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  1. 7 legendary vote keys 30 normal vote keys 1 resonant solar panel (solar expansion) 1 super builder's wand (extra utilities) 1 Redstone furnace (basic) (thermal expansion)
  2. Okay last one regarding this whole thing! I hope haha Your Name: Voodooshrimp123 Item Name + Amount: Various items from the Vote and Legendary keys from Sponsor+ rank rewards, most notably was 1 resonant solar panel, also a Super Builder's wand I bought from the market and a Redstone furnace. Coordinates: x: 4606, z:-4603 Description of Issue: After my town was rolled back, I noticed a few things I had bought or got from vote chests were also gone. Screenshots (Optional): I hope this is the last one Kind regards Voodoo
  3. Thank you, Rollback was further than I expected, but all is well, thank you @EPICfighters for being so quick! Voodoo
  4. Sorry, @eytixis I forgot to tag you in this when I posted it. Kind regards Voodoo
  5. Town Rollback Request Your Name: Voodooshrimp123 Town Name: Vootown Coordinates: x 4604, z -4597 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2am 18/04/2021 GMT Description of Issue: I would like my town rolled back, I made a rank transfer request without Creative or World-edit because I can't trust myself, but I still had /item, so I would like my town rolling back to before my rank was transferred, I am tying in an inventory rollback request and a command removal request. I would like to still be able to trade with players. Screenshots (Optional): Invent
  6. @D34DPlayer Has there been any progress on this? I still cannot log into the server.
  7. Hi, It's been over a month now, problem still persists. Has there been any progress on this? Thanks Voodoo
  8. Hi @D34DPlayer, There was nothing wrong with the inventory, it's the island itself that needs rolling back as per the request. The problem persists Kind regards Voodooshrimp123
  9. Your Name: Voodooshrimp123 Island Owner Name: Voodooshrimp123 Coordinates: (-25864, 9464, 82) Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 11am / GMT / 26/02/2021 Description of Issue: "Internal Exception io.netty.handler.codec.Decoder.Exception: Badly compressed packet - size of 2424239 is larger than protocol maximum of 2097152" Screenshots (Optional): Unable to log into the server to take screenshots
  10. IGN - Voodooshrimp123 Skyfactory 2.5 Basically, I was opening lucky blocks and I got one of those questions where it asks you to answer within 45 seconds or you die, I teleported to spawn, and it got me, but i didn't die, now i'm perpetually dead and undead, unable to die, unable to live. /suicide doesn't work, drowning doesn't work, sitting in lava doesn't work, throwing myself into the void doesn't work. having a player attack me mercilessly in the pvp arena with endgame weapons while i'm unarmoured doesn't work.. I'm at a bit of a loss here, please could someone help?
  11. Good <insert appropriate greeting> First off my rank is Sponsor+ I would like to make a request for: World edit be removed and all accompanying special commands My ability to enter creative mode and use the TMI cheat option be removed. Basically, I want to be unable to cheat items in I still want to be able to fly, and use /heal and /feed.. But being able to cheat items in is tooooo tempting. I found the game more fun when I had to work for things. Would still like the teleport cooldown and things like that.
  12. Bit late, but better late than never! Welcome to the community, and you too Peanut!
  13. Granted, but its a cable car. I wish my broadband speed was amazingly fast.

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