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  1. Jesus couldn't stay for oen day could you

    1. MeanManSlayer


      i was away 2 days wdum smh

  2. This was a fun ride, man the feels...

    1. Ramma
    2. Ramma


      I'll miss you really uwu

  3. MeanManSlayer

    [Unban] Joey4213

    I personally talked with donoskaro, he had nothing to say for your defense.
  4. MeanManSlayer

    [Refund request] LuckyChuckie

    Moved to continuum technical support.
  5. MeanManSlayer

    Changed name

    All items moved from saxyperson to _saxy_, i can not access the ender chest of saxyperson as that name has to be online for me to be able to access it. If anything is missing please contact me
  6. MeanManSlayer

    [Town Removal] OverLand

    Town regened and removed. T/C
  7. MeanManSlayer

    [Refund Request]DaBe00593

    Moved to tekkit technical support
  8. MeanManSlayer

    Market Mail Command

    Ngl I would also like to see this happen, if it's not restricted for a reason that is.
  9. MeanManSlayer

    [Refund Request] MicrowaveDave

    Items refunded and placed into player's inventory. If anything is missing please reply. Edit: Spoke to player ingame, everything is fine, T/C
  10. MeanManSlayer

    Refund Request [thejoikabolla]

    Items refunded T/C
  11. MeanManSlayer

    Monthly Top Voter Rank. Rise above them all!

    Sadly last month there was some latency on who will be looking out for the top voters and we missed this month completely, do not worry, the Top-Voters will continue as normal from now on.
  12. MeanManSlayer

    Town removal Request

    Town successfully removed and regenerated.
  13. MeanManSlayer

    [Town Removal] SillyBanana

    Town successfully removed and regenerated. T/C
  14. MeanManSlayer

    Rank removal

    Moved to technical support as i guess this is a buycraft issue.

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