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  1. Town rollback. If anything is missing please make a list below for a refund request.
  2. I will need proof of how you obtained this as this is a very endgame item.
  3. Items refunded to player ingame
  4. So for your quarry to work within a town claim, the town perms need to be adjusted. Modify needs to be set to true to allow the machine to work. (This also allows anyone to break stuff in your town, so it is highly recommended to set this up either in a town by itself or via plots. And to also turn Enter to false.)
  5. @dierkriegerunfortunately we do not have a rollback point that far back. We will need to do a refund request instead I am sorry about this inconvenience.
  6. @GreenandBlack20 unfortunately we do not have a rollback point that far back. We will need to do a refund request instead I am sorry about this inconvenience.
  7. Posting this on behalf of Ss_xXgeneralXx. Your Name: Ss_xXgeneralXx Item Name + Amount: 64x Reactor Casing, 1x Reactor Controller, 2x Reactor Access Port, 1x Reactor Power Tap Coordinates: Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional): Items Refunded this is just for documentation.
  8. Hello @DeathWalkers Due to you being a new player I was unable to find a rollback that was suitable. The only rollback point i have is with the same inventory. Please fill out a refund request instead below.
  9. Inventory rollback Hello Barsten, the rollback point i had was about a day earlier than requested. I put these chest in the center of that room, I figured rolling back that entire chunk would do more harm than good. If you are missing anything please make a refund request below.
  10. Hello @isalnder3329 Please make a post here https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/ Following this Template:
  11. Unfortunately we do not have a rollback point that goes back that far. We will need to resolve this instead with a Refund Request, i am sorry for this inconvenience
  12. Hello @FG_SubZero Unfortunately our rollbacks on this server do not go back this far. We will have to do a refund instead for what was lost. Please make a list below and we will refund it.
  13. Island rollback if you are still having troubles logging in please let me know below.
  14. Hello @Blademaster994 yes we can fix it but we need the details to your base. Please follow this template for a rollback: Create a new topic following it or make a new post below doing so.
  15. @_Veridian_ I am unsure if this is still affecting you but I went ahead and queued a unstuck package from our store. You should be teleported to spawn next time you attempt to login.
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