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    Looks like you are trying to connect with either the wrong pack or wrong pack version, or maybe you are not connecting to the correct server. the pack version I believe you need is dungeons dragons & space shuttles version 5.7b
  2. A little background first: 1. A key low/med/later tier power source in game is the 'NumisMatic Dynamo', it runs on Diamonds, for which the obvious source is Deep Mod Learning (DML). However to get the diamonds, a semi complicated piece piece of cobblestone processing, ender pearl liquifying and other trickery takes place to get the DML Pulsating Polymer Clay. Net effect is a bunch of DML Mob Simulators (Sims) with Enderman and Shulker Data Models inside. Setups of around 40-50 sims for diamond production is common case. 2. In addition to the Diamond production players also use DML to produce a widely varied set of source materials automatically starting with Iron Ingots and inclusive of blaze rods, sulfur etc. etc. In short DML has become the equivalent Void miner of Rev, the Hoppers of SF4 and the Sieves of SF2.5/3 etc. ... Where does this lead to? 100+ DML Simulators is now becoming common place. For power and materials and without the likes of a void miner/sieves irreplaceable. They are i'm informed low load but that's a relatively short minded view. In addition to the Sims there's also cables/pipes/conduits associated with them as well as power to generate to run them My suggestion to reduce server load/impact is to: (1) Increase the Diamond Drops from 6 to 12 per pristine pearl. Diamonds have no significant value in-game by the time you are running DML and are quite abundant in veins with an appropriate scanner. To do this the DML config file (deepmoblearning,cfg) would have a section updated: # Shulker S:shulker < minecraft:shulker_shell,6,0 minecraft:diamond,12,0 > (2) Increase the pristine pearl drop rate across the whole of DML in a linear manner. Ie 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% becomes 15%, 30%, 60%, 90%. Net impact would be a reduction in need across the board to run DML, in many cases a single Sim would suffice for many types. To do this the same DML config file would have a section updated to: "pristine matter chance" { I:tier1=15 I:tier2=30 I:tier3=60 I:tier4=90 } (3) A staff recommendation of 50 sims/player max. Considering that diamond production will be 6 times faster, the typical 40-50 shulker sims could be less than 10. And others improved by a factor of 3 the only real hurdle players would need to tackle would be the number of model types of which there are 15. Removing 10 for diamonds, another say 5 for ender pearls (for power production) leaves plenty for the remainder with a healthy few left for extra 'spurts' of material when needed. ... I've tested the above changes in solo, to see if the graphics and production outputs align to config - they do. However i'd also noticed that if deployed server side only that the GUI will reflect the wrong numbers, but I don't see this as a significant issue, its drop rates, not a craft screen being manipulated. All in all this isn't likely to be a server saver. But it's a step in the right direction considering the TPS issue we have.
  3. With the Omni ME running with no channels, adding/removing devices causes the whole device list to be scanned with every change. This would be fine if it was only invoked with manual change but unfortunately using a ME toggle bus has the same impact. And if a toggle bus is used for stock control then when it connects/disconnects the partitioned section it has same outcome, especially when the source/store arrangement has little hysteresis. Outcome being.. ToggleBus & No Channel ME is a bad combo.
  4. Yes. I can’t recall specifics but it may also only be 1 chunk. Certainly no larger than 3x3. assuming it’s 3x3 you broadly have 6x6 coverage. If you needed more (putting aside the wonder of why) you could purchase more allocation from buycraft, it comes in lots of 6. Ie 1 purchase would allow for 3x3 chunk loader ie 9x9 chunks (because you could deploy upto 4+6 loaders). A second purchase would allow 4x4 loaders ie 12x12 chunks. Also worth checking your claim size. Is it that large (I don’t recall). It’s possible you can build beyond your claim but not protect it.
  5. There’s a chunk loader (search for something like ‘chunk loading ward’) for this. It will keep chunks loaded until next server restart. Of note: the villager in the recipe needs to be ‘contracted’ ie you offer a contract to a villager, if he accepts them grab him in a lasso, if he doesn’t move into the next... from experience I’d say you have approx a 1 in 3 chance of the contract being accepted.
