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  1. Which server is this for?
  2. Direwolf20 crash land

    Moved to Direwolf20 1.7.10 Technical Support. Also try using Pickaxe Chat if you want to connect to the server via chat client if you have an android.
  3. Unban Maineri

    Unban request denied. You were permanently banned for griefing spawn multiple times, ban evading multiple times, and then tried to pretend it was an accident. If I recall correctly, you were also a very difficult player to manage. Don't think that just because it's been a year since you were banned that we suddenly forget these things. Topic closed.
  4. Dimensional Door preventing login

    Moved to Tekkit technical support.
  5. You can request a donation perk renewal on forums after the wipe, like all donors can. @Sulas
  6. I have missed my disk

    Moved to DW20 1.10 tech support. Please edit your post to follow the following format: Also, there is no need to write in giant fonts and texts. It doesn't make it louder, it only makes it harder to read. If you could change the font size back to normal, that would be appreciated.
  7. Rollback Request

    Items refunded. Topic closed.
  8. Particle accelerator not working

    MFR chunkloaders load more than just the one chunk. They load up to five, the one they are in and the ones adjacent to their chunk.
  9. ScreenBuy is a camper

    Moved to Network Complaints. Please edit your post to match the following template: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/7154-read-before-posting-complaint-report-format/
  10. Particle accelerator not working

    Just because it doesn't work for you specifically, or that you haven't gotten it to work yet, doesn't mean that nobody else should get to use it. It works for a lot of other people, the problem here might lie in your own ability to build one.
  11. [Town Removal]

    Town deleted.
  12. [Town Removal]

    Town deleted.
  13. Town Removal Request

    Towns deleted, you are now free to expand your town. Topic Closed.
  14. [Town Removal]

    Town Valhalla deleted, you are now free to expand your town. Topic Closed.
  15. [Town Removal]

    Duplicate topic, closed. Original: