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  1. Today I decided to play again. There is still no resolution to my problem, if they do a rollback or something, I hope it does not affect me.
  2. Here is the log. [20:28:43] Log 10-23-2021.txt
  3. Your Name: ToledoMejia Item Name + ID + Amount: I had exactly 49 pokemons (the only ones registered in my pokedex) including legendaries. Base coordinates: -639.732 69.00 -52.930 Description of Issue: I do not know exactly what happened, I just entered the server and captured a pokemon, when checking my PC there are none of all those that I had captured, including the legendary ones that I had saved, I only have the ones that I had on my team, but all of the PC they disappeared. Screenshots (Optional): https://prntscr.com/1x7j2lc https://prntscr.com/1x7j53u 20:40 (GMT-6)
  4. Since the update, there is no Pokemon spawning in Adventure Mode. I do not know if it's normal. The pokemons do not appear on the mini radar of journey map either. Thank you for the update
  5. essentials.tree essentials.speed essentials.tp
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