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  1. Conversation with bruny

    I am comparing it that way as PvPing without consent could be compared directly to that subject. Sex without consent is rape. See?
  2. Conversation with bruny

    I really do not think you understand the point we are trying to get across. The fact we are trying to communicate to the staff of the community is that Henk is very strict and enforces the rules too heavily. One of the rules he tried create and enforced along with Skilande_ is that you need consent from the other player to PvP them, you are practically comparing a battle in a block game to real life rape (I hope I don'f offend any raging feminists with that quote), and in my opinion, as someone who pvp'd a lot on CraftersLand, is absolutely disgusting. As it makes people that are insanely good at invis killing redundant.
  3. Conversation with bruny

    I get what you are trying to say here, but many people (including; me, Nukelar, Swimswam ect.) have always said this in the past, and many people have agreed with us.
  4. Conversation with bruny

    The EULA f**ked that up in the first place
  5. Conversation with bruny

    What are you actually saying here? Are you trying to make the people that don't particularly like Henk and Skilande come out them selves and say they are? Im literally asking because this is a serious question, I want to know what you are implying with this
  6. Conversation with bruny

    Yes, all of us do. You're one of the only people that has actually been brave enough to stand up for him, even me and Nukelar daren't. Not even when Nuke was admin.
  7. Conversation with bruny

    Me and all of my clan members never broke any of the rules that were very enforced, in my opinion they just weren't enforced enough on tekkit.
  8. Conversation with bruny

    They were complete opposites, I would go around in power armor to several of AnCap's bases killing them with members of GCorp, so if you don't have anything factual to say, please don't say it.
  9. Conversation with bruny

    Not going to lie here, I can vouch for Nukelar in this situation, as of when we stopped playing (around 2 weeks post this wipe) Henk was being extremely rude to him while he was a staff member. Also in this situation I can totally say that I think the same thing, because when he used to log on he would be so strict to staff almost that they did was completely incorrect, and that they shouldn't be doing it. Most of these people were in my opinion very inexperienced as they were only low ranked staff members at the time. This is a serious matter as Henk seems to have the biggest ego as a staff member as he always takes charge, and yes, I am very aware of his high ranking on the team at CraftersLand, but in my opinion this needs sorting, and if it doesn't quick this server will soon turn into World Automation II and I really do not want that to happen, as I was introduced to this amazing servere by Nukelar, and Henk has seemed to drive me away from it. If these keeps going on the server will soon lose all love and die, just like Word Automation.
  10. Fly PVP and creative abuse

    I had never spawned these in, these were in a save on my NEI for months on end. They were made by a player who does not play anymore his IGN was 'rurede94'. We were good friends for a while before he made me this too. Me and Nuke were both using specially made sets of power amour made for us, we also were not in creative. We were invisible from our power armour and were using our Jetpack attachments, by any means I would not use the privileges that I get as a sponsor (The same goes for Nukelar). The reasons that the bows were Creative Tagged, is that Nuke made the weapons then accidently moved them in his inventory whilst in creative building a base. Neither of us were in creative, as you were hitting us prior to me killing you with my sword, that Nuke made for me, just one thing to add, me and nuke did not shoot either of the people we killed in this incident. I don't want to continue with this 'Drama' as I don't feel that it needs more backing up, we were not using ./fly. You can fly with power armour attachments, also you should know this you had a maxed out power armour set. ~Recommendations
  11. Guys just a quick update on how things are going for me.

    I'm doing very well actually, I will be more active on Tekkit as soon as Exams are over for me, got English on this monday coming then i'm off for the holidays. Also, after the wipe which is hopefully soon, me, Nukelar and MaxMinecraft101e will be reuniting TSA, as of now we are keeping it on a down-low as the server is dead practically for us as there is nothing to do right now, We will be a lot more active on the Discord too ( TSA Members and allies only ). Also, if you see my online, i'll be raising my K/D so if you don't want killin' log the heck off.  

  12. Idea for Clan Advertisement on Forums!

    Tomoko Kuroki So who are you exactly?
  13. Trouble with some Players

    To be honest Dumblore, I kill a lot, a LOT of people, and at some points you have to take the abuse, but if they get so salty they start making up shit like this (He's pretty much making it up as I have read both of your sides of the argument) and if they do get very salty and make a complaint post, just reply with a valid reason why you made them mad, or admitting to the fact that you did kill them. As long as you did it in unclaimed land, not abusing any glitches ie. Bowing through claims, anti-mattering into bases, there is no reason why he should be making a complaint about this dumb shit. That's my entire opinion on this, also HeroGer, I have known Dumblore for a long time, for a matter of fact he's staff on a server I own, so I can trust him and I do trust him, because most of the time he is mature (not always :^) ) and he would never abuse a glitch or donation powers (even though he has none on CL). That's my say. ~Recommendations
  14. Unban Request Zombiegamer278

    Skilande, i suggest 8000 weeks
  15. Idea For Tekkit/Modded Servers

    I definitely do agree Yusixs. There could possibly be a way around this too. But it may take me some time to come up with it, I will definitely come back to this topic [not forum thread] if I do find out a way to censor racial slurs or swearing/curse words! Thanks for the advice anyway, will definitely make sure to keep you up-to-date on this.