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  1. FreeFallFTW

    [Presentation] Towilloughby

    Hello Toughwilloughboy.
  2. FreeFallFTW

    Minigame - Wave Survival

    Should honestly really be taken into consideration.I feel like it'll be nice if we also had leaderboards with this,as it'll give it a more competitive-ish feeling and you're competing for something other than mob drops and money.But yea,it is a really good ideea.Sometimes I just fly around the world doing nothing cause I have no ideeas what to do,and this could the the "ideea".
  3. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman

  4. FreeFallFTW

    [Rev]amped Spawn (With Concepts/Ideas!)

    Honestly,all of these should and can easily be implemented and they're awesome greay ideeas.And knowing you,you actually cannot mess up a build I feel like.(I don't wanna write another novel so I'll stick to this,easy and compact text)
  5. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman

  6. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman

    This window has encountered a problem and needs to close. I'll let someone else pick a phrase as I am outta ideeas
  7. FreeFallFTW

    ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted,but you'll get robbed and become homeless I wish for people to not be toxic
  8. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman

    T (I put the "O" myself so I thought that it is still to be guessed,though I'm probably wrong 🤔)
  9. FreeFallFTW

    Game Of Hangman

    Only the paranoid survive Let's continue with... "S? ?AN? B?OK?, ?O LITTL? TI?E." Wrong letters: R,H
  10. FreeFallFTW

    Skyfactory 3 server full wipe

    Well if we don't wipe it,the lag's just gonna get worse and worse to the point where it'll be unplayable.If there will be a wipe it should be now
  11. FreeFallFTW

    [Unban Request] iSprintMC

    [1] In-Game Username: iSprintMC [2] Details of Situation: - [3] Ban Category: Temporary [4] Ban Duration: 5 Days [5] Staff Member: @geri33 [6] ScreenShots: Banlist will do the job. [7] Your Reason: Well, I got banned for spawn killing, geri33 thought that it's 6th time when I got banned for spawnkilling, but in fact it's my 4th offense. Lemme explain: I got warned by geri33, as my first offense, then, I got banned by Zawita or Mainblast, I don't remember very well; after that, south banned me, and then geri33 banned me. 1 Warn, 3 bans. = 4th offense, not 6th. Geri33 saw Henk saying in my unban request (that I made like 1 week or 2 ago) that I have 5 offenses. I don't know what to say; I think that Henk hates me, he always replies and says the bad part of me, not the good one at all. Geri33 could not find my correct banlist, and before my warning that she gave me months ago, she thinks that I have more offenses. Ok, I told her to ask every staff, and she is inventing.. I talked with her on discord and she ignored me an changed subjects, then she blocked me, because she has something against me... I want a reduce, cuz 5d for 4th offense is very very rude, and for this ban category the punishments are very low, PS: I asked my friend FreeFallFTW to make this post for me, I made the unban request and he copy-pasted it.
  12. FreeFallFTW

    Can't launch Tekkit Main from launcher

    What's your ram?(if 4 or 6,you can't allocate more than 4 or 6GB) If you have 8GB of ram,what java version do you have?The launcher can't run a version newer than java 8. If you have java 8,is it 32 bit or 64 bit?32 bit can only run 2400mb max.If you have a 64 bit,make sure you have enough usable RAM as you might have 8GB of RAM but only 5GB are usable (close all other programs before launching to get some extra usable ram) Hope I helped!^^
  13. FreeFallFTW

    Command Request

    Thanks!This can be closed now
  14. FreeFallFTW

    Unfair warning

    Ok so you told me in game you teleported to him to see his base and then killed him cause he was punching you in-game (I'll show the logs tomorrow if this is not settled cause I'm going to sleep).And in one of your replies you said you had no bad intentions teleporting to him and now you say that from the beggining you just wanted to kill him?What?

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