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  1. island rollback successfull. draconium is inside ME system. T/C
  2. Island seems OK. If anything is wrong make a new post. T/C
  3. Thanks for posting it on SkyFactory2.5 forum. When someone is free island will be rollbacked.
  4. Your Name: LancelotCoordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Friday 21 June 8am +CETDescription of Issue: I wanted to clear mess in the nether, and unfortunately I run /clear or /clean command so it cleaned my inventory with my satchelScreenshots (Optional):
  5. topic closed. if anything is missing make new topic
  6. Do you have coordinates where you died? I might be able to get your items from grave.
  7. i broke you grave and made a chest with items in it on your island (next to the furnaces)
  8. @Passa_a_Bola created new island. T/C
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