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  1. FreeFallFTW

    [Creativity in minecraft 1.13] :) xTayxon

    Sorry for necroposting,but,not gonna lie,if the aquarim was a little bigger,I think it'd make for a great spawn
  2. FreeFallFTW

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    Gg well played everyone : D.Had to leave cause it was 1am but oh well,looking forward to more of these(I mean it is 3am now cause I woke up and can't sleep :>)
  3. FreeFallFTW

    Vanilla PVP Tournament

    IGN: FreeFallFTW Dunno if I'll be there cause of school and a **** ton of homework heh,but I'll try. Also I suggest that you should change the 1st place reward because that basically forces you to buy something from the store.Instead I'd suggest you give a custom name tag and P+ maybe?
  4. FreeFallFTW

    Astral Sorcery Issues - Direwolf20 1.12.2

    This cannot be fixed by adding items to the shop as those won't unlock the quest line.You'd need to add a manually linked shrine for players to use to spawn for it to also unlock the quest line.If you need help with that,I'll be glad to help.
  5. FreeFallFTW

    EnderIO spawner work problem. Direwolf20-1.12.2

    Try to set the redstone signal to active,however how to solve the "No player in range" I do not know
  6. FreeFallFTW

    Waffle The Pancake (Nostalgic)

    That really does bring you back to when the hubs actually looked nice lol,definetly would rather have this one than the bland small one we have now,great job!
  7. FreeFallFTW


    I think he mean't to write a review for the 10k on a server...Still appreciated nontheless
  8. Well er..You know you could've made a refund request to get it back but ok..I hope you've had a good time I guess?Yup.Again tho you could make a refund request and come back,hm?
  9. FreeFallFTW

    crafterland launcher problem

    Staff please move to TS
  10. FreeFallFTW

    Item steal and not returning[a_400]

    I posted literally what meanman said but after 30s he did...Er..Sorry ._. (Hide this and close the topic)
  11. FreeFallFTW


    Howdy there!Sorry to hear you forgot your password,but could you please edit your post to this template? Staff,move to Pass reset
  12. FreeFallFTW

    New level system

    Yea,have to agree with Aris,I think the old ranks fit AC way better than levels.The buffs would make PvP way more unfair then it already is so I'm agaisnt that ideea as well
  13. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman

  14. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman

  15. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman


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