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  1. Yeet


    T/C please don’t make useless retirements 

  2. Town removal complete T/C
  3. I don't know what you expected from this topic that you made, feels like i'm not having a discussion with you, you definitely don't care about anything that i've said so far and at this point i've noticed you only want to be told what you want to be told, you care for absolutely nothing that i've said so far, you've brought up names that have nothing to do with this complaint, you keep saying how the examples i have given to this situation are irrelevant which is not true at all. I've personally said everything that I had to say, but i guess that means nothing to you. You said ItsHarryFan was the one that punished you? I'd suggest making a complaint specifically about him rather than targeting all tekkit staff, it might be a team effort but we each have our own views on different situations.
  4. Im not using your punishment as an example to why he wasnt punished, we take SEVERITY of the issue first when punishing, when things can be de-escalated with verbal warnings and telling people to stop, we do just that, it's a common practice cause once a punishment is given it can not be removed.
  5. You are arguing though why he wasnt punished? Im pointing on your punishment as an example which has everything to do with this complaint
  6. You can make this clear with him without continuously calling him names
  7. We are choosing not to punish someone that hasn't actively called you names, you have been provoking him and its quiet obvious, there is a difference between someone responding to your provocations and you saying stuff like "Dust in your veins ass lookin Moses" and even then you were verbally warned to not continue this, as far as im aware you have only been officially warned for saying the n-word.
  8. 1. It's not who you call the n-word, its how you decide to use it that makes it racist. 2. That hardly looks like an argument, on my point of you he made things clear with you, which by far doesn't fall under harassment. 3. If you are talking about all the server except tekkit and network having 80+ players, it shows the overall playerbase since all the server except tekkit and network are connected via a hub server. Not every single on of those server have 80+ players. 4. Ramma has been banned and i was the person to ban him, since then I've seen Ramma's change and everything he did to no longer be the person he once was. He was accepted by Henk's decision (and henk is the Main Manager and dare i say Co-Owner of these servers) Henk himself saw ramma's change and it was that which allowed him to finally staff after he was denied previously.
  9. Discord server rules are different from ingame server rules #information has all the rules for discord Edit: on the above post i dont know what happened with the quotes, those fat spaces should've been there, doesn't let me edit it
  10. Your logic baffles so you decide to use the n-word as a replacement to "bitch"? If that's not a racial issue I don't know what is. The severity of the issue is what caused your punishment, what maverick did by far does not fall under harassment, if you don't want someone to talk to you there is a simple solution, either stay in the server you actively play or block the person you don't want to be spoken by. There is a difference between someone actively going against you and someone speaking his mind of you at the moment. I can bring up server's statistics that show otherwise about the amount of player's that have been only the past month only on one occasion the max playerbase was below 20. I'd like to know to who you are referring to when you say "but there's staff currently active that HAS been banned and confessed to have done what they were banned FOR." I also find it unfair how you stack up all the tekkit staff in this complaint, not everyone is the same, not everyone works the same way, not everyone had something to do with that situation, if you were talking about someone specifically you should've used that name alone. I've said all I had to say really, if you want any more information ask the person that punished you directly.
  11. I wasn't there at the time but I will still answer as I've read up the whole argument on discord, next time you start a fight don't expect that there will be no backlash from the other side as well, we generally try to diffuse a situation rather than straight up punish on discord, that's how we have been doing it with tekkit for a long time, saying the N-word was highly unacceptable and in my opinion you are lucky to have left with only a warning cause I wouldn't have done the same thing. Tekkit has had triple the amount of player's from almost the rest of the servers, that is until we launched SF4 which I've noticed some of the tekkit players have gone there, I don't know where you got the "and has LESS active members" from, tekkit had over 60 players online over a month ago, just cause there are not that many players now doesn't mean we never had a lot of players. Everyone at this point knows tekkit is toxic, we do what we can to combat the toxicity, even when it's not obvious that we do, we actually do. It's one of the lightest modpacks and it attracts people from all sides Staff also have their own limitations, we can't be online 24/7 to combat rule breakers as we have lives of our own, do we sometimes make mistakes? Definitely, we are not perfect in the heat of the moment we can also make mistakes. Do I feel like this was an unjust punishment? Not at all.
  12. Its a feature in the plugin that we use, if there are two claims near one another then there will be some space between the two towns that will always remain unclaimable unless the towns change their permissions to allow claiming near them
  13. We've been combating this for a week now, permabans have been given to the player but we are not gonna disclose any more information as to why the keeps happening as we dont want anyone following a similar route as this one person. We're currently looking for solutions like the one yusixs posted above to fix this type of behaviour, all we can do right now is suppress the individual.
  14. We remove towns mostly when there is a town removal request on the forums, we only start removing towns ourselves when the server has been up for long, but its hard to find all inactive towns.
  15. T/C Items refunded and confirmed
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