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  1. claim rollback

    Rollback Successful, confirmed with player in Discord. T/C.
  2. [Resolved] 1.10.2 Server Lag/Low TPS 0.90

    Issue Solved, Topic Closed
  3. Bad ping

    Open Command Prompt(cmd), run "ping dw20.craftersland.net -n 100", it will show latency between you and server host. And upload screenshot to www.imgur.com and post link here.
  4. Youtuber rank

    What kind of permissions and commands?
  5. Youtuber rank

    Some clarifications: You want youtube rank? I think there is requirement like 1000 subs, 2 videos per month and each videos at least 500 views(not clear on exact numbers). As you know having an access to /gm 1 or creative NEI forbids let you participate the server economy. It applies to even staff above Mod rank and I don't think making an exception for you is fair to other people. But that will be up to brunyman to decide. Also no need for passive aggressive comment. No one likes that!
  6. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted but you are always thirsty I wish I knew origin and ultimate end of the universe
  7. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but zombies are all Nemesis from Resident Evil(in case you don't know, he is that badass zombie with machine gun http://residentevil.wikia.com/wiki/Nemesis-T_Type) I wish I were omnipotent
  8. Tagging of staff and bumping threads

    Agree with Henk, refund requests are done regularly even without tags and I don't mind tagging staff in other important topics like bug, exploit report or complaints. But anything becomes annoying if done excessively. Just keep it moderate and and use template. Staff will see it and get to you when you they aren't busy.
  9. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted but your oppenents were all 10 year old girls. I wish to world end
  10. Tagging of staff and bumping threads

    Bumping isnt totally useless. Recently updated posts appear on right side of screen to me. Sometimes what we find pointless or obvious is confusing to new people(I certainly had few dumb posts when I started). And there is already rule of bumping only once a 48 hours, and if they use it too much moderators take an action. I think it is okey to keep it how it is.
  11. Is spawn the new dumping site? ? ?

    Top Left of screen. I told people multiple times not to litter and most people don't do it anymore, they don't die as often as before. Now only new people seems to be throwing out what they consider junks at spawn. Also don't be in such a hurry to get rid of your Death Info, in case you died in PvP, or in someone else's claimed area or your Gravestone is unrecoverable because of other bugs then your Death Info will be useful as proof to refund you and it has a list of items you had in your inventory when you died which makes it easier for you and us to refund (you have to make Refund Request in DW20 1.10 Technical Support section).
  12. !.10.2 Ender dragon bugged.

    Killed the ender dragon and destroyed the glitched end crystals. Next time it happens ask someone with Draconic Bow that can kill dragon before it heals. When you go back to Overworld from End, don't use portal. Instead you can use /home or /spawn. Using end portal gets you stack at spawn and only relog fixes it. No Known fix available yet. Topic Closed
  13. Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    or run like a little girls.
  14. Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    He thought to himself "If the key itself is made of gold, whatever it is destined to open must be worth more" and he started to wipe his chocolate covered mouth but suddenly his stomach felt strange and he started puking what seems to be a pinkish sparkly goo.
  15. Remove /gm 1 from my character

    Thanks a lot xD