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  1. When i saw this i thought of Power, So you could have a kit called Power to the players or simply Power. Have it come with a awakened energy capacitor, and a pretty good source of power for mid-game players, then have some cables and a way to charge the energy capacitor. Just an idea, -Cjay
  2. I need my premium rank removed from sf3 and put on dw20 IGN: CJay300 thanks
  3. Cjay

    No one online

    any1 wana come on dw20 and play with me. im feeling loanly here
  4. one problem... i logged on. and zyphyr kicked me from his island. please move it to my tree and dirt Sorry for the inconveneance \ Also. srry a staff of pwr with the wyvern lvl on all of it
  5. i was using the blood magic mod and i used the needle 1 too many times thinking that my drac Armour would keep me from dying. but no i died. tryed /back, didnt work, went to the island where i died. No grave at all. i lost fully upgraded drac armour (accept for the jump and speed on leggins and boots. they were on wyvern,)(and also the boots rf capacity is wyvern as well) and a fully upgraded drac bow and a drac lvl upgraded drac flux capacitor. My ign is Cjay300. Thanks sincerely, Cjay
  6. The server lagged really bad tps is 0 and when i place something in the D.E pedestal even 1 item and is turns into 64 item conduits. tryed re-logging. didnt help. please fix this. nvm seems to have fixed its self thanks. T/C
  7. Im bored and i cant find any1 that wants to restart with me PS:i am a premium
  8. it wont stop restarting again
  9. Today i got on for like 1 min and then my game crashed. I just thought "oh this is just a bug". But then i opened MC again and the second i joined the server my game crashed. Here is the crash report: "The game crashed whilst tesselating block model The game crashed whilst tesselating block model Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Tesselating block model". Do i need to allocate more RAM or is this a block doing this? NVM i tryed again and its fine T/C
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