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  1. Granted, but all become deaf in your presence. I wish I had a pet dinosaur.
  2. I forgot to start off the chain, so here goes: I wish I knew how to fix anything.
  3. What's this? You've got a genie in your newly purchased vintage lamp! You may ask for a wish, but be warned, this genie will take advantage of your wording and intent, and twist his monkey's paw to make one hilarious misinterpretation of your wish! Be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions! RULES: Respond to the previous posters wish, and twist it however you like. Post the consequences of the wish-gone-bad, and then make your own wish. Be nice to each other, don't get personal, and above all, have fun!
  4. now everything is attracted to you. including giant metal objects, planets, and elephants. I wish i could control atomic reactions.
  5. Granted, but you'll realize you should have wished for something different. I wish I had super speed.
  6. Heights. I do not like them. all this heavy stuff, and i'm here with the tamest fear
  7. Moved to Tekkit Technical Support.
  8. Okay, block removed and replaced with obsidian. Hopefully this one works.
  9. @googleoo Make your own separate topic. Don't hijack other peoples posts. And don't necropost either.
  10. Moved to Network Unban Request.
  11. Item has been removed, and replaced with a block of obsidian. Let us know if it worked.
  12. @star1322 Please make your own seperate topic, don't hijack other people's topics.
  13. Moved to Direwolf20 1.12 Technical Support.
  14. Moved to Direwolf 20 1.12 Tech support. @Zinus Please make your own separate topic.
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