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  1. Added Staff of Power with wyvern upgrades to chest, and moved the chest to your island, on top of tree.
  2. [Refund Request] YAMPY

    Refunded in diamond chest next to your Blood Altar(all upgraded to draconic level).
  3. (Refund request) edumanke

    Refunded, try to make your setup less laggy. Plugin makes most laggy block into obsidian. TOPIC CLOSED.
  4. Confirmer with player. Rollback Successful. TOPIC CLOSED.
  5. Maybe WAILA says it is 100% infected when in reality it isnt and we are breaking not completely infested leaves.
  6. I just tested it, infested leaves still not spreading to nearby leaves and breaking infested leaves still not dropping any string(tested with all 3 different crooks)
  7. [SkyFactory3] Spawn Rollback

    Some islands and this big ship far from Spawn was unclaimed and anyone could destroy it. In case of 1st picture it was because someone opened Chance Cube there. I think same with 2nd picture. But now everything is claimed, thanks to Henk.
  8. [Refund Request] SenpaiWaffle

    When you die, you will find Death Info in your inventory. It looks like paper and it has list of items you had when you died.
  9. [Refund Request] SenpaiWaffle

    Refunded it in large chest on dirt platform. Next time provide Death info.
  10. excessive use of profanity

    Punished For Rule 7 and 13. Thank you Darkness and Artemi5 for reporting with screenshots.
  11. [Refund Request] SenpaiWaffle

    Refunded in double chest on your dirt platform.
  12. [RefundRequest]ChristmasSpirit_

    Refunded in chest with Death Info. TOPIC CLOSED.
  13. gm1 acces request

    Creative/GM 1 perk isn't implemented in DW20 1.10 and SF3 servers. It is in progress. Once it is available I believe you can have it.
  14. [Unban]KingsMan

    You deleted more than just one island, if you accidently deleted one island it is understandable, but you didn't stop and kept deleting more. I told you to not say anything to anyone but then you asked me if you could delete bosuhexxit's island. Seriously? I suggest that ban stays, he knowingly abused bug and griefed lots of people.
  15. Rollback successful. Thank you bruny TOPIC CLOSED.