  7. As i'm no longer active staff, i cannot access the evidence and reasons behind it. so this'll be, as meanmanslayer said, be handed over to management.
  8. While i would agree (but also wouldn't at the same time, i'll come back to that later) on the ban for bypassing the mute after a verbal warning as rule 2 clearly states, i do have a few notes. 1. Tekkit is a bit of an odd place to staff, rules are a bit less thought of before something is done. so I would've verbally warned before imposing a Rule 13 punishment. keep in mind that you have to remind people of the rules here. 2. messaging staff to explain what the issue is, especially in this case, shouldn't be considered bypassing... It just comes out as not willing to help or just not caring about the job at hand. in this case Fuze was trying to prevent any misunderstandings during his deal with a person he had yet to identify. Normally i'd agree with the ban on the ground of it being an actual bypass, but this is just a bit over the top... straight up jumping on rule 13, eventhough understandable, wasn't the right course. (unless i'm missing some parts of the story) and then banning for trying to explain an issue to staff... i can't even see him msg again after you verbally warned him about rule 2 (aside from the sorry)!
  9. Your Name: RandomNukes Claim Leaders Name: Exoticpython Coordinates of claim 380, -2060 Claim members: ExoticPython, Nonvegancyclist Reason for request: Inactive & laggy claim Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  10. correction: you use /town create to claim the chunk you're standing on and /town claim to increase the private area to adjecent chunks. You can press F9 to see chunk borders @GMzadrot
  11. Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : Ac V1 In-Game Nickname : RandomNukes Nickname of the one you are complaining about : BananaCue Description of the situation : spawn safe-zone bypass with smokebombs Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) : Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : VeryCuteLoli
  12. In game name: RandomNukes Servers: Skyblock & Pure survival Rank: (Global) Sponsor+ Proof of Purchase:
  13. dual wield revolvers with dragon's breath ammo? that can only be the most OP combo ever.. in all seriousness though; it looks like a fun idea, but i'm not 100% sure if there'd be enough players to make full use of it
  14. Server: Skyfactory 2.5 In game name: RandomNukes Rank: Sponsor Proof of Ownership: Description of Issue: My playerfile pre-dated the current authentication plugin for premium accounts. And thus i had to log in every day as if my account were a cracked one, so i had my password reset (making it so i no longer had to log in and regained my skin). But that also meant that i no longer have my rank since it created a new playerfile.
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