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  1. flamefurno

    im not part of my own island?

    Is thise for SkyFactory 2.5 or SkyFactory 3?
  2. flamefurno

    Having issues with playing

    It seems you are dealing with a corrupt chunk here. When did it start to happen? Your best bet would be to ask for a island rollback and see if that fixes things. Just make sure to follow the template and I'm sure we will be able to fix it:
  3. flamefurno

    new account

    You will need to make a transfer post in order for us to restore your data. This is the link to the rank transfer section, but if you edit the template a little bit it will suffice. https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/223-rank-transfer/
  4. Rollback succesfull, T/C
  5. Your Name: flamefurnoIsland Owner Name: flamefurnoCoordiantes: -12200, Y, -12200Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 16-04-18, before 16:00 UTC +2Description of Issue: Applied Energistics ME System bugged out, so I lost multiple drives while moving my system because of the restart.Screenshots (Optional):
  6. flamefurno

    Goodbye Crafter's

    Hey warp, sad to see you leave temporarily! I can say that, because I know you will come back ;p Never really had the chance to talk to you, don't know if that is a good thing or not, haha. But honestly man, best wishes to you and thanks for all you have done to CraftersLand!
  7. flamefurno

    New kits

    I also liked the idea myself, untill I started thinking about it more. You already get more claimblocks the more you play and if you play normally without the tryhard grind you won't have any use with all the claimblocks. Therefore we will have to give other rewards, which is kinda hard on modded servers. There aren't really many usefull items that fit the bracket. Also: How often would the rankups be? Every hour? Every 24 hours? People would most likely just stand afk and gather stuff this way. Counting up the facts that the economy will get disturbed/broken faster and new players will be far more behind than usual, I think we should leave it as it is. tl:dr I like the idea, but I think it would disturb the balance/economy and we should leave it as it is.
  8. Your Name: flamefurnoIsland Owner Name: brunyman?Coordiantes: -283 189 -368 + -381 194 -447Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2-12-17Description of Issue: Spawn got griefed. Not much to say really.Screenshots (Optional):
  9. Your Name: flamefurnoIsland Owner Name: LisbethTheKittenCoordiantes: 4353, 49, 4356Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 4-12-17Description of Issue: 2 Bedrock blocks.Screenshots (Optional):
  10. flamefurno

    my game keeps crashing help me

    Problem solved, T/C
  11. flamefurno

    [Item Transfer Request] flamefurno

    Transfer confirmed. T/c
  12. Since there isn't an official template for it I would just do it this way. Because of safety reasons I usually put all of my satchels on Owner Only mode. Sadly enough because I had to switch accounts, I cant access most stuff anymore. I'll like to get the stuff transfered from the Seragus Satchel to the one claimed by flamefurno. I don't know if it's needed, but possibly the config "config\cofh\core\common" will have to get changed from "B:OpsCanAccessSecureBlocks=false" to "B:OpsCanAccessSecureBlocks=true". It makes it so that admins (only bruny afaik) can access locked Thermal Expansion containers. I stored the satchels in a chest at my island warp. Thanks in advance, flamefurno Edit: Coords are -12275 64 -12259.
  13. flamefurno

    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    He followed the map to find the Temple, alas, he thought so. What he found wasn't exactly a temple. It was a tree. A living tree. But a living tree underwater, how could that be possible?! The closer he came to it, the worse the urge to puke became, but it had the same irresistible sparkles, co he just had to go to it. What could ever be the case of this all?
  14. flamefurno

    Insert Sentence -- Make a story.

    The goo was sticky and slimey, but smelt like roses and lavender. He wasn't exactly sure what to do with it, or what it was, but something was so pleasing about the majestic color and the exotic scent that his brain started to hurt from not knowing if he should adventure forth, or stay a little longer around this substance.
  15. flamefurno


    I noticed some silence in here so I thought I'll start it up a little again
  16. Your Name: flamefurnoItem Name + ID + Amount: Deep Storage Unit + 244:3 + 1 (with +- 500k smooth stone)Coordinates: 5, 65, 11Description of Issue: I teleported to my RFTools Dimension and placed my builder + deep storage unit to make a platform. After I placed the redstone block next to the builder to power it, I got a fatal error and when I reconnected the Deep Storage Unit and the Redstone Block were gone. I dont really care about the Deep Storage Unit, but I'll appreciate it if I could get the stone back.Screenshots (Optional): (For what its worth :P)
  17. Since there isn't an official Template I'll just do it this way. From-To: Seragus - flamefurno Reason: I am glad my rank got transfered, but alas I noticed my inventory wasnt. Since I worked with a lot of mods I usually kept everything important in my Resonant Satchels and I would appreciate it if my inventory could be transfered. Edit: If its possible I also would love an island transfer. <3 Thanks in advance!
  18. flamefurno

    Staff grief/abuse

    I read the log and according to his arguments I agree with him. It ain't a big trouble for you to change it's location, the rewards are better in the deep dark and it helps the overworld, so why make such a hassle out of it?
  19. flamefurno

    Inventory + Island Transfer

    Left my island, ready for transfer.
  20. flamefurno

    [DW 1.10] Crystal Clusters

    In the new dw1.10 server you need crystal clusters for a tier VI blood altar, but the recipe for them aren't implemented yet. I found the recipe they want to add, so I suggest adding them to the shop or add a custom recipe for them since there is no way to progress any further in Blood Magic because of this. The recipe I found they wanted to add is: activation crystal, emerald block, activation crystal lapis block, beacon, lapis block diamond block, archmage orb, diamond block Thanks in advance, Seragus
  21. flamefurno

    thaumcraft research issuses

    In order to unlock further research you will need to have a high amount of insanity for a long time and have researched certain stuff. When you right click the crimson book you will learn certain knowledge, but after that the book is practically useless. I recommend getting a sanity meter to check your sanity and just keep on researching more advanced things. I wont spoil it, but if you really need help there is always the internet!

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