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New Modded Server! Postblast Modpack!


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Hello guys!


The PostBlast Custom Tekkit Modpack server is finally open! This is a partner server, we do not host the server but we maintain and configure it. Also donations will take place on our donation shop but we only get a part of them.


The server is hosted in USA on a dedicated server host.


Server address:

pb.craftersland.net  or  mc.postblast.net



Some of the server features are:

  • PostBlast Tekkit Modpack.
  • Factions as protection.
  • Market
  • Tanks, weapons, vehicles, airplanes, helicopters everything the Flans Mod has.
  • Support for premium and non-premium users.
  • VIP perks on our Donation Shop


The server is not 100% done, few final features will be added later as players will play on the server.

Thanks to Andrew2070 for work put in this modpack.



Server Spawn



Join us and get cool weapons!


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When staff apps open i WILL apply cause i can probs play alot seeing as i have a server with Postblast installed :)

That literally made no sense. You will play a lot on postblast because you have your own server? Dafuq?

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