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  1. i can thank you. this topic can be closed
  2. There's no template for this, so imma just have to wing it but. My rank sponsor+ gives me access to teleportation with a compass, which sounds great other than the fact i can make items to let me do that. But I wish for that permission to be removed as that blocks my usage of compasses on laser relays from actually additions. Thank you!
  3. No template for this, so lets just wing it On stoneblock 2 (duh) i have the sponsor+ rank, and along with it SOME of its perks, ex. /nick multiple homes ect. however I don't have permissions to stuff like jei to change day or weather or stuff like that. also i don't have world edit. which i thought i did before? atleast i did on sf2. but that has to be requested so im less worried about that. TL;DR Fix my rank permission please.
  4. Currently the emc link outputs 2.1b items if you put a storage bus on it, which is fine for the most part, but if you try to autocraft with ae2 when you have those storage buses it will overload the server and crash. My request is changing the value from 2.1b to say 100k. It can be changed in the config, and will still supply and infinite amount. It just wont crash the server this way
  5. Title: Potential Hacker? MegaMills In-Game Nickname: MegaMills Your username (Optional): Darknesscafted Time and Date: 4:17 AM 1/19/20 Description of what happened: Guy joins the server, I don't think much of it, he gets a few achievements, taking inventory getting wood ect. nothing unusual. but after only a few minutes he starts teleporting to people. I initially ignore it because i was busy. But I had seen other players in chat thanking him and whatnot so i decided to let him over and see what was up, low and behold. keep in mind not minutes after joining the server. he hands me 2 staffs of power. and a creative mana pool (this is not obtainable in sf2.5) so that set off some alarms. and here i am. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/EvGH1W This is his inventory, my rank gives me access to /invsee so it made it super easy to see what he was doing. List of eyewitnesses: Darknesscafted (Me), Mafi2, Mollythemonkey (just saw them in chat say they got op stuff from him as writing this), Daswall.
  6. Hi! So yesterday, i reset my island to play through the pack again, and now im thinking that once i get to the point of projectE and transmutation tables/tablets. i'd still have all my knowledge and things like that, so i'd like it to be reset, i know that you can type a command, /projecte clearknowledge to have it cleared, i'd assume you could just type a player name after that command and target a different player. so if you could do that to me that would be great. IGN: Darknesscafted
  7. further testing found they did not, so it must be a pack issue, (i never got the rune automation to work either) ?
  8. cant be a refund due to its data, like the warps that were in it
  9. Your Name: DarknesscaftedCoordinates: -2200 144 16201Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11:00 AM CSTDescription of Issue: accidentally auctioned my charm of dislocation and now its data is reset ?Screenshots (Optional):
  10. So, apon building an automated farm for runes, (and many very mean words later) i finally deduced that redlogic comparitors do not work...no matter what... halp!
  11. Adding on the the draconic evolution thing (its late I know, sue me) Its the gui for the mod. Turn it off and you can use the book just fine and you fan still keep your armor on.
  12. Account Name: DarknesscaftedRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: Force tp, (preferably only me to other players if possible)Reason for Request*: just to see what people are up to, and to stop having to waste time with the whole tpa thing, just straight up tp to people. i understand if i cannot have this command as it is quite the stretch, but it'd be nice to have, and i'd like to think i've been here long enough and for myself to never have gotten into trouble with anything before to be trusted with such command. but again i get it if i cannot. (also vip rank on discord since I obviously have a rank :P)
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