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  1. Or maybe where you can hire people to do the build for you... or having pre-templated towns/islands/whatever. Personally not for me, as mentioned not much of a stretch on what we can do now if we wanted too.. i think it would only worth with large player numbers and most the packs and i suspect the game itself could cope with 200's of players.
  2. Real life cash on ingame? I was informed my 'Max Homes' would be brought forward for example.
  3. This is pretty much a mirror of the event that ilja615 posted here:  Your Name: AtomicGrogCoordinates: x: -370 y: -300 z: -250 +/- a block or two. Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 15/5/2019 approx 9pm Sydney (mid day gmt according to my calculation). Description of Issue: I was attempting to use the sign at spawn to rtp. 1st couple of attempts resulted in an unsafe then i was transported to darkness and died. Oddly when I returned to spawn it showed my death marker below me. I was then transported to the same spot repeatedly, dieing every time and returning to spawn after. At that point I spotted SkyWarsPro08 destroying spawn (and subsequently posted screenshots in staff discord as per GM request). Key losses are a kingslime tinkers hammer and sword, both with moss. Given to me by ilij615 an hour or so prior. Other losses include an iron pickaxe and other sundries not worth listing. In the scale of things recoverable but not without pain due to stage of game ie a starting gift from someone. i appreciate that it might be hard to refund tinkers items, happy to take materials instead. Screenshots (Optional): I have no screenshots of inventory, have posted the hackers actions already, will post here if requested but it doesn’t seem an appropriate location.
  4. Name: Paul IGN: AtomicGrog Age: 56 soon (choke one that :p) Crafter's Land Servers you play: Actively SF4, in total SF2.5/3/4, SB2, will change weekly/monthly Location: Sydney Australia (but it a Brit :p) A short description of yourself: Old, using games to pass my evenings away, local TV is crap. Have a very technical background, historically I’ve stripped engines, repaired gearboxes, managed systems, tested communications radio equipment, laid floors, built computers (from bare board upwards), had a 3D prInter for 5+ years etc. was part of team debugging Linux tcp/ip stack in 80s. Have wife, 2 kids (older than most here... 17 and 23), 2 dogs. I like to help others, will almost always speak my mind and typically suffer consequences afterwards but won’t normally be first to volunteer for pain. Could go on... Hobbies and interests: Computer games, but I enjoy them more for their technical content than their presentation. Ideal game for me would be one that would need fixing fixing things is my #1 hobby RC cars, have an upgraded Traxxis 4x4, don’t use it too much as I have a habit of wrecking it. Stuff around the house, latest toy is a cement mixer. Discord / Skype Name: AtomicGrog/Reserved but obvious
  5. In game name: AtomicGrog Proof of Purchase: Paypal Transaction ID: 1GV33486T24986831 Description of Issue: Purchased A set of reinforced watering cans. Saw the in-game announcement but thy didn't arrive. Date/Time of Purchase: 27 Apr 2019 11:58:06 AEST (Approx 1 hour prior to this post) Items/Rank Bought: TinyProgressions: Watering Can Kit (Set of 10) Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: (Exief believes the server may still be trying to supply the watering can set from prior SF packs - config copy/paste)
  6. Check the rewards for Legendary keys, theres a black spinning dice as one of the rewards. You get it in inventory and then right click it. Think it's called 'Dice of Fate'
  7. Yesterday was a fun day [Mystic Crate] As part of my rank reward yesterday I received 2 Mystic keys. The first of which I won a creative sponge. However it didn't appear in my inventory. Second key gave me 10 Legendary keys, one of which gave me another Mystic Key.. And the reward for that was another creative sponge which didn't appear either. In both cases i had plenty of space in my inventory, I checked bauble slots etc, definitely no delivery. Am not looking for replacement (else i'd have posted as a refund) just want to make staff aware of the problem. Could it be a restricted item? [Command Block] As part of a Leg reward yesterday I got one of the spinning 'roll the dice' outcomes, having activated it a command block was the rewards, suspect it was whipped away rapidly as it never appeared in inventory. Again for awareness.. pretty sure it's a nasty device in the wrong hands. Cheers, Atomic
  8. Many thanks Exief. So far i've only done a basic select area and "//replace stone air" but it works fine. Presumably same rules apply here as to pulling items out from /GM1? Regards Atomic.
