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[Presentation] AtomicGrog/Paul

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Name: Paul

IGN: AtomicGrog

Age: 56 soon (choke one that :p)


Crafter's Land Servers you play: Actively SF4, in total SF2.5/3/4, SB2, will change weekly/monthly


Location: Sydney Australia (but it a Brit :p)


A short description of yourself:

Old, using games to pass my evenings away, local TV is crap. Have a very technical background, historically I’ve stripped engines, repaired gearboxes, managed systems, tested communications radio equipment, laid floors, built computers (from bare board upwards), had a 3D prInter for 5+ years etc. was part of team debugging Linux tcp/ip stack in 80s.

Have wife, 2 kids (older than most here... 17 and 23), 2 dogs.

I like to help others, will almost always speak my mind and typically suffer consequences afterwards but won’t normally be first to volunteer for pain.

Could go on...

Hobbies and interests:

Computer games, but I enjoy them more for their technical content than their presentation. Ideal game for me would be one that would need fixing :) fixing things is my #1 hobby

RC cars, have an upgraded Traxxis 4x4, don’t use it too much as I have a habit of wrecking it.

Stuff around the house, latest toy is a cement mixer.

Discord / Skype Name: AtomicGrog/Reserved but obvious

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