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  2. Erm i blew up the island.......... don't be mad.........

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SoullessSushi


      Ok I’ll back a rollback request to 2 months ago

    3. Voodoo


      i would say 3 months just to be sure 

    4. SoullessSushi
  3. Please use the correct template for command requests.
  4. @Terminator I don't think I did, but after I had only 6 or 7 full hearts (from shift-clicking), I applied the canisters afterward. Without the canisters, I have 3 fewer hearts than the usual.
  5. So I accidentally shift + right clicked a few weeks ago when it was just me on my island and I got the bug where it took 3x the amount of health it should have, so I was wondering if I could get my hearts reset? Also if it's void because I made a refund request for a reinforced watering can, then so be it. Thanks
  6. Your Name: SoullessSushiItem Name + ID + Amount: Watering can (Reinforced) 4894:3 (1)Coordinates: -14722, -6143, 138Description of Issue: I know for SURE that I had one, but I've been told we are missing a few items (6 max ME drives have gone missing, but I'm not fussed particularly).Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Hi

    love u hubby

    cant wait to play with you after class ?

    1. Voodoo


      Heyy cant wait to play with you either ??

      Hurry up!!

      Things are getting wierd on the music sharing thread

  8. If you did anymore I would LOVE to see them!
  9. Why not ? IGN: SoullessSushi Server it’s for: SkyFactory 2.5
  10. Wait, who compared it to being raped? If it’s on the listed rules then everyone on that server is obligated to follow them, and if they have issues with the rules I think there places where it can be discussed properly. Afterall, the forum is meant for dealing with issues, and reporting things, etc. Staff isn’t there to be your friends or keep you happy by not enforcing rules, they are there to deal with chaos and enforce rules as they are set by the higher ups. It is the communities obligation to follow the rules, or be decent and object to the rules in a respectful manner. You can’t expect to be respected when you are not respectful yourself (not you specifically, just you in a general sense).
  11. If this is a recurring issue that hasn’t been dealt with, any evidence should be valid, unless you’ve been told it isn’t valid because it doesn’t pertain to the situation. It seems like this is a recurring issue, and the only way to have clear evidence is having photos of sorts so it could be dealt with. Not all the time could you just go off of what a few people say (Few is very vague, because it’s very possible someone will say “it’s not just a few”, when compared to the community, it is).
  12. This might just be me, but if you want to do something about an issue you should have photo evidence of accusations you (anyone’s making accusations) are making, as I am sure that would greatly help your case.
  13. Voodoo, granted, I hope you enjoy. Henk, granted, but he only listens, doesn't follow. I wish knee pains didn't exist.
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