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    i make webcomics and art, and my website is at www.superheroesonly.weebly.com or https://superheroesonly.tumblr.com/, take a look.

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  1. Granted, but all become deaf in your presence. I wish I had a pet dinosaur.
  2. I forgot to start off the chain, so here goes: I wish I knew how to fix anything.
  3. What's this? You've got a genie in your newly purchased vintage lamp! You may ask for a wish, but be warned, this genie will take advantage of your wording and intent, and twist his monkey's paw to make one hilarious misinterpretation of your wish! Be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions! RULES: Respond to the previous posters wish, and twist it however you like. Post the consequences of the wish-gone-bad, and then make your own wish. Be nice to each other, don't get personal, and above all, have fun!
  4. now everything is attracted to you. including giant metal objects, planets, and elephants. I wish i could control atomic reactions.
  5. Granted, but you'll realize you should have wished for something different. I wish I had super speed.
  6. do you have a minecraft development section?

    1. quagma


      please never post directly on profiles for direct messaging. use the direct messaging feature instead. and no, we don't have a development section.

  7. Granted, but it's made of wood. I wish I could connect to the internet with my mind
  8. Which server is this for?
  9. Granted, but you can never leave the ocean again. I wish I could use heat and cold vision
  10. Granted, but it's called SPONGE API, and basically sucks. I wish for laser vision.
  11. Granted, but the earth explodes five minutes after you get the rank. I wish i could explode things with my mind.
  12. hey plz help me im natalka_13 town name Control and my inv is full of me drives and backpacks and loot can u plz move it out of my inv and into a chest or idk just anythink if u cant do anythink just clear my inv plz . ive been trying to get on for a hour now

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Natalka


      hey ur my fav so can u read my post yes i listenened to u yes its on the forums and i dont know what u mean about well this whole chat is weird rn 

    3. quagma


      Just stop posting on my status, and we'll be good.

    4. Natalka


      ok i will stop so hey ill be waiting on my post :D i hope u see it cause ur staff with 5 stars

  13. Granted, but you die before you can claim the prize. I wish I could use telekinesis.
  14. Granted, but it gets canceled halfway in the first episode. I wish for shark tooth dentures made of diamonds.
  15. Granted, but now you have infinite cats, and the universe fills up with cats, and everything collapses under the infinite mass of cats. I wish for a decent cup of hot chocolate.
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