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  1. Yeah, seeing as I left last august, when wipe happened, it is time
  2. - Not really, i staffed a voltz server back in the day, and as much as people think that you will just have a constant barrage of missiles, you dont. People develop a kinda semi diplomacy and it turns into a more cold war esque thing. -Simple, put it in a different dimension, ive done it before and works like a treat
  3. While true, dupes and exploits are basically the game mode. Having basically any rules other than the essentials ones would be stupid, if their is a actually gamebreaking dupe we can just nerf it to the floor, and just reduce the power of antimatter and redmatter. Also, voltz would be far more suited at factions with more of a anarchy style of running, seeing as a lot of players know how to use every bug in the game (like me) to their advantage. The whole idea of trying to move forward is quite tunnel visioned, remember, around 30%of the players here have been playing here for over 2-3 years. Its also a rather simple, but expandable mod pack that relies on knowledge and wikis, not NEI. So it would probably have a longer wipe time then Tekkit even, which I've noticed is slowing down for some reason.
  4. @Powerwarp sad to think we wont be able to pull that april fools from last year now
  5. Sad to see you go man, was really nice having you here.
  6. Just felt like mentioning this but well done @belgarufo & @RandomNukes
  7. Thanks to all 20 of you for entering! and the winner is!
  8. Hi guys, seeing as i have basically left this place forever, im going to give my Sponsor+ and Prefix away Just reply with your IGN and the server its for. Ill put the names in a random picker at the end of october.
  9. This is a 6 month old case mate, all photo evidence would be considered invalid or is just gone
  10. Just for reference, i have never been muted/banned/warned ever so thats not true
  11. Yup, you guys made this problem, now you deal with it, because we wont shutup about it like you want us to. Any you guys remember rom4ster yeah, ill do that if i need to.
  12. Ok mate, lemme just get this straight, when i was here, i was a admin, not henk he was a judge and later on before i left, a mod, never above me yeah? Are you on drugs man? nobody here got paid apart from bruny, who deserves it.
  13. No, i did, but tekkit never enforced them down to the bone.
  14. Actually, no it didnt, the tekkit community was toxic as fuck sure, but it worked and yes rulebreakers and dupers existed, but tekkit is the kinda pack where that is fun to find bugs and abuse the hell outta them. The tekkit community decided who they liked and who they didnt, and if you were a staff member hated by the community, that does not mean that its ok to start being a complete c**t to the whole server. And.... Ancap yes, gcorp no, this was pre-wipe drama when gcorp and tolate were allies and ancap was a enemy of both of them. So that doesnt really matter, and also as GCorp left cl only a couple weeks after i left.
  15. Actually, yes i goddam did in the end, but you wouldn't know now would you? Seeing as your not a tekkit staff. This is the point were trying to get accros here, i was a admin for around 8 months on tekkit, and spent about 6 of them with henk as a staffmember on DW20 and IE when he was actually a pretty chill guy. When he moved to tekkit and started turning megalomaniac on the whole server, thats when shit went down. Skilande_: The same applies to you, use the edit button, it ain't hard.
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