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  1. Cjay

    [DW20 1.12.2] New buycraft kits suggestions.

    When i saw this i thought of Power, So you could have a kit called Power to the players or simply Power. Have it come with a awakened energy capacitor, and a pretty good source of power for mid-game players, then have some cables and a way to charge the energy capacitor. Just an idea, -Cjay
  2. I need my premium rank removed from sf3 and put on dw20 IGN: CJay300 thanks
  3. Yay! iv'e been waiting for sooo long
  4. Cjay

    No one online

    any1 wana come on dw20 and play with me. im feeling loanly here
  5. one problem... i logged on. and zyphyr kicked me from his island. please move it to my tree and dirt Sorry for the inconveneance \ Also. srry a staff of pwr with the wyvern lvl on all of it
  6. i was using the blood magic mod and i used the needle 1 too many times thinking that my drac Armour would keep me from dying. but no i died. tryed /back, didnt work, went to the island where i died. No grave at all. i lost fully upgraded drac armour (accept for the jump and speed on leggins and boots. they were on wyvern,)(and also the boots rf capacity is wyvern as well) and a fully upgraded drac bow and a drac lvl upgraded drac flux capacitor. My ign is Cjay300. Thanks sincerely, Cjay
  7. The server lagged really bad tps is 0 and when i place something in the D.E pedestal even 1 item and is turns into 64 item conduits. tryed re-logging. didnt help. please fix this. nvm seems to have fixed its self thanks. T/C
  8. Cjay

    Any1 wana restart with me??

    Im bored and i cant find any1 that wants to restart with me PS:i am a premium
  9. Cjay

    More Infinite Restart

    thats what yusixs told me
  10. Cjay

    More Infinite Restart

    brunymans fixing
  11. it wont stop restarting again
  12. Today i got on for like 1 min and then my game crashed. I just thought "oh this is just a bug". But then i opened MC again and the second i joined the server my game crashed. Here is the crash report: "The game crashed whilst tesselating block model The game crashed whilst tesselating block model Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Tesselating block model". Do i need to allocate more RAM or is this a block doing this? NVM i tryed again and its fine T/C

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