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  1. In-Game Nickname: Elias_31 Time and date: 2-2-19 1:50am GMT +1 Description of what happened: Elias_31 abusing the Voodoo Poppet from Witchery mod on me. Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/29EvRwv List of eyewitnesses: theTermiDemon, MrFGaming2811.
  2. Swapped RS items for AE2 equivalents, player approved. T/C
  3. Force tp'd you to spawn, placed items in an area claimed by you at 2342, 65, 1241
  4. Direwolf20 currently has some issues with it's advancements and thus all the advancements someone gets are popping up each time in chat, which is pretty annoying and seen as spam: https://imgur.com/a/El18pAl Hereby the request to disable the advancement announcements in chat. (which should be done with just "/gamerule announceAdvancements false")
  5. This sounds like the auto-fill feature from the NEI mod. If you click on the 3 dots in the right upper corner of your inventory you should see an auto-refill option, check if that is disabled. If not, disable that first and let us know if that fixed it. This also sometimes occurs when holding restricted items in area's like spawn, so watch out for that. (If you're holding a restricted item in spawn it should give a message and swap it out for something else, which can give visual bugs.)
  6. Force tp'd you to spawn. We highly recommend and suggest not entering dimensions you haven't made, as there is a high chance it isn't powered and you'll instantly die. Your best bet is to make a refund or inventory rollback request, as you know what happens when we enter the unpowered world and it's hard for us to track whose their dimension it is.
  7. Hereby I request the plugin RedeemMcMMO to be added to the vanilla network server. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/redeemmcmmo It is a nice addon plugin for McMMO that let's you buy extra credits, which then can be claimed for whatever skill you would like to level it up by 1. The price per credit is fully customizable, so that won't be an issue. This skips a small bit of the grind, but I think it also would be a nice addition to maybe add some credits to the Vote or Legendary Crate and perhaps it would even be good for a new buyable kit from the shop.
  8. The Pam's Harvestcraft Market was banned for certain reasons, but it isn't listed on the banned item list. Hereby the request if someone could add it to the list.
  9. The Roots 2 mod has two rituals, one which make the day lasts longer and one which makes the night last longer. Implying that all the manners of time change are and should be disabled, I suggest making a custom addon mod/ plugin to disable them if possible and if there is enough spare time, as Roots 2 itself has no config. Days and nights seem to last twice as long now.
  10. Soul Fragments refunded, Yusixs, Henk or Bruny will have to refund the money.
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