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  1. Hi, could you please give us your ingame name and the coordinates of your death?
  2. Your Name: MeanManSlayerItem Name + ID + Amount: Legendary Key 2xBase coordinates: 4384, -4055Description of Issue: Didn't get the legendary keys from a crate party donation by mike due to a full inventory at the timeScreenshots (Optional):
  3. Well considering your actions last year, admitting to being/working with a certain group causing mayhem every so often (especially at start of wipes) pretty sure this was justified as i don't think you are quite welcome on our community, also you allegedly "joking" about being in that group doesn't help your case as we take these pretty seriously. If you need a reminder check our conversations, also you coming back at the start of the attacks happening again seems a tad bit suspicious wouldn't you say?
  4. if we wanted the link to be permanent for everyone to download whenever they wanted to, we would just make it permanent
  5. The popularity of Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons is higher though
  6. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons is actually very enjoyable (main aspect is to just finish the questbook... Which totally doesnt have 300+ quests)
  7. Ok so ... since i obviously know what im talking about ... Tekkit Classic
  8. If you'd really bother with checking what the forum has, you'd see that there are more than one suggestions area... Network is our vanilla and the suggestions are supposed to be for the vanilla version only...
  9. Town removal complete T/C
  10. I don't know what you expected from this topic that you made, feels like i'm not having a discussion with you, you definitely don't care about anything that i've said so far and at this point i've noticed you only want to be told what you want to be told, you care for absolutely nothing that i've said so far, you've brought up names that have nothing to do with this complaint, you keep saying how the examples i have given to this situation are irrelevant which is not true at all. I've personally said everything that I had to say, but i guess that means nothing to you. You said ItsHarryFan was the one that punished you? I'd suggest making a complaint specifically about him rather than targeting all tekkit staff, it might be a team effort but we each have our own views on different situations.
  11. Im not using your punishment as an example to why he wasnt punished, we take SEVERITY of the issue first when punishing, when things can be de-escalated with verbal warnings and telling people to stop, we do just that, it's a common practice cause once a punishment is given it can not be removed.
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