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  1. Refund complete and checked with player in-game. T/C
  2. Refund no longer needed, topic closed as requested. T/C
  3. The point of the problem lies there. As you have seen by far, many people (including myself) feel very unpleasant about the constant TPS drops we are having. Although us staff team try our best to insure the best possible PO3 experience, there are some limits we need to implement for everyone to minimize the lag. Chunkloader is one of the limit we apply, as constant loading of chunk(s) with many machinery can generate massive lag. I am not saying that this suggestion is invalid by any means, but I believe this will be very unlikely to be implemented due to shortcomings I outlined above.
  4. Confirmed with player in-game, rollback complete. T/C
  5. As far as my knowledge goes, you can only obtain lordic stone using the following method: 1. Using Translocation Marker, mark the top of translocation matrix. 2. Place stone on top 3. Apply redstone signal to matrix This will unlock transmutation knowledge and will transform the aforementioned stone into lordic stone. This process can be repeated as many times as you want.
  6. Checked with player in-game, retrieved his graveyards. Refunds no longer needed, T/C
  7. Checked with player in-game, refund complete. T/C
  8. 1x Quantum Quarry and 6x Quantum Quarry Actuator have been placed inside your inventory.
  9. Moved to Direwolf 1.7 tech support.
  10. Item placed in your inventory, refund complete. T/C
  11. Item placed in your inventory, refund complete.
  12. I have added him to his town, but somehow now there's two _Toast__. Name of town is MountFranklin, _Toast__ that is shown as resident is him, the one shown as mayor needs some work to be done.
  13. Account Name: _Toast__ Town name: / Character name : _Toast__ Coordinates: N/A Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7:30 CET 04/06/2018 Description of Issue: _Toast__ got all of his player data erased, and now he lost all items, and access to his own town. Writing this post on behalf of _Toast__
  14. With help from DragonLady and RandomNukes, I was able to get important items back, I can afford other items to rebuild. So rollback is now no longer needed. Please close this topic.
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