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  1. Moved to Direwolf 1.7 tech support.
  2. Item placed in your inventory, refund complete. T/C
  3. Item placed in your inventory, refund complete.
  4. I have added him to his town, but somehow now there's two _Toast__. Name of town is MountFranklin, _Toast__ that is shown as resident is him, the one shown as mayor needs some work to be done.
  5. Account Name: _Toast__ Town name: / Character name : _Toast__ Coordinates: N/A Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 7:30 CET 04/06/2018 Description of Issue: _Toast__ got all of his player data erased, and now he lost all items, and access to his own town. Writing this post on behalf of _Toast__
  6. With help from DragonLady and RandomNukes, I was able to get important items back, I can afford other items to rebuild. So rollback is now no longer needed. Please close this topic.
  7. Your Name: G_G_MarvelCoordiantes: 1689 65 -1287Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine)(day/month/year): 19:45 CET 31/05/2018Description of Issue: So... apparently while I was offline for three hours or so, my claim got unclaimed somehow and I am ended up losing my entire oil setup +a. Since damaged area is too big, and loss is hard to measure precisely, I hereby request for rollback.Screenshots (Optional): Additional info: RandomNukes can also prove that this region was claimed.
  8. Jetpack placed in your inventory. Refund complete, T/C
  9. Item placed in your inventory. T/C
  10. Please close this topic, now I can travel cross-dimensionally witout glitching.
  11. Then... can we make at least a proper space station?
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