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  1. geri33


    Player punished. Also I see srEmanuel is trying to protect you but please don't use such language. It's sort of becoming like the one 'insulting' you and that's not appropriate. I will have to punish him too if he does so again. Thanks for reporting! 🌡 T/C.
  2. Me and Tomy discussed that and we think that it should stay the way it is. We can't be sure that you didn't take advantage from the many ways possible to get money. Also, in modded servers they reset the whole player's balance/base etc. It's part of the punishment. 🌡
  3. Topic moved to tekkit technical support 🌡
  4. Heyo @Not_Abex, you should make a post in https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/ but instead of "Rank transfer" you'll name it "Rank reactivation". Also don't forget to use the correct template 🌡:
  5. Player warned , thanks for reporting! 🌡 T/C.
  6. geri33

    Unban request

    I have online school and no time to deal with shit. I told you not to evade, plus 6 days isn't that much. There are plenty of servers you can play on until your ban expires (and as we talked about that, yes, there are only a few good ones, but if you search, you'd find one). And once again, I understand that you feel sorry and wanna play, but you don't have an option, rules are rules for everyone, we don't unban people except if they were false banned. I'm not gonna repeat myself over and over again, If there is something you know my DMs. Please don't make useless posts. 🌡 Unban request denied. T/C.
  7. Player warned, thanks for reporting! 🌡 T/C.
  8. geri33

    No Items

    Topic moved from Network Tech. Support to Infinity Evolved TS. 🌡
  9. Don't worry, we will investigate more and more people in the upcoming days in order to clear the server from dupers and dups. Also a friendly advice : don't look at what others do, take your responsibilities of your own actions.🌡 Unban denied. T/C
  10. [07:31:50] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;35;22m[System] [m[0;35;1m[0;33;22m[Sponsor] Nick: [0;30;22mItz[0;31;22mNicolas[m [0;35;1mopened a [21mLegendary[m [0;35;1mcrate[m [07:31:55] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;35;22m[System] [m[0;35;1m[0;33;22m[Sponsor] Nick: [0;30;22mItz[0;31;22mNicolas[m [0;35;1mopened a [21mLegendary[m [0;35;1mcrate[m and minutes later, still opening: [07:34:43] [Server thread/INFO]: [0;35;22m[System] [m[0;35;1m[0;33;22m[Sponsor] Nick: [0;30;22mItz[0;31;22mNicolas[m [0;35;1mopened a [21mLegendary[m [0;35;1mcrate[m You know very well that you didn't just open 3, but many more. [07:30:22] [Server thread/INFO]: isaac_cabrales issued server command: /r we sabias que si entra algun mod puede ver el chat? de cuantas llaves has abierto? [07:31:01] [Server thread/INFO]: llijzenga issued server command: /msg isaac_cabrales uhmm no esos valen caca pero si entra el henk o ness si [07:35:02] [Server thread/INFO]: llijzenga issued server command: /msg isaac_cabrales geri That's when I joined: https://imgur.com/a/AXs6kmP So after that we went to pure and you showed me the shulker box with the keys: https://imgur.com/a/cyqbFAv And lied to me as you do now, that you never took any advantage of them πŸ˜› I checked the balancetop yesterday too and you didn't have that amount of money. The only person that you are trying to fool is you. And I'd ask you not to insult the staff team, because at least we do something good for the community and don't ruin the other players experience.
  11. Stop making topics within a minute. Your unban has already been denied ( ) You know what you did and that it wasn't legal. Take your responsibilities and wait until it expires. If you make one more post, you'll be warned for it. 🌡 T/C
  12. It looks amazing, Slendy πŸ˜› 🌡
  13. 🌡 Refunded. We're working on finding who hacks the accounts. 🌡
  14. 🌡 The problem should be fixed now. @CriticLC_ 🌡
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