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  1. MeanManSlayer

    [Complaint] wizard_talon

    _Xflex_ Admitted to griefing TIK's protected claim using the piston method, player punished.
  2. MeanManSlayer

    lXetnosl's Refund Request

    Have you tried using the other market mail signs to access your mail? i know that one of the signs is bugged and doesnt work well
  3. MeanManSlayer

    [Unban] [FuzeIII_]

  4. MeanManSlayer

    Minefactory chunkloaders bug

    I am making this post for (ingame name) Xenonyx because he doesnt have an account. Placing down a Minefactory chunkloader and then removing it with a wrench should reduce the limit of your chunkloaders back down ... but it doesnt do it, meaning if you place it 4 times, you are stuck with no chunkloaders available
  5. MeanManSlayer

    Refund Request ( thor12092000_ )

    Items refunded, please be a bit more careful in the future. T/C
  6. MeanManSlayer

    [Complaint] (MeanManSlayer)

    This topic has already been resolved a while now. T/C
  7. MeanManSlayer

    Died when I Spawned [REFUND REQUEST]

    Item refunded. T/C
  8. MeanManSlayer

    Died when I Spawned [REFUND REQUEST]

    Please use this template for refund requests in the future.
  9. MeanManSlayer

    [Refund Request] LitchAngel

  10. MeanManSlayer


    Player unbanned T/C
  11. MeanManSlayer

    [Refund Request] LitchAngel

    Please edit your post using this template
  12. MeanManSlayer


    Ban appeal accepted, time of ban has been lowered, you will be able to join the server in 2 and a half hours
  13. MeanManSlayer


    Please edit your post to match the following template.
  14. MeanManSlayer

    Refund Request

    Items refunded T/C
  15. MeanManSlayer

    Refund Request

    Items refunded T/C

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