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¿Do You Want To Play?


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Granted, but G_G_Marvel you always have red eyes and eye drops do not help them go away.

Granted, but Lancelot instead of computer virus there are real life viruses that are the size of dogs that can latch into you and now you are infected.

EDIT: (I did both of yours :) )

I wish there were no headaches.

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Granted. Congratulations you just won the gold medal in wheelchair fencing! But you suffered an injury during the match. Which got infected. And now you have no arms or legs.


I wish it were dark all the time. 

And everything could carry on the way it does.  Using lunar power instead of solar.

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Granted, but the chemicals used to make sure that the water is always the perfect temperature, are extremely corrosive to the skin.

I wish i could stop and start time, for as long as i choose, without any complications or unexpected disadvantages.  

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Granted, one time you go to see the dinosaurs and intimidate one of em enough that he starts chasing you, it takes at least 10 minutes to stop or start time again, so you are devoured...


I wish I had a personal cook that was polite and cooked the food I wanted, and it was edible and tasted good, and was good for me, and I never had to pay him.

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  • Retired Manager

Granted, but everything would instead cost favors

I wish I could fly.







Side note, really like this topic. I will give it a temporary pin. Enjoy the games folks

Also, feel special- this is my 1000th post.

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