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  1. In order for our and your convenience, please copy paste this template and fill in the information when making your inventory rollback request topic.For your topic name, use [Buycraft Issue]*YourName* In game name: TheFunMusician Proof of Purchase: Paypal Receipt Description of Issue: It said wait 15 mins and it's been like over an hour now Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 23/05/2019 Items/Rank Bought: MegaBundle Screenshots (Optional): Any other important information: Thanks for you help in advance! Proof of purchase includes: PayPal Receipts, Transaction ID, and The Confirmation Email you received
  2. I think he means like real life jobs. sort of like a life simulator for mc.
  3. hmmm idk. It kinda takes the craft out of minecraft lol
  4. A lot of good suggestions omg! Checking some out rn!
  5. The only movie on this list that I truly find a work of art is alien 2, because it's pretty amazing. Why isn't jurassic park on this list. It's amazing omg lol
  6. Oh, what sort of wood do you use to make your hope chests? Also, nice to meet you, joey!
  7. Just getting around to reading this! Sydney must be a beautiful place to live as all my friends who have visited had nothing but nice things to say! What kind of videogames do you play?
  8. And thank you for your time, in advance, EPIC. I understand you all live busy lives so im sorry for bothering you at whatever time it is for you and if you feel I deserve more punishment then I will accept it.
  9. The issue was he said his part after an admin ended the issue, resulting in harassment as I would have no way to respond without getting into further trouble.
  10. And didn't you even get removed as a helper for breaking rules. Like, what are you even doing here?
  11. @Swimsam1 you wanna get involved? Cause you've got the biggest track record of anyone I know. Like who throws a fit about a clan on mc?
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