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  1. Nice to see you old friend. We had some good times!
  2. GamerPelao191 posted a topic in Rank Transfer

    I want to request my miniyoutuber range I hope you answer my nickname: gamerpelao and link of the review nick gamerpelao : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUK-M9l1Pgo&t=240s 
    1. geri33


      Power is retired manager which means he can't help you with it



  3. GamerPelao191 posted a topic in Rank Transfer

    I want to request my miniyoutuber range I hope you answer my nickname: gamerpelao and link of the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUK-M9l1Pgo&t=240s
  4. GamerPelao191 posted a topic in Rank Transfer

    I want to request my miniyoutuber range I hope you answer my nickname: gamerpelao and link of the review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUK-M9l1Pgo&t=240s
  5. Thanks man, I appreciate it ? and you too! Oh haha, my bad. Will close it now. Thanks to everyone for all their kind wishes, great to see how well craftersland is doing!!
  6. Sorry to re-open haha, but thanks man appreciate it, glad to see that you're back in the community, I wish you the best with everything that you do with your life :).
  7. Thanks bro, best of luck to you in the future! Thanks for all your work with my servers and Crafter's Land's too - hopefully I'll see you around!
  8. :((( will miss you mate, need to make sure we stay in touch. Good luck in the future man! See you around Yeah time flies, haha. Thank you for joining staff and being so dedicated! I hope to see you again man, best of luck to you too!
  9. Thanks man honestly means a lot to me. We had some good times hahaha, yeah I still remember that interview - and look at you now :P. Hopefully I will see you around mate, all the best. Yeah hahaha we did have some great times. There aren't many of us left from back then nice to see a few old faces still :P. Good luck in everything you're doing bro, hopefully we'll play again some time soon! Everything has to come to an end eventually :(.You deserve the GM+ and have done great things for our community too, so thank you! Yes, I hope to see you again mate, I'm sure we will. Keep doing what you're doing man It's sad to go Keep on working hard mate, you're a good staff members and have done a lot for the community too! Hopefully we'll meet again at some point You too bro, we've had some great times in Minecraft and other games. Drop me a message anytime that you're free to play! Lotta love Yeah hahaha, really aren't many of us left, we had some great times back then, so many good memories. Still remember that time on tekkit when I joined for the first time and you gave me a load of toasties and items I had no idea what they did No worries at all, you deserved the second chance and it clearly paid off, hopefully you'll return from your break asap and get back into the Crafter's routine. Best of luck to you too mate, send me a message at anytime and hopefully we can play at some point Thanks man, good luck to you too! I hope you achieve whatever you want in life! Thanks Zeng, yeah we have had a rough patch. I'll make sure to check my Skype messages :). Best of luck with everything! Hahahah, looks like someone else will need to take up that responsibility then ;). Make it good! Thanks very much bro! I wish the best of luck for you in the future, I do hope to return sometime! See you around (:
  10. Thank you, hopefully I will see you around! No problem man, thanks for everything that you've done for the community already! And hopefully Kay will, but brunyman needs to speak to him.
  11. Thanks for the kind words man, I hope to be back at some point - just not sure when! Hopefully we can stay in contact in the future (:
  12. I have found it incredibly to write this post as Crafter’s Land has been such an influential part of my life & childhood. It’s so weird for me to think that I’ve been apart of such an amazing and unique community for slightly under a third of my life. Honestly, I have been putting this off for too long and unfortunately at some point it had to happen. As I am writing this, I’m struggling to know where to begin, simply because I have so many good memories and experience here, almost too many to count. So I guess I should just start at the beginning. I still remember the first time I ever joined the server, and was so confused by the old-style portals that every hub seemed to have at the time. If someone back then told me this is where I would be now, years later, I would’ve laughed and told them they couldn’t possibly be telling the truth. Back then, I thought it was one of the best achievements ever to become the Top Killer on Assassin’s Craft, let alone a Manager. Staff were idolised profoundly, and well known members were treated like gods. It was such a simpler time, when everyone knew everyone, and it was a far more relaxed atmosphere (leading to uncountable instances of abuse!). Countless hours were spent on each server, whether this be completing (and later building) parkours on Assassin’s Craft to ensuring Gamebox was all powerful in factions! Of course, I had my ups and downs, I was quite young when I joined staff and used to really take the job seriously, to the point where this stopped me enjoying the game I loved. Nevertheless, I made some exceptional friends, far too many to name them all. I’ve seen a lot of great people come and go and have stayed in contact still till this day with many of them. A lot of my fondest memories are creating some of the Arche servers with the help of brunyman, creating HeistMC with Matt and then playing on them with the staff & friends. Seeing others enjoy something I’d spent time making was always the best reward, never the donations or the player count. Although they were never the most popular servers, I never regretted it and loved all the support and positive comments I received from the community. Although towards the end of my time here I’ve enjoyed my job less and less, it goes without saying I have learnt substantial amounts of skills that have certainly helped mature me as a person and given me the ability to solve issues in my own day-to-day life. To those of you who find this hard to believe, you would be incredibly surprised of the life-long skills you can pickup from something as simple as a Minecraft Server. I’d like to keep this short but sweet(well, not very short ), and ultimately want to say goodbye to a community that gave me so much. I’ve had some bad times going through school and Crafter’s Land was a place where I was accepted, respected and listen to. We have such a diverse range of people joining us daily, where we forget about the bad that’s going on around us and come to relax and have fun with like-minded people; those who don’t care about your ethnicity, salary or popularity but how well you can fight in pvp or how good you are at parkour!!. That’s why I spent so much time here, the open atmosphere and dedication displayed by players and staff alike. A community is nothing without it’s members. So thank YOU for making this such a great place to be apart of. I will remember Crafter’s Land for the rest of my life, I am certain of it. If things go to plan, Kay will be helping out on Network staff side - I know that he'll do an amazing job and bring some fresh ideas to Network. Although my time here has ended, my memories of this wonderful place will last for ever. Thanks for reading, I will hopefully see you guys again at some point! Powerwarp
  13. Hey, happy birthday man! I wish you all the best for 2018. :)

    1. Powerwarp


      Thanks very much!

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