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  1. Rollback successful?

    BlameMark was online when brunyman was doing maintance. He logged in game faster then brunyman in game after restart when rollback was done and he immediately moved his drives to some other place, so when brunyman come to check 2 sec later he was already unable to see drives So, YES. rollback was successful and your part of island was not affected by it.
  2. Island rollbacked

    Please edit your message and use this template Especially provide date and time when island was ok. Edit: T/C as player does not wish rollback anymore.
  3. Cursed earth in challenge rewards

    Thanks, T/C
  4. [Island Rollback Request] NataChan

    Thanks brunyman. T/C
  5. [Island Rollback Request] NataChan

    yes, old island back and inventory rollback please
  6. [Island Rollback Request] NataChan

    Islands have the same coordinates.
  7. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, all shoes you own are too small for you to wear them. I wish I can speak all languages that exist.
  8. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted. Doing your class work is very slow process so you do not have free time for anything else. I wish I win Olympic medal.
  9. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, with terror you find out that you do not have head either. I wish everybody love me.
  10. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, to achieve this feature batteries must are 1 cubic meter in size and weight 2000kg. I wish there are no computer viruses. Edit: Oh well G_G_Marvel you was faster :(
  11. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted. But you just realized that you have allergy to both strawberry and chocolate. I wish I did not have any problem.
  12. I am posting this instead of NataChan Your Name: LancelotIsland Owner Name: NataChan Coordiantes: X: 3800 Z: -15000Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Oct. 10. 2017Description of Issue: Something with mobfarm went wrong. Lot of mobs were spawned but not killed. Because of that whole game froze up - she was not able to move on her island. After she realized fixing mobfarm is out of her power she restarted island with /is restart but pieces of old island were still there. As this happened on October 11th any time in October 10th should be good for rollback Rollback for both island and inventory would be welcomed.Screenshots (Optional):
  13. yo lancelot do u have to make a big deal over everything i post all i need is my rank transfered to Tekkit from skyfactory2.5 if you have nothing of interest to say / type then plz don't message it says to brunyman Thx

    1. Lancelot


      I do not know what about you are upset. When an issue is open on forum we need to solve it and eventually close the topic. Your request for money refund was not closed so i did it after I realized you do not want money refund anymore but you want rank transfer.

      To help you even more I moved your post from SkyFactory forum to proper place for Rank Transfer and I added you a link to template you should use when requesting Rank Transfer. To make things right you should also ask to close your duplicate topic in Tekkit forum about Rank Transfer.

      It just does not help you if you send duplicate request in wrong forums and without all needed information. Template ios used to make it easyer for bruny to make your request. If you provide proof of you owning the rank it will just make it much more faster for bruny to make transfer

    2. EvilRogue01


      Thx lancelot i would like to post the the rank refund was a troll played by my older stupid brother that will do anything to make me look dumb ..

  14. i need to be added back to my old is

    /seen segrulz Player SegRulz has been offline since 18 days 23 hours 18 minutes /seen segrulez Error: Player not found.
  15. Question regarding a rule.

    While we discuss what is best option here I would suggest to broadcast a message on all servers that players with creative access are not allowed to participate in economy. This way players without creative access could be aware of issue too (and it is needed they know since they are facing ban punishment too if they buy from creative user).