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  1. Items returned to your base! T/C
  2. It is a common bug regarding chunk loaders, a fix is removing them, going to spawn to unload the chunks, waiting a little and then going back to your island. As for getting timed out, I'm assuming you picked up all the drives from your storage system, which in turn stored too much data in your inventory and that's why you crash. Your options either are making a inventory and island rollback request to before the AE-System got messed up and hope the timestamps work out, asking for an inventory wipe but losing all your drives with that, or logging on through a chat client and letting your friend transfer the items out of your inventory into a chest through a PIM. Feel free to respond with your prefered solution.
  3. I teleported to the location of your original island, but there was no island at all anymore indeed, just air. Your other party members were still part of that island however. Since it was that long ago, I am certain we don't have a backup of your island anymore. I either could copy your current island over to your original island and add you there or we could leave it as it is. Sorry I can't do more for you. Feel free to leave a reply with which option you prefer. Got a response from player in game, wishes to stay on his new island. T/C
  4. Items refunded, please use the right template next time to make things easier T/C
  5. Claimes removed, looking forward to the result! T/C
  6. I couldn't find it in my singleplayer world either, so my guess is that it is disabled by the pack itself.
  7. Can't find your name with /seen, if you still want it refunded please add coordinates of your base so I can place it there.
  8. Sorry for the long wait ? I am sorry to inform you that the earliest date we have a rollback of is 2 days after your requested time, that's why it hadn't been done yet. This means the best we can offer you is a inventory wipe with a refund for how far that is possible.
  9. First of all, I want to introduce myself for everybody who doesn't know me. Some of you who have been here for a long time still might remember me as Seragus, (#BlameSeragus), but as you can see. I have been playing on my main account, flamefurno since late 2017. Second of all. I have a request for everybody else who is feeling motivated to create a reply after reading our posts: Please don't. As much as you want to let out your feelings and thoughts, this post was meant to give Network some attention and I think with these big walls of text, that we have more than succeeded in that. With that out of the way, let's get to the main topic, shall we? I've been part of this community for multiple years and I joined the staff team in early 2016. Although I mainly play modded, I have paid multiple visits throughout the years to our Network server and even though I don't have as much knowledge about what is going on as some other fellow members of our Network, I still feel like I should give an input here, as I have been around for quite some time and together with them, as sad as it is to say, have witnessed the fall of Network. After all, CraftersLand isn't just a community, it's a minecraft network right? There is no denying that Network has been a delicate subject for the past couple of years, Throughout the years many staff members came and many went away. Some because of personal reasons, some not. Some could not stand the downfall of Network. Some could not handle the stress and frustration Network gave when they weren't able to help, because of issues on the servers side. If volunteering staff members go away because of reasons as these, then isn't it maybe time to reconsider how certain things are being handled and shouldn't they be changed? As someone who has been around CraftersLand for over a third of his life, I am grateful. Grateful for the people I met, friends I made, opportunities I got, the laughs made, the tears I shed and just being part of everything that makes CraftersLand so great. CraftersLand and everybody part of it is like a family to me. I guess because of this, it hurts me so much to see how poorly Network is being treated. As Onion showed in his post, we can clearly see the state Network has fallen in. A steady decline during the past one and a half to two years, if not for longer. Our Network servers are a part of our CraftersLand community and I am sorry to say I feel disgraced by the neglect it has received. Henk, if you are reading this: Although we usually shit talk each other (which I wouldn't have any other way ) , I really think you are a great guy, I honestly do. However, with Yusixs leaving the manager team and explaining his reasons to me, I started to have some doubt in certain manager aspects to say the least. And let's kick in the door here: When I told you I was planning to work on a new map for AssassinsCraft to bring some new life towards Network, you said that bruny didn't want to update the map with the latest update and that it would require a lot of work. With this reply, I must congratulate you, because this was the first thing in a long time that actually completely blew me away. Network has slowly been dying, ofcourse it takes a lot of work to rebuild that! And unless you are also against updating the map: You are the manager. If you think that a new map would really help the server, then shouldn't it be your task to try to convince bruny to let us help him revive network? Bruny, if you are reading this: I have never really spoken to you about anything important, as that was usually just me telling stuff to my higherups and them forwarding it to you, so for that, all I can do is thank you for creating this amazing community. However, as this community contradictionary to our Network servers is growing, I think it would be a good idea to put some more trust into your staff members. I know of the initial incident why you lost quite some trust in the first place and don't give all the permissions to just anybody. However, that era is gone. At last, I have a suggestion that in my opinion would support our growing network: Get 3 managers and if wished, give them a maximum period of being a manager. With 3 managers, there will be no tyranny and no endless discussions between two parties trying to convince each other. For everybody who read our posts, thanks for taking the time. The goal of this post was to bring serious attention to Network and I believe we have more than succeeded in that. For the higherups: Please come forward, accept the situation and stop letting Network suffer like a chained starving animal. Either kill it, or put in the time and effort to let it recover. With that, another thanks to everybody. involved. ~Flamefurno
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