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  1. 🌵 The problem should be fixed now. @CriticLC_ 🌵
  2. geri who? xD she's dead ( mhmm, all those rumors ) Well, I think we solved that, like yesterday... The dragon was killed and the prots were removed v; And yes, command requests are for Sponsors only!
  3. ? @TheOneBlueFlame, You need to fill up the Refund template , explaining a bit more to us, like when it happened, what items you had and etc. Just edit your post using the template I linked above. ?
  4. bb24b251b228de745aa3e33417ec4693.thumb.jpg.34cfef93603a704e85de99d93045dc3b.jpg

    1. MarceLOL
    2. iiTzArismaltor_



      Don't ask where I got this from xd

  5. So... As I think everything here has been said more than just perfectly... I just want to add that as Network staff and a normal community member, also as Ex Manager , I've seen how much attention modded receives and I think Network should as well. Since I joined the community, in late 2016, nothing has been changed on the server, except mc versions and some plugins, which always were buggy af. (Good Yusixs added a map to ctw that has been created like em 2 years ago?, aslo thx for the lobby NPCs, but this doesn't help as much as it would've when there were still people) I tried my best, as all of the staff, to bring some life to it, but as we don't have the power to do that we were basically helpless. I also tried to help when I was gone, and then when I returned. I wasn't ready to return yet, but I did cuz you Henk saw me ''staffing'' and staff can't be doing that unless it's not in the discord. And what was I expected to do since I had my perms, simply joined the server to play a bit and a guy asked me for help? Ignore him and be like, "meh I got perms but I'm retired, so ask the staff"?? Henk, you did right removing my perms as Manager, since I didn't listen to you and didn't know what I were doing. BUT I want everyone to know that I never had the intention to harm/damage/hurt the server or anyone at all. Why wouldn't I listen tho? Em, maybe because nothing changed for so many years and I couldn't just stay and watch anymore... You know new people started joining Skyblock? and in general, the whole server. But guess what, when they joined and saw the plugin not working they asked when it's going to be fixed... best part I couldn't reply cuz no one knows lol Nevermind. I did that just to keep them on the server and I don't regret my decision. I don't want to throw shades at anyone for this. There's no need since everything is pretty much obvious. And the fact that I returned a week ago and still have no role on the forum... Will leave that like this, unfinished, as Network is. There's so much to say, but meh, words do nothing, actions do. Take my Deivid now ?
  6. geri33

    Unban SoFun

    ? So what I can say myself is that there's no way you have that many STACKS of emerald... without duping. Even tho you had villagers, I mean... sounds unrealistic to me. And you could not be able to dupe but maybe someone has given you them ?
  7. geri33


    ?Not enough proof but he has been banned anyway. ? You can use /dynmap hide to hide yourself from the live map so they can't find you
  8. JUST IN CASE - That's not staffing, just helping out the Network section :>?

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      ooh you won me at profile viewings ;v

    2. geri33


      In other things too ???


  9. @Phantra,You've used eCheck to pay, that's why - https://bit.ly/2IJlOvo. It says it takes to 7 business days so just wait, it should work oye, can someone move this topic pls? :} ?
  10. Try to join now once more lol ?
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