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  1. geri33


    He made a new topic instead T/C.
  2. geri33

    miniyoutuber rank request

    Moved to Network Technical Support. A note: Be patient and don't spam another's topics. Thanks!
  3. geri33

    Lost items

    Moved to Tekkit Technical Support. Make sure you follow the template for the items refund.
  4. geri33

    Lost items

    What server are you talking about? xd We've got 9 different ones and this is posted in the general discussions section of the whole community
  5. I'm not sure anymore to who I talked about that problem earlier but anyways, gonna say it for you here as well This is a plugin error/issue/bug and it's actually a big problem for no premium users. Until the plugins are fully updated, you guys couldn't be able to play on 1.13 cuz it kicks all when trying to type whatever in chat. For premium users it shouldn't be such a problem because we don't need to /login, but again it gets us kicked once we type anything, unfortunately... It should be fixed all after the updates, soon in time hopefully
  6. geri33

    CTW premium problem

    Don't panic @fordf150xl123, I'm gonna join now if you are on to try with you, if it doesn't work I will contact our Manager Henk to give it a look.
  7. geri33

    CTW premium problem

    Hello @fordf150xl123, Sorry for not responding properly in-game I didn't understand what premium you meant. To receive the rank you should go to the main server lobby and wait around 10-15 mins. It should arrive after
  8. Gewy :d

  9. LOVE YOU, ALESSIS! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333

    1. Fire_Ligth



  10. geri33

    SF2.5 Achievment book

    Good you replied but way too late @Darknesscafted xd Please don't reply to old topics. T/C.
  11. geri33

    [Complaint] Response times

    Hello @JerothG, We are sorry that you have been waiting for so long but brunyman and Yusixs are the ones making them. But since the recent Yusixs' retirement (it will be announced soon) only bruny will be able to do them for now. Please try to understand and wait patiently a little more.
  12. Topic duplicated. T/C.
  13. geri33

    my island has been del

    Topic moved to Skyfactory 3 Technical support.
  14. geri33

    Craftersland dies

    Hello @xDrews_YT, As you may have seen there has been made a topic some days ago discussing the same thing. Pointing on things we are very good aware of won't change anything. We are working on a new gamemode for Network as we mentioned a lot of times already. Also the Acv2 release is going to be very soon hopefully. The main reason for the lack of players recently is the fact schools opened and most of the people don't have time to spend on games. I hope you understand that we haven't forgotten about the proberms Network has and we are still trying to improve and bring the server up. Also I will ask you to not reply to old topics because that's counted as necroposting and I should warn you for it. Thanks T/C.
  15. geri33

    New level system

    +1 for the lvl 33 😛 Also it's a good idea but some people may not be content because the rank names are cool 😛 and this is just numbers but I'm for

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