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  1. Andrew2070

    since when is theft okay?

    Well, It's not an unwritten rule. The rules don't say PvP isn't allowed, only that it must be fair (no god mode, no creative, no OP creative weapons, no exploits). The rules also don't say that you can't enjoy the spoils of war, if you want to PvP and lose nothing, play on Dw20 1.7, inventory is protected here.
  2. Andrew2070

    Game crash when joining the server

    Looks like corrupted player data, @brunyman
  3. Andrew2070

    since when is theft okay?

    The taking of items through legal, non-exploitative PVP or because territory was left unclaimed/unprotected, is legal. Because if you're not cashing in on the advantages that the server configuration provides, then you're at fault. Also, when you invite someone to your town, you are taking the risk of the unknown agendas upon you and other members. So if someone wants to join, get access to your chests and leave, then it's your fault for not vetting them before inviting. Sometimes you don't need a bigger or better sword, just a few claims and the right protection settings. Although i advise you to have both ;) Illegal Taking of Items: Scamming Spawn Killing Claim bypass killing (including with mobs/pets). claim bypass chest access other bug/exploit uses.
  4. Andrew2070

    [FTB D20 1.7] Horned Huntsman

    Hi, I'll refund it.
  5. Star Wars prequels are best. Space odyssey made no sense and i regret those 2 hours of my life What kind of monster doesn't watch the alien series
  6. Andrew2070

    Refund - Rabac

  7. Andrew2070

    Item Refund Request dw20 1.7.10

    Okay i'll refund it.
  8. Andrew2070

    Item Refund Request dw20 1.7.10

    Hi. Let me test it out first. Under what circumstances did you use the horn? In a town ? Were entities/mobs permissions set to true?
  9. Andrew2070

    Refund - Rabac

    Request Approved, You should find the item in your inventory when you login.
  10. Andrew2070

    Refund - Rabac

    Hi this was on 1.7.10 right?
  11. Andrew2070

    [DW 1.7.10] Shop Suggestion

    I agree, There are also many more items that need to be sold in spawn because of their rarity. I don't remember them all, but i'll make a list first and post it.
  12. Andrew2070

    [DW20 1.12.2] New buycraft kits suggestions.

    My ideas: IC2 Ore Development kit: Macerator, Ore washer, Electric Furnace, 18 glass-fiber cables. IC2 Machine Development kit: Forge Hammer, Cutters, item cases, advanced circuit, machine block, basic circuit, etc. These are fairly basic setups, that can save time and energy early-game.
  13. Andrew2070

    FPS issues | Infinity Evolved

    I agree, but you can change the java perms into tricking MC to use multiple cores.
  14. Andrew2070

    Complaint Debunnynator (#3 Y’all)

    While staff members are urged to demonstrate restraint, they are also not prohibited from playing the game. So if you get killed in a fair PvP match with one of them, then theres nothing wrong with that. In my history on Tekkit, it was known that not only helpers but Mods, Admins and GM's would part-take in PvP, and we'd usually give the items back. ~My 2 cents as a former Tekkit player.

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