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  1. We fixed your wand misclick: removed second layer of stone slabs on platform. If you really want new island you can do now /is restart. Or just continue playing on current island. EDIT: Inactive Post T/C
  2. Similar errors i get when i switch from single player to server (and other way around) without restarting launcher (on SF2.5). Maybe just restart launcher will help?
  3. I think you inventory somehow got corrupted. When I look in your inventory i get same error and am disconected from server. On your island i noticed 2 layers of stone slabs (the other one was most probably placed with wand misclick ) I also added coordinates to your request. And i think you meant island rollback, not island delete.
  4. Player made new request. T/C
  5. I was able to go to your island, and did not get any crash. When i try to look into your inventory i get same error as you do and get kicked from game. Therefor i would recommend for maintainer to clean your personal inventory too. For island rollback we need time and date when your island was ok, and also coordinates too. Pleas edit your message and use this template: Also do not forget to ask for cleaning you invetory too.
  6. Lancelot

    [Refund Request] UgurkansTR

    Items refunded in chest in front of ME terminals.
  7. Lancelot

    [Island Rollback Request] DarthAssassin

    Rollback successful. T/C
  8. Lancelot

    IT IS ENOUGH!!!!

    items refunded by Tiredman, Moderators please move this post to SF2.5 technical support, and close it
  9. I was told this kind of problem can be solved by breaking chunkloaders in that chunk, going to spawn and relog. Try that before doing rollback. Report back if that did not fix the problem.
  10. Lancelot

    I am lost 25k upgrades PLS HELP

    I refunded player 10k of each upgrade (in cache).
  11. I have been on that island. It would actually require to rebuild whole me system, and reconnect numerous wireless connectors. Damage is extended much further then just what screenshot shows.
  12. You need to be online for this reset. Tell me when you see me in game.
  13. As I understand it, do not carry containers that have other container with lot of items. For example having golden bag/satchel which contains other bags, that have other bags with lot items in it (you can expand this recursion 'bag in bag' more). Or moving your AE2 ME System by taking all storage cells and putting them in one or multiple bags. I have no idea where the limit is of how many items you carry are too many. For that reason the message is of little use.
  14. Diamonds refunded in game with Bioxity personally.

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