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  1. Username change problem

    Moved to tekkit technical support. Topic closed.
  2. Moved to Direwolf20 1.12 technical support.
  3. Complaint craftyguy23, Manyouforgot, Imperatus

    Covered in previous topic, which was denied with the approval of higher staff, which was me. I've looked over the evidence, and I have to agree with them. There was very clear evidence of duping, and in the rules this means your town is wiped, to remove all duplicated items, and from the looks of your town, almost all of them were. There was no abuse from staff here, merely an application of rules, and if you create another topic about this, you will be given a forum warning, and put on mod queue. There is no abuse of power from staff found here. Don't waste staff time like this. In future, if you think a ban was unfair, you create an unban appeal topic, NOT a complaint topic. Topic closed. Forever.
  4. the formule of modpacks

    Wrong. Every single one starts off with a tree, and you punching it.

    Moved to Network complaints. Please edit your post to follow the template.
  6. Vip

    Moved to Network technical support.
  7. [TEMPLATE] Buycraft Issue

  8. [TEMPLATE] Buycraft Issue

  9. [TEMPLATE] Buycraft Issue

  10. Staff members' skins :)

    Or one of me.

    what! i definitely wasn't planning on getting hacked today. now all my plans are ruined. darn.
  12. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but you can never leave the ocean again. I wish I could use heat and cold vision
  13. Imperatus

    This thing you are complaining about is nearly a year old. Why you are dredging this up now is beyond me, but it is incredibly petty. Just because you may not like a staff member is no reason to dig up year old screenshots that aren't actually a problem. The rules were followed and applied. When someone complains that they are being harrassed by someone, it's up to the staff member to follow up and check out the complaint. Your own attitude and refusal to cooperate is what got you punished, according to the rules. If you wanted to appeal or complain about it, you should have done that then, not now. The staff did nothing wrong, it was all on you. Topic is pointless and irrelevant. Topic Closed.

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