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  1. In game name: G_G_Marvel Quest-ID: 1214,1215, 1403 Reason: Crafting biogas engine not detected Screenshots: # Links are now images ~ Kiyanox Any other important information:
  2. Items refunded to player and confirmed in-game. T/C
  3. Item refunded, checked with player in-game, Problem solved, T/C
  4. Claimflags adjusted so that everybody can interact with Arc Chalice. Problem solved, T/C
  5. Gregtech: New Horizons This modpack is a massive progressive kitchensink pack with many mods and very enjoyable while challenging. Despite it being 1.7, it is incredibly well optimised and many people (incl. myself) are really interested to see this pack on this beloved community.
  6. Items refunded to player and checked in-game. T/C Note to all players: If you come across similar situation above, your request will be denied unless staff cannot find any attempt/setups to collect dropped items off ground. (such as using vacuum chest)
  7. Refund complete and checked with player in-game T/C
  8. Sometimes you feel finding Pokemon(s) in heavily forested area is impossible to do. Actually, Pixelmon mod provides Pokemon Sprites to be used to display Pokemons on minimaps graphically. Here is how to enable it. Press "J" or any other bound key to open Journeymap in fullscreen. Go to Settings. Expand Minimap Preset 1. (this is the one we usually call as "Minimap") Change Mob Display to "Large Icons". Following these steps will allow you to fully see Pokemons that are around you including whether they are shiny or not! Have fun and Catch them all! -
  9. Mr. Dumb a.k.a MeanManSlayer found his keys in his chestplate slot. Refund no longer needed, T/C
  10. Refund complete and checked with player in-game. T/C
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