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  1. MeanManSlayer

    Monthly Top Voter Rank. Rise above them all!

    Sadly last month there was some latency on who will be looking out for the top voters and we missed this month completely, do not worry, the Top-Voters will continue as normal from now on.
  2. MeanManSlayer

    Town removal Request

    Town successfully removed and regenerated.
  3. MeanManSlayer

    [Town Removal] SillyBanana

    Town successfully removed and regenerated. T/C
  4. MeanManSlayer

    Rank removal

    Moved to technical support as i guess this is a buycraft issue.
  5. MeanManSlayer

    [Unban Request] GravityCube

    Hey there, I'll look into the situation and ask Randomnukes about it. Edit: I'm a going to further discuss this with Henk.
  6. MeanManSlayer

    Town removal {SaberCorp}

    Town removed. T/C
  7. MeanManSlayer

    Buycraft Issue

    Cow spawners replaced with blaze spawners. T/C
  8. MeanManSlayer

    Island Rollback Request

    Moved to SF3 Technical Support.
  9. MeanManSlayer


    For which server is this for?
  10. MeanManSlayer

    [Town Rollback Request] DaBe00593

    Since this is my town i allow the rollback.
  11. MeanManSlayer

    I lost my pickaxe

    Moved to continuum technical support.
  12. MeanManSlayer

    [Refund Request] MinecraftXpert99

    Moved to SF2 technical support.
  13. thonk 

  14. MeanManSlayer

    Big Reactors

    Replacing the reactor or breaking any weirdly shaped blocks and putting them back in should do the trick, make sure the reactor is in one chunks as to avoid any corruption
  15. MeanManSlayer

    [Refund Request]*Shibiritz*

    Items refunded, they are located at a chest with the sign on top.

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