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  1. geri33

    please ban by scam on acv1

    ^ Make another topic and follow the steps. T/C.
  2. geri33

    Ctw Spawn kill

    I don't consider this as a spawnkill. You're the only one player from the team so you could just leave the game and join again when he definetely will move from there or just go and hide in the base below the spawn point. However, I'll leave the post open to see what other staff members think about it.
  3. geri33

    Ban Evading

    User already unbanned. T/C.
  4. geri33

    Hb in spawn - Pol_Pvp

    Not answered. T/C.
  5. geri33

    HB in spawn

    As SuperSlimesKing said, not enough proof. T/C.
  6. geri33

    Reporte en CTW troll manolooo

    Not enough evidence. Make another post if you have stable proof and use the correct template. T/C.
  7. geri33

    HB in spawn

    Banned. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  8. geri33


    User already banned by ZengZ. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  9. geri33

    ​Hack Report 🤡

    Banned. Next time make a video, it is much more helpful for seeing hack clients. Thanks for reporting! T/C.
  10. geri33

    Report - CTW

    Warned. T/C.
  11. geri33

    Asking for items/HB in Spawn

    Users banned. Thanks for reporting! 😄 T/C.
  12. geri33


    User banned. Thanks for reporting, mirs! 😊 T/C.
  13. geri33

    Removed Beacons and Iron Blocks

    The video doesn't load for me.
  14. geri33

    New spawn for CTW :D

    I like it too, maybe adding some more details would make it look even better. Thanks for supporting the community from me too! It's really nice to see how players care of improving the server they are playing on. 😊

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