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  1. Your Name: AtomicGrogItem Name + ID + Amount: 2 x 'Advanced Electrolyzer II' (HV), 10 x '16x Energetic Alloy Wire'Coordinates: Approx X: 5013, Z: 3630, y: 70Description of Issue: Removed the electrolyzers (axe) and they dissapeared, at same time one of the wires also. Used the remaining 9 wires to test the issue. Basically any attempted to be picked up dissapeared. Checked with normal pic (standard diamond pickaxe) which is enchanted as well as an unenchanted one to see if it was related to the pick. Asked linpost to validate. I tried a relog same issue however when i restarted the client it was fine.
  2. Your Name: AtomicGrog Item Name + ID + Amount: Chunkloader (EU2 Chunk Loading Ward) *6 Coordinates: N/A but my base is at x:5010 y:84 z:3619 Description of Issue: The loaders have disappeared over the last 4-5 days. Almost all at the base, one being at a mining spot on overworld and one at the end. Almost always all after a restart (4 of the 6 i noticed when they disappeared, 2 i didnt...) Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Sorry scratch that. Weekends upon us and i have enough to bootstrap the ores/metals etc. i had in there
  4. Your Name: AtomicGrogClaim Owner Name: AtomicGrogCoordinates: x4993 z: 3631 .. y: 82Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Approx 10 mins prior to this post. So approx 16:50 AET or 06:50 UTC.Description of Issue: Slapped a set of drawers with the wrong item by mistake, took out whole drawer assembly + contents.Screenshots (Optional):  Screenshot of coords: Of note: i own the claim plus a fair margin around, to the east on map is another group, likely some 10+ chunks away. Appologies for the work. Atomic
  5. 5 is too cheap, 10 fair/cheap imo based on the costs of items at spawn vs the Omni rewards (32 or with ore doubling available a well). It does favour server trading over player economy and the economy is already stagnant...
  6. Your Name: AtomicGrogItem Name + Amount: IC2 Chunkloader + BatboxCoordinates (format x, y, z): -1766, 65, -4006 Description of Issue: Server nuked chunkloader and batbox. Now some kinda of freaky block. Have left a chest nearby to take the items if I'm not around when refunded.Screenshots (Optional): (Edit: I can pull em out of GM1 if you wish.. dont mine either way).
  7. I have no idea why the text below is struck out, and re-typing does not remove it. Regards Sorry repetition is a pain 😕 BuyCraft Issue: In game name: AtomicGrog Proof of Purchase: N/A Description of Issue: Purchased and Received 'Sponsor+' today, in doing so (1) lost my [Helper] 'Staff Channel' Access, and possibly other staff access/commands (2) my title didnt change but i got sponsor+ message etc. but title still shows Regards Atomic
  8. Was able to return and wipe the contents. Not sure if that was as a result of activity or simply a restart. Either way, many thanks.
  9. Your Name: AtomicGrogCoordinates: Centre Point Approx 4500 65 3990. Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): Any time 3rd June or prior (Will be reverting to original/creation state) Description of Issue: Testing a setup, caused a glitch issue with some blocks, have dialoged with senior server staff. Recommend +/- 5 chunks in x and z direction or whatever convenient as it's hard to pin point the issue. Noone else is in area with items to be lost at present. Screenshots (Optional):
  10. Added the two because well to save paper 😛 BuyCraft Issue: In game name: AtomicGrog Proof of Purchase: N/A Description of Issue: Purchased and Received 'Sponsor Rank' today, in doing so (1) lost my [Helper] 'Staff Channel' Access, and possibly other access/commands, (2) my title didnt change but i got sponsor message etc. but title still shows [P+] Command Request: Account Name: AtomicGrogRank: SponsorRequested Commands^: 1. WorldEdit. 2. /Enchant 3. Reason for Request*: Have a project idea ingame related to helping new players out, want to get access to WE to make it a bit easier. Enchant is just a speed thing as well. Have used WE on SB2 and SF4, aware of the limits of use i.e. block count, careful of modded items etc.
  11. Or maybe where you can hire people to do the build for you... or having pre-templated towns/islands/whatever. Personally not for me, as mentioned not much of a stretch on what we can do now if we wanted too.. i think it would only worth with large player numbers and most the packs and i suspect the game itself could cope with 200's of players.
  12. Real life cash on ingame? I was informed my 'Max Homes' would be brought forward for example.
  13. This is pretty much a mirror of the event that ilja615 posted here:  Your Name: AtomicGrogCoordinates: x: -370 y: -300 z: -250 +/- a block or two. Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 15/5/2019 approx 9pm Sydney (mid day gmt according to my calculation). Description of Issue: I was attempting to use the sign at spawn to rtp. 1st couple of attempts resulted in an unsafe then i was transported to darkness and died. Oddly when I returned to spawn it showed my death marker below me. I was then transported to the same spot repeatedly, dieing every time and returning to spawn after. At that point I spotted SkyWarsPro08 destroying spawn (and subsequently posted screenshots in staff discord as per GM request). Key losses are a kingslime tinkers hammer and sword, both with moss. Given to me by ilij615 an hour or so prior. Other losses include an iron pickaxe and other sundries not worth listing. In the scale of things recoverable but not without pain due to stage of game ie a starting gift from someone. i appreciate that it might be hard to refund tinkers items, happy to take materials instead. Screenshots (Optional): I have no screenshots of inventory, have posted the hackers actions already, will post here if requested but it doesn’t seem an appropriate location.
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