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  1. Nice pic Jim :p! hehe How are you going?

    1. Jimmel


      all good ^_^ you doing alright?

    2. geri33


      Yep, busy with school as always but that's normal u.u

  2. geri33

    [Rank Reactivation]

    Reactivated, join and wait a few minutes to receive it
  3. geri33

    [Rank Reactivate]

    Reactivated, join and wait some minutes to receive it
  4. geri33

    (Refund Request) MahdeenSky

    Items placed in inventory
  5. geri33

    [Refund Request]_Huddy_

    Items refunded T/C.
  6. geri33

    [Refund Request] Hals_G_Ruch

    Items placed in inventory
  7. geri33

    [Refund Request] Whitejakyl

    Items placed in inventory
  8. geri33

    [Refund Request] Varijon

    Player refunded T/C.
  9. geri33

    [Inventory Rollback]

    Moved to Sf 3 Technical Support
  10. geri33

    [Flyspeed] Whalecoookie

    Permissions set. Don't use the speedfly for bad purposes or you will not be able to request special perms anymore
  11. geri33

    Changed name

    Moved to Tekkit Technical Support, what stuff exactly do you mean? @_saxy_ Like inventory items or? If yes then you might have to edit the topic and explain the case better, Epic would be able to help you, I believe Just give us some more information, like time (time zone) when you changed it
  12. geri33

    [Rank Reactivation] Whalecoookie

    ?Rank reactivated? Confirmed by player in-game T/C.
  13. geri33

    [Refund Request] DarkJayYT

    it's working now, keys refunded T/C.
  14. geri33

    Issue with Voter rewards

    It's working now T/C.
  15. geri33

    {Command Request} Levi779

    Granted. Please only use it in small radius And keep in mind that everything is logged.

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