  6. Just as a fyi, a few things I've seen and noticed to date: The usual chunk-loader disappearing situation, doesn't need to be active chunks, I had one disappear at an old mining site that was inactive. At times items a chunk away from player cease to function, typically under server heavy load which this server seems to be suffering a lot of (visual TPS (/TPS) varies from 2-15 with key players being online. There's a weird correlation between the Ender IO big item, enhanced big item filters and extreme FPS issues. It's a gradual drop in fps over 4-5 mins and clears when you either relog or move to say spawn. Could be complicated by the filters polling from a large drawer setup. The logistics pipes issue i reported to Rev. Long running clients have a habit of destroying things on pickup, seen this 3 times to date. AE2 extreme lag on place and pickup of active components in a big setuo, i.e. when the system has to recalculate location and routes. Can be eased by partitioning but that fragments visibility of crafting options. When i say extreme it can take 5-10 seconds and other players are impacted by the process. On the plus side despite the TPS challenges it seems quite robust. Much better experience than I had with SF4 for example when it started.
  7. Yup its an all in a bit like Rev in that respect.
  8. Tbh would like to play a multi that doesn't have all the jump aheads stuff from crates etc., even our hard packs have people buying keys etc. to skip ahead, but i posted for 'All the Mods' because it was 1st I played after 5ish years gap and it's un-finished business.
  9. Your Name: AtomicGrogItem Name + ID + Amount: 2 x Chunk Loaders, disappeared when taking em down with pic. Oddly I didnt get the 'blah blah blah chunkloaders out of xxxx' message and when i placed another i was at 3 with only one loaded and my CP power only reflected 1 loader active. On restart the loader count rectified. 1 x Ender Chest, disappeared on takedown with pic whilst at end (above was at base) [Edit on client restart I had a book in my inventory where the chest should have been... odd] Am starting to believe that these, like the prior refund are related to a long running client, both were from a client running overnight (but not always online) In reality I can replace these items and will if instructed (either via crafting or GM...), this is as much a bug report as anything.
  10. Your Name: AtomicGrogItem Name + ID + Amount: 2 x 'Advanced Electrolyzer II' (HV), 10 x '16x Energetic Alloy Wire'Coordinates: Approx X: 5013, Z: 3630, y: 70Description of Issue: Removed the electrolyzers (axe) and they dissapeared, at same time one of the wires also. Used the remaining 9 wires to test the issue. Basically any attempted to be picked up dissapeared. Checked with normal pic (standard diamond pickaxe) which is enchanted as well as an unenchanted one to see if it was related to the pick. Asked linpost to validate. I tried a relog same issue however when i restarted the client it was fine.
  11. Your Name: AtomicGrog Item Name + ID + Amount: Chunkloader (EU2 Chunk Loading Ward) *6 Coordinates: N/A but my base is at x:5010 y:84 z:3619 Description of Issue: The loaders have disappeared over the last 4-5 days. Almost all at the base, one being at a mining spot on overworld and one at the end. Almost always all after a restart (4 of the 6 i noticed when they disappeared, 2 i didnt...) Screenshots (Optional):
  12. Sorry scratch that. Weekends upon us and i have enough to bootstrap the ores/metals etc. i had in there
  13. Your Name: AtomicGrogClaim Owner Name: AtomicGrogCoordinates: x4993 z: 3631 .. y: 82Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Approx 10 mins prior to this post. So approx 16:50 AET or 06:50 UTC.Description of Issue: Slapped a set of drawers with the wrong item by mistake, took out whole drawer assembly + contents.Screenshots (Optional):  Screenshot of coords: Of note: i own the claim plus a fair margin around, to the east on map is another group, likely some 10+ chunks away. Appologies for the work. Atomic
  14. 5 is too cheap, 10 fair/cheap imo based on the costs of items at spawn vs the Omni rewards (32 or with ore doubling available a well). It does favour server trading over player economy and the economy is already stagnant...
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