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  1. [Rollback Request]wewillbeheroes[DW1.7]

    Rollback successful, confirmed from player. Problem solved, topic closed.
  2. Possibly a Server wipe?

    I also found out that server has frequent lag spikes and according to some people, it seems severity varies a lot. I am not sure about whether this problem is directly related to why wipe should take place, I am putting this as well just in case. Secondly, I saw numerous players whose new to server claim that they cannot find single mob in wild. This includes the End. As far as I know, server limits number of mobs in the world which brings the conclusion that there are a lot of mob farms(or spawners) going on. This increases lag and makes players much harder to obtain loots from mobs. I checked some big bases which can be seen from livemap, and yes, mob farms were running. I think we can have discussion in near future about this. Last but not least, as mentioned above, there arent enough space left in overworld. Which makes new players' gameplay much harder. In conclusion, I also think wipe will be a good solution. It might bring left players back to server and more... populated.
  3. All my xp vanished

    Problem solved, topic closed
  4. Update Sponge Forge

    Update successful, suggestion accepted! Thank you brunyman, this topic is now closed.
  5. [Refund Request] k1ller103

    Problem solved, topic closed
  6. Wondering if I could have a little help...

    Topic closed as requested above.
  7. I died lost all my stuff in Repconn's base

    Problem solved, topic closed.
  8. [DW1.10]MinimumPrices

    So problem is that people place their bid with such a small difference like 0.01$ difference. While this thing happens, chat gets spammed hard and cannot see actual chat. We would like you to adjust minimum bid difference to prevent/stop this serious spamming issue. Auction is quite useful for now since we don't have player's market now. Disabling auction system is not a good way to solve this in my opinion.
  9. Cannot login - Aaron2550

    Problem solved as mentioned above, this topic is now closed.
  10. Rollback request

    Hello. Please edit your post with following template; Thank you.
  11. Account Name: TaIent Town name in question(case sensitive): Sword Coordinates: [x,y,z]/ 246, 91, -660 Town members: Lenz99, SchlosspiratHD Reason for request: Player TaIent cannot make new town because this town is nearby. Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  12. Account Name: TaIent Town name in question(case sensitive): cool Coordinates: [x,y,z]/ 301, 87, -577 Town members: netherclift82 Reason for request: Player TaIent cannot found new town because of this town(and another one which will be on separate topic) Screenshot of town members activity (optional, but recommended):
  13. Direwolf us server help

    We do not have 1.12.1 server. If you are looking for server with IC2 and(or) Direwolf-featured, you could try our Direwolf20 1.10 server.