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  1. Virtmo

    spawn glass

    These are visual glitch, once you relog you can see them again. TOPIC CLOSED.
  2. You have to chunkload your GP creating machines (water mill, solar panel or Dragon Egg Mill)
  3. Virtmo

    Can't craft wireless booster.

    Maybe we will add it to Spawn Shop
  4. Virtmo

    [refund request] parceval55

    Refunded in chest next to your Chicken area. Put chickens in nesting pens or else they can despawn. I couldn't refund you 10 10 10 Smart chicken so instead I put more Smart Chicken Spawn Eggs in the chest. TOPIC CLOSED.
  5. Virtmo

    Builder's Not Functioning

    After 1.10 Rftools added new function: If your dimension isn't powered you will get tons of negative buff and machines inside won't work.
  6. Age of Engineering would be cool
  7. Virtmo

    Server issues

    As you know 1.12 Modpacks just got released and many Mods are in early stage, some even not released in1.12 yet(EnderIO). As Modpack gets updated we will test and if it is more stable we will upgrade to that version. Brunyman patches mods with available source code. But it takes time and he is doing it alone. Hopefully very soon it will be stable and lag free. (Actually DW1.12 is running much better than DW1.10 early days) TOPIC CLOSED.
  8. Virtmo

    base rollback

    Please make Refund Request. TOPIC CLOSED.
  9. Player made new request TOPIC CLOSED.
  10. Virtmo

    Can't Play/Log In

  11. Virtmo

    Rollback request


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