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  1. geri33


    Banned, thx for reporting Mr. Adri 😜 T/C.
  2. geri33

    [CTW] Bug Abuse

    User punished. Thanks for reporting! 😛 T/C.
  3. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa There is a club only for dolphines and octopuses but not for Deivids?????? What's wrong with you guyssss?????? I can't tolerate that! I'm protesting! Just look at how cute Deivids are: They deserve to be respected exactly as dolphines and octopuses are!!! 🙄😑😤
  4. geri33

    [CTW] Hacked Client

    User banned. Thanks for reporting! 😛 T/C.
  5. geri33

    [Unban Request] iSprintMC

    I think we're done with that. But also, don't evade anymore, because it is noticeable... You know what I mean, only you and me, for now... Unban request denied. And player banned for an appropriate punishment. T/C.
  6. geri33

    Riport :O

    User banned. Thanks for reporting! 😋 Also Momo, you mean... he didn't kill you once again but you still reported him :c , how unfair, anyways thanks T/C.
  7. geri33

    ctw- manoloquendo

    He is yormangamer147, just checked ips. I banned him some days ago for Bug abuse. manoloquendo banned for evading. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  8. geri33

    [Command Request] Kawaii_Desu

    Confirmed in-game by the player. T/C.
  9. geri33

    Immersive Engineering - Kicked on login

    I will T/C since everything is okay, just to help, one topic less 😛 the truth is that i don't have what to do :c
  10. geri33

    Bug Ip premium

    Problem solved. T/C.
  11. geri33

    Comand Request

    I've spoken to the player and she confirmed everything is okay. T/C.
  12. geri33

    [Command Request] FearThisGoD

  13. geri33

    Help with CTW achievements

    You're always welcome to ask for whatever you need to! T/C.
  14. geri33

    [Command Request] aaokigahara

    Yeah, he has two accounts - aaokigahara and Kawaii_Desu one. Please, don't skip the first paragraph of the account name next time. Here, in case you haven't seen it. The title is much more to mention the type of the request you're asking for than your specific request information.
  15. geri33

    [CTW] Bug Abuse

    User punished. Thanks for reporting! 😋 T/C.

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