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  1. Bruny we know you see / will see this but please don't take it for "another one of those". This is a post that just describes the state of network perfectly and hopefully it won't be neglected the way it's been for I would say close to 2 years. Might not seem like it's been 2 years but network has been going downhill for so long and it's been sugarcoated for just as much. I think bruny's attention and just solid staff that we know we have can make the server better, because it's just a shame seeing potential just fly by. I don't want to repeat anything else said prior to this reply, bu
  2. Damn Nukes,nice to meet you! Glad we could staff together for a little time!
  3. Granted,but you spelled it wrong (I wish i was more intelligent) so it won't come true. I wish the responses would actually make sense to the questions prior cough cough.
  4. Granted,but he hid his post. I wish to go ahead in time
  5. Refunded,given to player in game.
  6. Refunded,left near your farm,please confirm.
  7. Left near your last known location.Please confirm.
  8. Please,in order to get your rank on discord,type the following message "This is for discord,Hals_G_Ruch#8090" in the chat without a nickname on and put it in #technical_support in our discord server.
  9. Refunded items,left near Smiley at your base,please confirm.
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