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  1. Ohh great...Well excuse me but i don't know the exact name of the items but i will try to explain them to you bcs it my first time on sf4.And i played a lot of tekkit so i use the tekkit names on the sf4....But i will tell you only the important Well, i've had 3 - 16k Me storages with 1 me drive and 1 me crafting terminal 1 stack of impulse itemducts(idk if this is the name, they are yellow and you can see trough them) At least 4 stacks of seared bricks Some kind of block that it used to grow crops rlly fast x 2 (growth smth...) I've had some seeds of some resources
  2. One thing i forgot to mention is that if any of you will rollback don't rollback the entier base bcs today i managed to get back to where one of you as admin took away my items.So if you will rollback everything my items will be lost again...just rollback the center base where you spawn.. where are the ultimate furnaces
  3. Your Name: WargonIsland Owner Name: WargonCoordinates: Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Romania at Eastern European Time (EET) GMT +03:00 i think at 24.07.2020 - 19:00 everything it was fine...i think..i don't rember when i left and everything was fineDescription of Issue: Well when i left last day everything was alright, later on i rejoined the server and i wanned to finish all the sapplings or a big part of them but when i wanned to take the items from my chests i had no chests anymore....when i asked people what happened they told me smth about some duped ke
  4. Ok so last night i left the game and everything was fine and today when i joined everytime i go on my overworld base the games freeze and the thing is that i don't have anything that could create this freeze.And even if it my bad pc...i called MagicalCow to check it and his game freezes too...So idk what is going on or what happened but i need help with my base (i legit started to disconnect lots of machines from my base a few days ago because i m moving in to another base and I don't have anything that works in my current base rn)
  5. Your Name: WargonItem Name + Amount: 1 power suit (helm,chestplate,leg,boots) with all the upgrade and a power first the same, 1 resonant energy cell, a pickaxe flux infused with eff 5 , unbreaking 3, fortune 3, a golden bag, a sword flux infused with unbrek 3 , sharp 5, looting 3 and fire aspect 2, 166 lvls of xp and an oxygen gear with 2 oxygen tanksCoordinates: i was at the spawn when i logged inDescription of Issue: I left the server for couples of hours and when i came back i was dead with no items at spawn(acc breached again)Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Name :Wargon Items lost : Power armour full equiped (head,chest,leggings,boots) Power fist full equiped 1 resonant energy cell only those ones matters Description : at 13:42 the server crashed and i was inside of my base with 20< stacks of glowstone in my inventory(i've wanned to give them to a player) and the items i said ^ and the basdnaw player crashed the server after he said he will get on my account again. at 15:20 i get on the server back again and i'm at the spawn with an empty inventory
  7. Name :Wargon Items lost :(there were more items but only these were the important ones) Power Armour(head,chest,leggings,boots) / Power Fist full equiped 1 stack of golden apples 6 flux infused swords which 1 flux infused sword had fire aspect 2, sharp 4, smite 5, looting 3 1 resonant energy cell 3 potion of strenght 2 Description : last night i left the server at 03:00 GMT Romania, i was in my base. And when i enterd the server at the 11:40 GMT Romania i was in the END with a death message on my screen Respawn - Main Menu. Obviously someone stole my account
  8. Hello my ING name is Wargon Last time i enter the server was like at 03:00 in the morning (Romania GMT) on 16.04.2020. I came back on the server at 11:40 i think (Romania GMT) on 16.04.2020 Almost 9 hours later aprox and i find myself in the end, with a death message on my screen (Respawn or Back to main screen) with no items and nothing else on me And right now i realised that i didn't check the ME System if any of my items were stole or if my money are still there so i might came up with another reply a bit later if i find anything else new So i'm asking you for an i
  9. Wargon

    TAG name

    My ing name is Wargon I was just playing and i had a fight with ProHack and he decided to buy a tag for me that will be named MasterGay so i am asking you to change the name in GuildMaster or HellMaster if possible with the color &4 (red). And also there has to be a punishment for this guy after he did this. Ty !
  10. A quick update : why is he allowed to do a rollback of my base if the ticket wasn't solved by a higher rank ? He just destroyed like a lot of machines and things i have built in the last 2 days...how can this be allowed ?
  11. [1] In-Game Username: -(Wargon)- [2] Details of Situation: -(Today,few hours ago mike said he got griefed then started to blame me that i griefed his base.He checked my system and saw a huge ammount of items appearing in my system out of knower.I explained him that i was cleaning up my Storage system -i clenead up like 15 of 16M Storages of items and like 30 of 64K- and that's why it shows him that way, also Magic_Cow was at my base and showed me how to do this because it took me like 3h just to empty 1 card of 64k because i didn't know how to do it and i tried for 2 days do do this.
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