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  1. geri33

    Died in Compact machine

    Topic moved to the correct section. You can now use the "edit" button to edit your topic and if you don't remember the exact items, use the inventory rollback's template.
  2. geri33

    Item disappear

    Topic moved to the correct section. Please reply following this template for item refund or if you want a rollback of your whole base you should use this one then.
  3. geri33

    [Claim Removal] Jagua2

    Claim removed. T/C
  4. geri33

    [Claim Removal] DavidDusan123

    Claim removed. T/C
  5. geri33

    Item disappear

    What server is this for, @CarryPotter69? You will need to mention your in-game name and follow the template to explain what"s wrong with it. I will move this to the correct Technical support when you tell me the server
  6. geri33

    Items Disappearing

    Don't revive old topics @CarryPotter69. T/C.
  7. geri33

    Annoying fog inside biomes

    Topic moved to IE general.
  8. geri33

    Astral Sorcery

    Topic moved to Server problems.
  9. geri33

    Island Permission

    Do you want permissions on the island? And do you have any proof? You will have to tell us your in-game name and some more specific information as well Topic moved to SF3 Technical support.
  10. geri33

    [Claim rollback request] Elitepwnage004

    He has made a new topic in the Tekkit section and rollback was complete. T/C.
  11. geri33

    [Claim Rollback Request] Exief

    Rollback complete Edit: everything seems to be fine, talked to the player T/C.
  12. geri33

    Custom rank?

    It will be a little hard to implement individually for your rank as ranks go in groups with the certain permissions. In my opinion just try not to use it and think about what you can achieve without its benefit
  13. geri33

    kill me and don't give my stuff

    Duplicated T/C.
  14. geri33

    [Inventory Rollback Request]gamerpenguin

    The player got his items back T/C.
  15. geri33

    [Inventory Rollback Request]gamerpenguin

    Inventory rollback complete, reply down below if there are any problems

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