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  1. I'll have to admit I'm not as active as I should be Bedrock destroyed and everything well now though! If there is anything else then don't hesitate to reach out to me! T/C
  2. I highly recommend using /is home to get to your island instead of going through the portal to avoid these kind of issues. Again, I sadly do not have the permissions to do an inventory rollback, you'll need a higherup to do that for you. I'll leave the topic open for further comments or for a higherup to close it when they have done the inventory rollback.
  3. Sorry for the late response, the shown recipe isn't the correct one. I believe the one we have replaced the Gold Ingot at the side with a Livingwood, it has been forwarded to be looked into. T/C
  4. It's noted and forwarded that the visible crafting recipe is bugged, you'll need to swap the livingwood at the side for a gold ingot. (If you forget you can always lookup the recipe on other official sites, sorry for the inconvenience) T/C
  5. Removed all the bedrock blocks I could see, if I missed any feel free to let me know. Next time try to remember not to open chance cubes on your own island! T/C
  6. It is a common bug regarding chunk loaders, a fix is removing them, going to spawn to unload the chunks, waiting a little and then going back to your island. As for getting timed out, I'm assuming you picked up all the drives from your storage system, which in turn stored too much data in your inventory and that's why you crash. Your options either are making a inventory and island rollback request to before the AE-System got messed up and hope the timestamps work out, asking for an inventory wipe but losing all your drives with that, or logging on through a chat client and letting your friend
  7. I teleported to the location of your original island, but there was no island at all anymore indeed, just air. Your other party members were still part of that island however. Since it was that long ago, I am certain we don't have a backup of your island anymore. I either could copy your current island over to your original island and add you there or we could leave it as it is. Sorry I can't do more for you. Feel free to leave a reply with which option you prefer. Got a response from player in game, wishes to stay on his new island. T/C
  8. Items refunded, please use the right template next time to make things easier T/C
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