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  1. I rly wanna play now but still 6 hours waw ?
  2. I had no idea he duped, I joined him like 4 days ago and like I didnt know can I get unbanned u can take the items away I was confused when he gave me those keys and I didnt use them cause I didnt know if they were real or duped im sorry if I made mistakes I didnt know it was duped sorry if I would of knew I would report him but please can I get unban I really want to play my brother plays on the server aswell and yeah . Sorry :(. II hope u will unban me so I can play on the server. Thanks for explaining what the problem was @Manyouforgot
  3. @Henk @Manyouforgot Do i have to tag or ?
  4. 1] In-Game Username: -MrEnderson-[2] Details of Situation: -I got banned for duping? And i didnt dupe anything! So i have no idea why im banned - [3] Ban Category: -Rule2)1st Offense Duping- [4] Ban Duration: -1 day ,4 hours- [5] Staff Member: -ManYouForgot- [6] ScreenShots: -Down below ˇˇ- [7] Your Reason: -Duping-
  5. Hi brunyman, i posted a staff app on network applications and i wanted to actually apply for direwolf 1.10 and i couldnt find the topic for it i dont know why but yeah so i missed out for the apps for direwolf 1.10.

    I am very sad :(:(:(:( 

    This is my app:

    Name: Adnan/Adi
    Age/Sex: 12/Male
    Minecraft username: MrEnderson
    Skype username: |℣ℭ|???????, |VC|THEKING
    Do you have a microphone?: I have a microphone.
    Playtime hours per day: I play from 1-2h per day although sometimes i play longer.
    Do you think you can meet our requirements?: Yes,Im sure i meet them.
    Can you understand and make yourself clear in English?:Yes,i can.
    Country + Time Zone: Slovenia/GMT+1
    2. Staff Knowledge

    What can you offer us as a Helper?:With the knowledge of the modpack,i could help players and staff members if they get in a tight spot i am really comunicative i love having friends and i would like to help Craftersland be even better.Although its already my favorite and the best team ever created on the planet. <3

    Have you had any past experience?:Yes,i was a helper on some servers but not anymore.
    What do you value in a good Staff Member?: That they are fair and nice to people especially when someone asks for help or asks a random question.

    Two players are fighting in global chat, using excessive caps and vulgar language, what do you do?: Warn them about caps lock and tell them to watch they language cause it could get them kicked or even banned.

    3. Motivation

    Why do you wish to join the Craftersland Staff?: 
    Because i can offer a lot of stuff and i like to help people out, i like your community and would like to become a part of it.
    What are your expectations from us?: Nothing more then to be fair to members and people who play on your servers.

    Why are you interested in our servers and community?: Because i like your community and the people who play on your servers ,because they are very helpful and nice.

    4. Minecraft Experience

    When did you start playing Minecraft?: 

    Do you have premium or cracked account ?: Sadly i have a cracked account :(
    When did you start playing on Craftersland?: I think the first time i played was on the dw20 1.5.2 server.

    Have you ever been banned?: Nope


    5. Other relevant information

    That's all folks!

    *drops microphone*

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