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  1. Kubusmus Report

    IGN: Voodooshrimp123 Player reporting: Kubusmus Server: SkyFactory Reason for report: Not sure if they're legit or not, but it's a lot, a stack of Legendary keys for someone who joined the server 17 days ago, with a playtime of 20 hours. Check buycraft or something, might be legit, might not be.
  2. commands for donators

    As a sponsor donator rank you can request commands and permissions. I asked this same question. Now im sponsor rank and i requested my TPdelay be removed, and it has. Hope this helps
  3. CTW .... ignorant

    Complaints work better when theres a written complaint. Not just pictures.
  4. Yes. I still had a couple problems before but theyre unavoidable. But the main issues began when the new chunk loading system was introduced. It happens most times i log in after a few hours of being offline.
  5. You only posted it yesterday, people aren't able to answer your posts straight away, please just be patient and a member of staff from the tekkit server will assist you when they're able Are you sure that the blocks are crashing the server, and not just your client? whenever i used to use QCraft blocks, i placed a lever on the portal to switch it on and off, maybe this is something to look at as an alternative, that orr if you want it to be remotely activted, you could always use a piston circuit, pushing redstone block next to the portal to activate it? If the red alloy wire is indeed the issue, this would eliminate that factor. As for this request you'll need to make a town Rollback request. Follow this template, make a new thread or edit this one. and most importantly. be patient!
  6. The best skin :3


  8. HI

    Derp.... xD Still hope to see you around
  9. Rank Giveaway

    Congrats Krafter166 and very generous of you @Nukelar
  10. HI

    Welcome to Craftersland Chris Hope you enjoy your stay, which server will you be playing? I play Skyfactory and hope to see you there sometime in the future!
  11. Private channel for our Town

    Why don't you all talk in clan chat?
  12. Command Requests

    Tested. All working except the worldedit commands. https://imgur.com/gallery/OIxj9 /ascend /descend /remove /butcher Also the /spawnmob command seems to be only able to summon vanilla mobs. Is there a command for summoning non vanilla mobs? Ive googled this and found some people saying its the /summon command. But i couldnt find a permission node for it.
  13. Private Storage drawers

    I've noticed a few people struggling with this recently on our SF server, so i've decided to make a little guide here regarding the Storage Drawers mod. https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/223852-storage-drawers In order to make the storage drawers mod secure from other players, you will need to craft a CoFH key which is made using signalum nuggets and a personal key. You can then lock your storage draws with this key, which should have an orange border around it's item, depending on your texture pack. And it will say the drawers are protected. in order to add people to your storage draws if you're playing with others, you will need to delve into the CoFH mod. you can type" /cofh friend gui " (all lowercase or it won't work) and it will bring up a user friendly interface for you to use, add players to this list and click save, this will allow those players to use your storage drawers. The top list of names are all the current online players, for ease of use, the bottom box is all your current CoFH trusted players. Coincidentally this is also how you go about using the "Restricted" tab on Thermal expansion Tesseracts. Rather than using Private, which will only allow the original placer of the block to use them, Restricted will allow anyone who is on your CoFH friends list to use the tesseract and Storage drawer. Private tesseracts are crafted like this, just as a last little bit. The Tesseracts textures are all identical, so make sure you've crafted the correct type of Tesseract. you won't get the private tab if you've got the regular version, and anyone can use your tesseract channels.
  14. Erm i blew up the island.......... don't be mad.........

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      Ok I’ll back a rollback request to 2 months ago

    3. Voodoo


      i would say 3 months just to be sure 

    4. SoullessSushi
  15. hmm, i'm unsure then, maybe the problem is with the chunkloaders unloading when the player leaves the server? Would there be any possibility of a 24/7 chunkloader? which only unloads when the server restarts?

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