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  1. Complaint [ Dumblore ]

    Welp, gotta say thats not that good of a complaint... going round making jokes on a server like tekkit is normal now, just learn to take a dam insult.
  2. Texture packs

    Ive tried a bunch of different packs like sphax and faithfun, but yeah, i genuienly like the default pack more than any of them i used faithful about 2 years and sphax about 4, sad thing is i basicaily cant run packs on modpacks cause well, my pc crumples by default under a pack like tekkit or UU
  3. Account Name: Nukelar Time to Rollback inv: 20:05 GMT+ 0 Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 20:13 Player named "ezezez" says free diamonds tpa in chat, decide to tpa for fun, turns out it was a wall made from a forcefeild, it killed me. Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): Whole server saw basically.
  4. Command Request Supaspork

    Well, you can probs just req worldedit.* (Like i did), but vanish probs wiont happen, i got roasted for requesting that once
  5. Accidental dupe?

    It happens quite a lot actually, however there more like "Ghost" items that take a game restart to dissapear
  6. S+ Money Request

    K, thanks
  7. S+ Money Request

    IGN: Nukelar Proof: http://prntscr.com/gce224 Asking to get my 50000 refunded for having S+ on the server, its part of the bundle thanks.
  8. Save the date Plz read

    You can redownload the map, aparth from that, nothing will stay execpt ranks, or a wipe would be pointless.
  9. Fly PVP and creative abuse

    We were both using powerarmour. We werent in fly. And i accidently creative tagged them.
  10. Probably around a week or so.
  11. Hell Fu***** yes, wipe this dam server already!
  12. I got scammed by flaminggoldskull

    Player Punished!
  13. Your favorite mods

    Personally, i love things like buildcraft and ComputerCraft as i understand them pretty much 100%, not a fan of MystCraft, probs cause i never got into it.
  14. Towns too close

  15. niqf abusing

    @bxrd, we don't care if you say that you weren't duping, we need proof. side note found this as a reply to this, not good.
  16. niqf abusing

    For @niqf http://prntscr.com/fy61n8 as show here he has only been on the server around a month.
  17. A permanent solution to the need for resets

    Right, let me get this straight. You made it clear about how you think that most inactive town are "Big long lines to stop people from claiming" well, no thats not the case ive cleared nearly 400 towns now and i would say ~80% are under 5 chunks and ~90% under 20 ive only encountered your situation about 10 times, so like i said, that is not a "most" more like "a very small some" "Also, you can restrict no-entry to players who have played for a while/have donated so that trolls can't do it (nor can players who build the aforementioned claim wall)." This could be possible, but would be hard to implement into the PEX config probably, so like i said, not happening "Make the chunk claim removal automatic" Again, this is possible, but if we turn said option on in config it does NOT regenerate bases, thats why we do it manually.
  18. Towns too close

    Use this template please
  19. A permanent solution to the need for resets

    Reduce the claim chunk limit from 128. Probably wouldnt do anything as most of the "annoying" towns are only 1-5 chunks in size. Remove the ability to make towns no-entry. Not gonna happen, this is more useful than you would think. Remove chunk claims on towns after inactivity. We do this already... Create a new world for quarry and turtle usage. This wouldnt help lag at ALL, seeing as it would be the same as having 2 worlds, and there are much more complicated issues that i can go really indepth with if needed.
  20. [unban] Jgardner9311

    Ban Expired T/C
  21. I Need A Town Removed

    Town deleted and land regenerated. T/C