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  1. MeanManSlayer

    SF2.5 Challenges

    Problem was fixed. T/C
  2. MeanManSlayer

    Game Of Hangman

  3. Your Name: MeanManSlayerItem Name + ID + Amount: Tesseract, 2130, oneCoordinates: x -15004 z -16789 y 143Description of Issue: At [19:23:57] a World Save happened right when i broke the tesseract to pick it up and it vanishedScreenshots (Optional):
  4. Inventory rollback request canceled by the topic creator. T/C
  5. MeanManSlayer

    [Town Removal] Goddimb

    Your Name: MeanManSlayer Town Name: Goddimb Coordinates of Town: x -920 , z -3595 Town members: DIMB Reason for request: Inactive for over a month Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended): https://imgur.com/obzfMvq

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