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    Complaint against: Lancelot

    When i met BeeBeeBoPs first time it was just a little after he joined server. At that time he had only one tree, and few blocks of planks (no cobble generator yet). But also he had DSU with stone and some other material that he could not get with normal play at that stage. To me it felt normal to ask him where from he get those stone. And he consider this accusing of dupe. When he gave me explanation he got it from other player it ended there. The incident with Marvin907 was that Marvin907 posted on forum and asked us to investigate about those shields. As part of investigation I also spoke with BeeBeeBoPs. And again he feels I am accusing him just because I do my job and also openly giving him opportunity to say about what happened if anything. Then BeeBeeBoPs griefed other island by sending withers on their island and causing them not being able to /is home because they get instantly killed. For this I banned him according to rules. Then he tried to bypass that ban by using another account for which he also get banned. About incident with redwood trees: you and BeeBeeBoPs spawned lot of trees in TheEnd at spot where players spawn when they use portal (so I consider it as spawn area). This also caused any player using portal to start suffocating inside tree when they use portal (and if they happen to lag during changing dimension maybe die). I wanted both of you to know that spawning those trees was not good. After reading rules and seeing that only punishment was to ban you I wanted to go easy on you but also to make a point that disabling entrance to TheEnd for all other players is not something we tolerate I gave you a task to clean the mess you made and go without ban. I was hoping that doing this will make you understand how wrong you was by spawning those trees. During whole cleaning process BeeBeeBoPs was saying I could clean it with world edit easier then you with axes - and that is true (at the end I did clean most of it anyway). My point is that I am not your cleaning lady and you can do any mess you like and I should clean it. And if we need wait for Bruny to clean it (when other staff member can not) it takes days sometimes (in meantime player not having access to resources you blocked with having fun). The End is reseted once per month so waiting for that is also not an option. My main goal was to demonstrate you how big mess you made with growing those trees in TheEnd spawning area. And now we come to last events. I was doing ritual and at that time server started restarting so we all was unable to join game. After Henk manually restarted server it went out of reboot session. After that I was able to perform ritual twice without any problems. Then some of you accused me it was because I was doing ritual server was restarting. When BeeBeeBoPs said to me i was crashing server I did not take it seriously and I replied him lightly with same tone as he said to me (you got my reply in screenshot - somehow you missed his message to me). Unfortunately he took my reply too seriously and from there hells opened. Without me saying anything significant you all escalated it very much. With bitter regret now I see I am not allowed to reply to player with same tone as he is speaking to me - I should have been wiser (in your eyes do you consider that fair too?). And you can also check your chat logs to see that i have never used offensive talk toward any player. I do teleport to other players, especially to new one the server. I do welcome them and offer advice about specifics on our server. I try to be friendly and helpful from start to new players. I talk to them, ask them if they are new to SF2.5 giving some advice for early game. I look what they have build on island and suggest what they should do next or how to improve their current setup. Some player know how to play game some are completely new to SkyFactory so they need and accept more advice. Same was with Bioxity and phoejames. I do not exactly recall how I met Bioxity first, I do remember doing something with you on your mobfarm. Maybe you was killed inside and i helped you get grave (not sure), i remember changing few blocks at bottom of farm so you have better and safe access to mobs. When I was doing this I did see you was glad something got improved - you never said to me in game or otherwise that you do not want my help, or that you want me go away from your island. I remember contacting phoejames first time when Gizzy posted about problem they had on forum. Since inventory rollback did not go well I came to refund items myself. At that occasion I stayed areound to chat and look around their island. As i have seen their progress I gave them few suggestion how to improve some setup and what to do next. When I came other time to their island with intention to chat and show them how to make statues from players heads phoejames said they are bussy so is said 'ok, sorry' and i left. Beside this one occasion when phoejames said they are bussy neither him nor Gizzy ever expressed anything from which I could conclude I was not welcome on their island. I do try hard to respect players wish if they want to play alone, but I can not read minds and obviously I was wrong in those 2 occasions when neither of you told me anything in game how you feel about my involvement in your game. Now I know and I can behave accordingly. That does not mean you will not see me ever again tho. As staff member I think it is my obligation to all islands and check on them. But now I will know where I am not expected to socialize and offer advice without being asked for.
  2. refunded vote key and chance cubes. T/C
  3. Gizzy and phoejames are members of same island on SF2.5 with coordinates as indicated above.
  4. Lancelot

    Game Of Hangman

  5. Player have not been online for over the month since rollback. If there are issues with rollback make another request. T/C
  6. Lancelot

    Grief (RF Tools)

    No evidence were found who placed the shield. T/C
  7. Your Me system was broken after 1nanc placed security terminal. Make sure your security terminal is in separate subnetwork as described in this post
  8. Your Name: IamBeaBroIsland Owner Name: Marconoahf03 Coordiantes: x: -16800 y:150 z: -400Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Fri Jul 21 at 12:00 CETDescription of Issue: ME system is broken, some terminals and other blocks are missing including all storage cellsScreenshots (Optional): Note: Lancelot is making this post on behalf of IamBeaBro. For some unknown reason IamBeaBro did not make post when I told her so in game.
  9. it is most probably because of security terminal. connect your security terminal in subnetwork as described on this forum post:
  10. For those struggling with Thaumcraft research here is a little android App that will help you with connecting aspects in research table. Using the app is straightforward: You need to pick 2 aspect at endpoints and enter the minimal steps required to connect them. App will reply with 3 suggested chains how to connect those aspects. Aspects are valued depending on their complexity: base aspect have value 1, compound aspect have value depending on how many base aspects are needed to create them: Victus = Aqua + Terra = 1 + 1 = 2 Mortuus = Victus + Perditio = 2 + 1 = 3 etc... First result is cheapest one, second result is shortest one (and it try to use more expensive aspect if there is choice while still keeping chain short), Third result try hard to not use aspects used in previous 2 results. In TitleBar you will find Setup(Preferences) icon where you can change which version of Thaumcraft to use, and also which additional mods are available in your modpack. I developed app while playing SkyFactory2.5 so default version and AddOn is set for this modpack. App is available for download form this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dugvudigtfynsz/ThaumcraftResearch-v1.0.0.apk?dl=0
  11. $200k and even $100k is too much money to refund in my opinion, Both of those sums would put player very hight on baltop (10th and 15th place respectively). I would urge Bruny to not refund more then $10k-20k for anything. When player does not log in for loong time there is always risk of whole server being wiped in meantime or inactive island being deleted, so I do not think we should really substitute lost island with huge amount of money - that would encourage other player to ask for money refund which would totaly destroy economy in game.
  12. Lancelot

    Grief (RF Tools)

    I have cleaned iron bars from your island. I do not have hard evidence that it was done by BeeBeeBoPs, to punish him we would need more concrete proof. If nothing comes up this topic will be closed.
  13. Lancelot

    Tombstone under bedrock

    Sadly we can not recover your tombstone, we can do your inventory rollback tho. You should add precise time (and time zone) when you died so we know which backup to use. Correct template for such occasion is And in the future do not use Deep Dark portal to return back to your island, use /spwan or /is home
  14. Lancelot

    How do i install the modpack?

    Read the pinned post on this same forum.
  15. Player decided to restart island instead, Rollback request canceled, T/C

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