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  1. I think some island can be erased after some time inactivity, I do not know how much of inactivity is that to be honest. So if you were inactive some time i guess your island could be deleted. Maybe inactive for 2 month could be the mark, I do not know really. Edit: Btw now you can try join your island, i created new one for you.
  2. I have made you setup to fix your problem. Did you do it? You do not have island now (it seems you leaved the island). Is everything OK?
  3. I am not sure if warning is possible (where should we put it?). Anyway I hope you have issue solved when you find the problem. Do as the warning said: dont sell charged items
  4. bisaek i can not find you on SF2.5. And i do not understand how you lost money when buying item.
  5. Glad to finaly meet you RandomNukes . It is good to have familiar people around. I actually remember when you and DragonLady joined SkyFacktory2.5 That was long time ago I wish you all the best.
  6. Hello @Qwerty_Onice I hope you have really good time on server. It is great to have someone who likes to build around. I hope you have great time here
  7. You can put wither skulls under the altair, and keep cluster too
  8. I destroyed your infusion altair, maybe you can log on now and see if it allows you? And there is portal-in-a-box in spawn shop, so you should not craft it yourself i guess Also you should probably put skulls under infusion altair to stabilize it
  9. AtomicGrog you have joined other island, so you lost your original one. We will see if we can give your island back.
  10. Voodoo you should make yourself clone, i made machines for that when you posted this on your island. It has been long time you did not reply to that. It was very close to date you made your post. You can try to make your clone when you login (in a room above your controler)- or start new thread - this one is gonna be closed for inactivity. T/C
  11. Glad to hear you fixed the problem, T/C
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