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  1. rollback request

    Talked to Acuena, island rolback is ok. Topic closed
  2. rollback request

    Please edit your post and provide all needed info for island rollback request to speed up the process using this template
  3. premium rank

    Hello Roefel, welcome back! To change name click on your name at top of webpage, then on Account setting. There you will find Display Name and you can edit as you like it. As of your rank, you might get faster response if you post request on this section of forum: https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/ Have lot of fun playing here again.
  4. [Island Rollback]

    You was banned for deleting islands of other players, and i guess you deleted your own too. I think it would be better if you start new island once your ban is over.
  5. Question

    This sort of problem come popping up from time when brunyman tried to reduce memory footprint of sf2.5 by deleting island of inactive players. The thing is that islands did not get deleted only players data did. When player came after long absence back on server he needed to create his ingame character again. After using same name as he used before for new character he was usualy ably to do simply /is home to go to his old island. Only his personal invetory and all statistics were (money, research, chalanges ...) missing (that is only player data reset was performed by wipe, not island deletion).
  6. Try wearing draconic armor while performing infusion.
  7. Wish badly understood

    Granted. No solid object can stop you so you fell thru the floor to gravity center of the Earth and live there happily ever after I wish I had unlimited supply of chocolate. PS: I was always annoyed with magicians for who only wall was permeable, but not the floor.
  8. Optifine install

    Put file OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_D6.jar in folder FTBPresentsSkyfactory25/minecraft/mods in the same folder where you have 'A Block of Charcoal-1.0.jar' mod. Versions D4 upto D6 works for skyfactory, newer does not!
  9. Wireless connector issue

    AE2 block does disapear mostly when you use security terminal. When you want to use security terminal place it in subnetwork as explained in this post:
  10. Wish badly understood

    Granted, but none of us understand what you are saying. I wish I had some useful wish.
  11. Rollback successful?

    BlameMark was online when brunyman was doing maintance. He logged in game faster then brunyman in game after restart when rollback was done and he immediately moved his drives to some other place, so when brunyman come to check 2 sec later he was already unable to see drives So, YES. rollback was successful and your part of island was not affected by it.
  12. Island rollbacked

    Please edit your message and use this template Especially provide date and time when island was ok. Edit: T/C as player does not wish rollback anymore.
  13. Cursed earth in challenge rewards

    Thanks, T/C
  14. Thanks brunyman. T/C
  15. yes, old island back and inventory rollback please