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  1. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] Varijon

    Refunded,given to player in game.
  2. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund request] NegativPositiv

    Refunded,given to player in-game.
  3. FreeFallFTW


    Refunded,given to player in game.
  4. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] Varijon

    Refunded,left near your farm,please confirm.
  5. FreeFallFTW

    refund request

    Left near your last known location.Please confirm.
  6. FreeFallFTW

    This is for Discord

    Please,in order to get your rank on discord,type the following message "This is for discord,Hals_G_Ruch#8090" in the chat without a nickname on and put it in #technical_support in our discord server.
  7. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] Hals_G_Ruch

    Refunded items,left near Smiley at your base,please confirm.
  8. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] Hals_G_Ruch

    Refunded,please confirm
  9. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] DarkKnight2107

    Refunded,left at your base,please confirm
  10. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] DarkKnight2107

  11. Refunded items,please confirm,placed near your tinker smeltery,,
  12. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] DarkKnight2107

    Refunded,placed near you tinker smeltery,please confirm.
  13. FreeFallFTW

    Refund request

    Refunded items,in a chest near your solar panel,please confirm.
  14. FreeFallFTW

    [Refund Request] KittyMagnet

    Refunded.confirmed by player in game T/C
  15. FreeFallFTW

     [Refund Request] levi779

    Items refunded,please confirm.

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