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  1. @Powerwarp sad to think we wont be able to pull that april fools from last year now
  2. Sad to see you go man, was really nice having you here.
  3. Just felt like mentioning this but well done @belgarufo & @RandomNukes
  4. All My Builds Are Just Logical/Functional, nothing pretty about them at all
  5. God i wish my building skills were this good
  6. um, hello


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    2. KirbyMegaX


      but i am sorry for what i've done and i swear to the staff to never do what i've done.. because i hope to have fun you know... and i'm just sorry :( and i hope you'll forgive me as a group...

    3. KirbyMegaX


      you dont have to reply if you would not like to, or even ignore me.... but please don't.....

    4. KirbyMegaX


      i just couldn't ask anyone only you, because  you are on and you are a friend also, 

  7. 7000 Posts, Well done bruny!

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