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  1. Lancelot

    Cash Not recieved yet

    Moved to SF3 subforum
  2. Lancelot

    SF2.5 Achievment book

    Could we add Achievement book to /kit starter? New player always loose their Achievement book (and rest of their starting inventory) when creating new island. Edit: I know it is craftable but new player does not have resources to craft it right away.
  3. Lancelot

    old island

    jeff98nathalius is now member of his old island, now he just need to be made leader.
  4. There has been much more reports about problems with me system lately, much more then usual. Common symptoms are the drives block keeps getting dark, the cable disconnects but stays floating, sometimes even storage cell disappear (not only visual glitch). Sometimes even simple me system consisting of one controller (or energy acceptor), drive with some storage cells, crafting terminal and some cables does not work properly. AndonisHD, LiX_TridenT, blueblasterz and llaya are all having some problem with me system that i have no idea how to fix
  5. Lancelot

    Inventory Rollback 2

    Rollback successful. T/C
  6. Lancelot

    Inventory Rollback

    Player confirmed receiving items. T/C
  7. Confirmed with player in game that rollback was successful. T/C
  8. Lancelot

    Favorite History Topic?

    The trouble is we do not learn from history In past we were putting Radium into everything because it was glowing, made poisoned hats, powdered DDT (pesticide) on everything ... We are still doing some very stupid things like pluting drinking water, making air unbreadable in some cases, causing extinction of lot of living species, changing wolds climate, destroying protective layer of ozone, consuming limited non-renewable resources without any check ... Currently i am most worried about contaminating the whole world food supply with GMO food. We surely do not know enough to make any claim that it is safe, yet you can not effectively avoid consuming GMO plants or animal that eat those plants. To change a tone of my post a little: For me interesting part of history is how civilization comes and goes. During history there were some very powerful nations/states/civilization (whatever you call them) some that lasted few decades (well we actually do not learn about those short living powers), some hundreds of years, some over thousand, yet eventually all of them got replaced with some new superpower. We need to realize that in 20-100 years our present will also be history and future people will talk about how stupidly we behaved and did some unreasonable things.
  9. Lancelot

    Game don't launch

    Crash report suggest you are low on RAM. SF3 is more demanding on RAM than SF2. If you have only 4G RAM on your computer you probably will have big trouble with playing this modpack. You need to allocate more memory to minecrat/java my guess would be give it 4-6G of RAM and hopefuly that should work well.
  10. Lancelot

    How to make the ME system craft 1 at a time

    I am using ComputerCraft program to control interface and drop items in needed order and with required delay. Computer is commanding Interface when and which item to push into opencrate which drops them on altar.
  11. I have jailed you for 1 second so you are teleported to spawn. You can try join now. From reading your crash report i am not much smarter, but it could be corrupted chunk. One other thing I noticed is that you have allocated only 1.5G RAM for SkyFactory2. If you have only 4G RAM you should give minecraft something like 3G-3.25G, if you have more give it at least 4GRAM or more. It is most probably having trouble redering world with so low RAM available.
  12. Lancelot

    Island Roleback / Name Change

    TheZockerLP2016 was banned 2 times for duping items and his old island was deleted because of dupes. His player data was deleted when making space on server for new SF3 server since he did not played at that time for long time. As there is nothing left to restore I will close this topic.
  13. I am little late to grand your wish in main thread so here you have it:

    > I wish I had no more debt. (Excited to see how someone replies to this one)

    Wish granted. Now you live in community where there are no debts. Welcome to Amazon forest tribe village.

    1. TaraBites


      oh man, imma wild woman now

  14. Lancelot

    Island Roleback / Name Change

    You did not actually said what you expect from us to do about your old name (and did not state in this post what that name was). So please clarify what you want with your old name (and as i said in game your old player data were probably deleted when we were making space for then new SF3 server - so i am not sure if any of those old data is available anymore)

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