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  1. [refund request]

    Problem solved, topic closed.
  2. [Rollback Request] DerpyFoodz

    Ok, topic is closed then.
  3. Goodbye Crafter's

    Wait, what?
  4. [Refund Request] Noirknight

    Refund completed, confirmed with players in-game. Topic closed.
  5. why i got regen for 2 chunk

    Which server is this for?
  6. [Refund Request]*DerpyFoodz*

    Solved here: T/C
  7. [Refund Request]*DerpyFoodz*

    Refunded, for enchantments I gave you as book, check your inventory. Topic closed.
  8. [Refund Request]*DerpyFoodz*

    Please make a refund request on technical support using this template:
  9. Cant log into the server

    Please post DW1.10 technical issues on DW1.10 tech support next time, topic closed.
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. [Rollback Request]Aaron2550[DW1.7]

    Topic closed as requested.
  12. [Rollback Request] scitor [DW1.7]

    Problem solved, topic closed.
  13. *URGENT* Ruined everything

    Problem solved, topic closed.

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