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  1. We've been combating this for a week now, permabans have been given to the player but we are not gonna disclose any more information as to why the keeps happening as we dont want anyone following a similar route as this one person. We're currently looking for solutions like the one yusixs posted above to fix this type of behaviour, all we can do right now is suppress the individual.
  2. We remove towns mostly when there is a town removal request on the forums, we only start removing towns ourselves when the server has been up for long, but its hard to find all inactive towns.
  3. T/C Items refunded and confirmed
  4. Thank you MMS very cool nice work

  5. Moved to SF3 technical support
  6. I've had reports that you teleported to someone's town waited outside his claimed area which was in his space station and then proceeded to spam kill them, this is not the first time i get such a complaint about you, as for the signs? I don't see it being a big of a deal? You definitely didn't have to make a scene about it and yes i am the one who placed them. By all means, kill the player, take the items and leave, you don't have to needlessly destroy things that don't even hold any value or endlessly kill a player.
  7. Jesus couldn't stay for oen day could you

    1. MeanManSlayer


      i was away 2 days wdum smh

  8. This was a fun ride, man the feels...

    1. LeRamma
    2. LeRamma


      I'll miss you really uwu

  9. I personally talked with donoskaro, he had nothing to say for your defense.
  10. Moved to continuum technical support.
  11. All items moved from saxyperson to _saxy_, i can not access the ender chest of saxyperson as that name has to be online for me to be able to access it. If anything is missing please contact me
  12. Town regened and removed. T/C
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