  9. Requirements: No record of any kind of command abuse A donor rank of Sponsor or Sponsor+ A relatively clean ban record Account Name: AtomicGrog Rank: Sponsor Requested Commands^: World Edit Reason for Request*: (1) Trying to clear out a lot of space around my cave and make it feel more open. Doing so with Drac axe etc., magnet, void ring is cumbersome and even with best intents leaves blocks behind. Also with World Edit can deal with the process more accurately, using axe is leaving irregular walls. Was trying to use the RFTools builder but it's not possible as it bypasses claims and is considered a Grief risk. (2) Want to be able to beautify the environment - large walls, cascading water, lava etc, easier with WE
  10. Looks great, many thanks. Sorry for the hassle, consider the request closed.
  11. Sorry a little tardy with my reply. As mentioned in discord, rollback didnt seem to work, suspect didnt roll back at all. I'll monitor thread, baited breath 😛
  12. All good, been trawling the plugin code lol.
  13. Your Name: AtomicGrog Island Owner Name: AtomicGrog Coordinates: -255, 110, 2290 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Approx 3 hours prior to this post. 9AM AEST, Suspect thats Midnight GMT/UTC. Description of Issue: Most of cave stolen, have no direct recorded evidence, saw a EMC_Link with a name something like Nati_** (Stars being two characters I cant recall). I locked down island when I had to log, approx 20-30 rainbow generator based items had been removed together with sundries i.e. other EMC links. To do this he had removed 7-8 EMC links, broken some quartz glass and then suspect vein-mined the generators. Give away at first was the rainbows were complaining about things missing. When i logged i thought I could recover.. was a loss but with EMC not hard to replace. When I returned an hour later pretty much whole base wiped. Exief says I had some claim flags set badly, dont recall doing it but at least it should help not have the process repeated. Screenshots (Optional): 
  14. Exief, wasn't blaming anyone directly, just wanted to raise it as an issue in the most formal way I could. It seems particularly aggressive on this server at moment, fortunately i have access to a villager spawner so replacing em isnt an issue. To be honest the economy is pack is so broken with EMC that nothing material is a cost issue anymore. That's altogether another problem... i'd like to see the balanced clay emc nerfed somewhat i.e. a 0 dropped off the end.
  15. Context: Over the last week and a half i've placed chunk loaders around my base and seen them disappear. I'm familiar with the occurrence from my SF3 days but it seems different on this server. With SF3 it would occur when a chunk was causing problems, whereas with SB2 it seems completely random and not related to workload (see below). It's a little irksome because I paid to upgrade my chunk loader limit from 4 to 10. I don't expect any kind of immunity from this purchase but i would like some reasoning as to why the server operates as it does. Case 1: I couldn't understand why my farmers were throwing essence out. They are connected to ender chests which in turn had a set of compressors converted dragon essence to dragon eggs. Upon going to the compressor location I see that the chests were full (they would be because they were linked) but the machinery had only just started up as the chunk loaded. It cleared the backlog within 10 seconds and at that point I spotted the chunk loader i had placed was gone. I replaced it, tested the outcome and all was good. I thought it was related to my setup in this case.. hard to imagine ... but things go awry. Case 2: Basically a repeat of #1 but I had moved my compressors etc. next to the plants but at an adjacent chunk, and on top of my power source. The plants had their chunk loader, but the compressors hadnt. The farmers were basically operating on residual power. Case 3: Yesterday/Today... Because of the above outcomes I had setup a remote location with a few bonsai trees to test the situation, the remote location was a compact machine. I checked prior to loading a chunk loader, when i was away the setup didn't do anything, then i returned the wood production resume. I placed a loader and repeated the process and all was fine. I also returned 1/2 hour later and all was good. Today however all of my loaders bar one were gone. Including the one running 7 bonsai trees. Surely 7 bonsai trees doesn't represent a lag scenario? Thoughts... A. Server removes chunk loaders, presumably under heavy load but not based on actual chunk load, or alternatively someone is doing it via a command when problems occur. B. Having partial removal of chunk loaders can be problematic, as per my plant experience things can overflow and actually be counter productive in terms of reducing lag. C. Am of the thought that its fine that server can take actions such as this but if it's indiscriminate it somewhat undermines the buycraft option to pay to run more. If they deserve to be removed fine, but if someone else is causing the issue it's a bit rude. Am not looking for a refund, would prefer to run them for distance reasons but ultimately would like some clarity.
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