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  1. Your Name: AtomicGrog Item Name + ID + Amount: Draconic Chestplate (4746) * 4 Draconic Staff of Power (4738) * 5 Coordinates: Spawn Description of Issue: These items were put on market, in fact there was 5 chests. One chest sold, i saw the remainder for sale when i logged but next day i.e. today none of these items were left on market, and nothing in history. Even the one that sold... Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Many many thanks, I can tell my the state of a couple of build items that it's very close to the fail point.
  3. Not sure if this helps with the island rollback time, would have thought you'd have hourly backups at best. It's the time at which i died, would have been at worst 2-3 mins after i lost island as the whole thing was a rush (I believe it's in my local time - AU Sydney Daylight Savings): 10:11:01 PM 12/03/19 Here's screenshot from ingame.
  4. Epic, yes please if you can roll back my island iy would be much appreciated, presently it has some items but the core of the island was wiped. Am told I might need to be online while you rollback. Not sure if thats to veryify or it's a technical need, either way just need to know when best suits. Thanks Atomic.
  5. Thanks Lancelot, as per ingame chat i'll wait a few days and see how it pans out.
  6. Hmm I had a safe at a lower part of my island which looked fine what i didnt realise was large chunks have been unloaded (suspect it's the core chunks) so it's not just a case of restoring permissions.
  7. Your Name: AtomicGrog Island Owner Name: AtomicGrog Coordiantes: -5172 -17589 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Approx 20 mins prior to this post Description of Issue: 1. I went to assist 'darkrunner00', joined his island (didnt realise unlike SF3 you can only be a member of one island) and lost island. 2. When i wend to 'darkrunner00' island i was single hit killed in upgraded drac armor, returned to spawn without any items in inventory, all armor, weapons etc. were soulbound. 3. Upon returning to 'darkrunner00' island i told no grave, can see the death marker but nothing there. did a /invsee... was somewhat suspicious. Requesting both island and inventory back please. Island may just be a case of making me owner again. I have a /home set there and can return and it says 'entering atomicgrog's island'
  8. Many thanks, all looks great (i wont mention the free chest - opps)
  9. Wow impressed, and in some cases a little confused.. what do things like the enderchests do? they always seem empty.
  10. Hi Epic, all seems good. Could i ask what the rank provides? i saw $, keys etc. but it's not clear what else, if anything.. is it like getting VIP or something similar?
  11. In game name: AtomicGrog Proof of Purchase: (From your email) Gateway: PayPal (legacy) Transaction ID: 40F36179BK615271B Username: AtomicGrog Date: 4th March 2019 8:55 Description of Issue: Purchased a few items and not all delivered. Likely because my inventory overflowed (didnt realise you'd just pump them into my inventory...) In particular loss relates to 1 x seed pack - 20 different types of which I only received 5 types - Dye, Earth, Fire, Air and Coal so missing the other 16 & the fertiliser 1 x ender quarry kit Date/Time of Purchase: 4th March 2019 8:55 (As per receipt) Items/Rank Bought: Seeds kit, ender quarry kit (others were delivered fine)
  12. In game name: AtomicGrog Description of Issue: Having been bestowed the rank of 'TopVoter' I can no longer use a number of commands, ones are know of are '/island', '/home', '/tpaccept', '/spawn' Any other important information: 1. I'm assuming its related to my rank, i have no direct evidence but timing is very coincidental 2. I purchased the 25 homes pack. (mentioning this because it' a higher number than the ranks...) 3. I'm pretty much stuck on island, cant return if i leave 4. Not sure what other commands dont work (not even sure what command topvoters gives tbh)
  13. Your Name: AtomicGrog Items: 64k Storage Block * 32. ID 8703:3 Coordinates: x:25349 z: -16137 y: 61 (Should be crystal chest containing items) Description of Issue: I crafted 32 x 64k Storage Blocks (the block, not the drive for disk). Intent was to use them to re-layout my RS environment and provide some items segregation and resilience against single drive failure I proceeded to use Disk manipulator to extract items from old disks into new block. I noticed that all appeared to fill at same time and at same rate. Eventually all showed full +64k usage which is wrong because the source was two 54k drives that hadnt finished emptying. Also noted that afterwards server crashed twice and the associated RS controller was ejected in both cases. Can i please have these swapped for another 64k variant, they are clearly corrupt and not worth pursuing and would rather avoid them again if possible. Also suspect i lost some items in the process but happy to not have those replaced, would require an inventory rollback and i've been busy since. Screenshots (Optional): Notice!If you are caught lying in your refund request, any further refund requests made by you will be denied unless you provide screenshotted proof of you having the items.
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