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  1. *URGENT* Ruined everything

    Problem solved, topic closed.
  2. Items refunded, confirmed with player in-game. Topic closed.
  3. 2 players keep breaking chat rules

    Do not revive topic, topic closed.
  4. [RefundRequest]ChristmasSpirit_

    Refunded in chest, confirmed with player in-game. Topic closed.
  5. (Refund Request) Oblivion Jar gone

    Refund complete, check your inventory. T/C
  6. Lost Iridium ore due to a lag spike

    To perform refund, you need to be in overworld.
  7. I have missed my disk

    Duplicate post. Also use english on forum. Do not make more than one topic. T/C
  8. I have missed my disk

    Duplicated post, T/C
  9. As far as I know, death protection poppet is bugged and does not function. Anyway, problem solved, Topic closed.
  10. Use Golden Laurel Crown from Botania.
  11. [Rollback Request] Kekistan town

    Ok, then rollback no longer needed. Topic closed.
  12. [Rollback Request]belgarufo[DW1.7]

    Rollback complete, problem solved. T/C
  13. [Bug Report]Pneumatic Helmet

    This guide should help.
  14. [Refund Request]NarubiaN

    Please edit post using template;
  15. [Rollback Request]<NarubiaN>[DW1.7]

    Rollback no longer needed, Topic closed.