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¿Do You Want To Play?

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Hello everyone, first to the one who does not know me, Here is a brief description of me.

Well today I wanted to make a little game to have fun among the whole community and get to know more friends among other interesting things, I would say that a game to not have so dead the forum, well without more words we start.



This game consists of asking, and the person who comes will ruin it and then ask for another desire

Example: User A: I want to have a boat

          User B: Granted but after 15 minutes you melt the engine, it comes
         a storm sinks and you drown.

            I want to be millionaire(Male/Female) 

            "Well, I start: Wish have a plane" :))


The game is simple but fun at the time I hope you like it and play, regards!!

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Ohhh, corrupt a wish. Gotta love this game.

3 hours ago, Kur0CVHeaD said:

Granted but in 1 you are going to crash with a hill and you will die.

1-) Wish have a lamborghini.


Granted, but it's a 1968 Lamborghini Islero. Still cool though.

I wish I didn't have any school.

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Granted, but only a you and 1 other person were able to make the transition before the earth exploded. Good luck.

I wish i were able to learn things like in the matrix, by plugging in a computer program and downloading the knowledge.


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