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  1. Deiutz

    [Town Removal]Vidlakov

    Your Name: DeiutzTown Name: lower in screenshotCoordinates of Town: lower in screenshotTown members: lower in screenshotReason for request: to close to claimScreenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): https://imgur.com/a/fTpjz43
  2. Deiutz

    New item bans

    Is less fun now with this 2 disabled. They can set the perms at town to be protected.
  3. Deiutz


    Nice work!
  4. Accepted! 1) Tekkit Basic Information Name: AndreiMinecraft Username: DeiutzAge: 18Languages you speak: Romanian , EnglishCountry + Time Zone: Romania EET GMT+2Discord Name and ID*: Deiutz #1349Do you have a microphone?: Yes Simple Questions Can you join the forums everyday?: yes from telephone and computerHow long have you been playing on the Crafter's Land servers?: 3 years with pauseOn average, how many hours do you play a day and during which part of the day?**: 3 evening and night Have you read and understood the responsibilities of the position and permissions you receive with this rank?: YesOn a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being Nothing and 10 Being Absolutely Everything, how well do you know the mods and contents of the Modpack?: 8 Complex Questions What can you offer us if you were chosen?: My knowledge about minecraft servers about mods and my loyalty because this is most important, loyalty. Have you ever been banned and if so, why?: No time.A short description of your strengths and weaknesses: I am a very chill person hard you can angry me, and if is happend i can control my self. I am a patience person which worked in customer support at a little shop , that shop has been closed 1 year ago. My big weakness is that i can`t explain very well to people what i want or thing like dat. What is the one thing you can improve yourself upon?: My knowledge, in different domainsWhat experience do you have as a staff member? Exemplify: I had some ranks on more servers in Romania, like i was even builder on one, from there i start to develop a little passion for server, after I leave that staff I started to make my own server. Initially was hard for me to bring players on server but in time and with some interesting tactics , the server started to have some players. In last week of running i had like 60-100 players. I closed that server because i had some exams at school and no time to take care of him. Anyway after that server , some friends from staff made their's own server. I had co-owner there because they wanted. That make me to think... why? Maybe because i was a good friend and owner of a server. Even now after 2 years i still recive messages on Skype with questions to help ppl with theyr's server.What other modpacks/gamemodes have you played? Elaborate: I don`t play any other modpack just vanila gamemodes or minigames on other server, Here really idk what to say because until 3-4 months ago i had a potato pc and only tekkit worked on him :XIs there a mod in which you excel at, if so, which one and how?: Itsn`t really any mod wich i excel. I use all mods in same priorityDo you have a screen recorder? Are you willing to download and use one?: yeah i have the recorder from Nvidia ExperienceWhere do you see yourself as a Crafter's Land staff member in the future?: yeap. i know some of members of staff on tekkit. so yes i can see me staff member in the future!What suggestions would you like to see from us and how can you help us improve the server?: I can keep the chat in control, How much do you know about the helper rank? Elaborate: (permissions, usage, principle/concept): I don`t know very much about helper rank because i don`t see very much on server a helper or something like dat but i know : This rank have permissions at mute kick and ch of staff( if is there something like dat) He can use mute depends of situation , like if a player after you warning him many times about speak in another language in Channel Global you can mute him for like 4-8 min, and you can kick a player if he use a aimbot or some hack and until a superior member staff is join on server to ban him. Concept of a helper is to help players about mods and to keep a nice atmosphere on server! What knowledge do you have of how the staff operate today (communication, coordination, activity)?: I have a little of knowleadge, most of staff take part on any suituation because they speak on discord all the time or most of the time, When i have a high-end base i start to be a non official staff member, like i start to report a lot about everything itsn`t right or i try to solve conflicts on server and things like dat , if i can`t do it because i am just a member and is member respect < respect staff , I call over a member staff to help me or to give me suggestions how to solve that problem. Scenarios You see a player abusing a glitch, what do you do?: First, immediately i tell to a superior staff member about this glitch or make a topic on forum, in the meantime i try to stop the guy, and make him to stop use that glitch and record everything what is he doing. And in this time a superior staff member will join to ban him.A player lost his items due to a server crash, what do you do?: tell him to make a rollback request on forum, because i don`t have what to do more as a helperHow would you handle a situation if you got targeted by trolls?: Try to play safe, don`t do regrettable thing , and if i don`t give them attention they will leaveA player is speaking a a foreign language in chat, what do you do?: I tell him to use /tell(/msg) or to move on other Ch because in the Global Chat you need to speak only english. if he don`t stop and still speak a foreign language i will mute him.
  5. Deiutz

    Tekkit Server - Time for WIPE? Vote here!

    okay. And you know when poll is done? Roughly a week (replied here to prevent clutter )
  6. Deiutz

    Tekkit Server - Time for WIPE? Vote here!

    so will be in maintenance
  7. Deiutz

    Tekkit Server - Time for WIPE? Vote here!

    Immediately after the poll it will be wiped out?
  8. Your Name: DeiutzItem Name + Amount: 47 tesseracts Coordinates: 316 64 3872Description of Issue: tesseracts has changed in obsidianScreenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/YJIY8
  9. Deiutz

    Hack luc_123456

    yes that is true . he droped a peridot sword after i kill him. (after i make the ScreenShot)
  10. Deiutz

    Hack luc_123456

    Now i think he is ungulty
  11. Deiutz

    Hack luc_123456

    In-Game Nickname: luc123456 Time and date: 21 . 01 .2018 15:53 Romania hour ( idk what GMT , I think 2+) Description of what happened: in a pvp he hit me with back Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/4kAG7 List of eyewitnesses: ,Rulapoiss,AgentPee56
  12. Deiutz


    Your Name: DeiutzItem Name + Amount: none Coordinates: noneDescription of Issue: I don`t have permission . i Try all chats, /home , /spawn , /market , /townScreenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/ussaF
  13. Deiutz

    Space Station Bug

    ok but all sealers are there... why just that part explod?
  14. Your Name: DeiutzItem Name + Amount: 1 me interface.1 quantum link chamber and 1 quantum field ring,2 reactor glass,2 yellorium fuel rod,1-2 export me items,2 me drive ( thx God when i come back storages was on ground ),me crafting terminal,me crafting monitor. me fluid monitor and... i think this is all Coordinates: Station 16624 Description of Issue: Frist time a lose few blocks ( 1 me interface.1 quantum link chamber and 1 quantum field ring,2 reactor glass,2 yellorium fuel rod) idk how just distroyed nothing there idk ... i say ok i rebuid it i go to spawn . after i come back i recived all me storage in inventory and get crash my game.And i rejoin on server and is distroyed drives . now i wait to see what admins will . and after i will rebuild again.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/qNGXy Now the base is same like in image i will wait a admin or somthing si solve this.
  15. Deiutz

    Suggestion: Server wipe

    Just crash 3 times in 20 min...

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