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[unban] [MrEnderson]


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1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

-I got banned for duping? And i didnt dupe anything! So i have no idea why im banned -

[3] Ban Category:

-Rule2)1st Offense Duping-

[4] Ban Duration:

-1 day ,4 hours-

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

-Down below ˇˇ-

[7] Your Reason:



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Sorry I wasn't awake until now. 


Hello @MrEnderson

Your town Owner was caught duping (WTFKC) 

And after investigating I found throughout the town multiple dupe methods in chests. 


And within your own inventory you had abnormal items such as the 48 vote keys, and matching draconic armor and gear so either you are an accessory to the fact (knew he was duping and didn't report it) or you was duping with him with the amount of dupe setups I saw Im leaning towards the latter. 


So I think you have an idea why you're banned. 

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I had no idea he duped, I joined him like 4 days ago and like I didnt know can I get unbanned u can take the items away I was confused when he gave me those keys and I didnt use them cause I didnt know if they were real or duped im sorry if I made mistakes I didnt know it was duped sorry :( if I would of knew I would report him but please can I get unban I really want to play my brother plays on the server aswell and yeah . Sorry :(. II hope u will unban me so I can play on the server.


Thanks for explaining what the problem was :) @Manyouforgot



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