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  1. i changed my name recently Ingame name :StevenArchitect coords: x:2855 y:-4852
  2. Your Name: StevenArchitectItem Name + ID + Amount: energy bridge 6647 4x mj energy producer 6654 4x rf energy consumer 6653 4x hardened fluxduct 5892/1 13x ender tank 5458/1 2x hardened fluiduct 5893/2 10x magmatic dynamo 5747/1 10x resonant conversion kit 5489/35 10x resonant filter 5898/4 6x resonant servo 5897/4 12x itemducts 5894/0 120x barrel 7230 42x extra dimensional storage 7235 42x item barrel connector 7231 2x void chest 5432 2x quarry 7282 4x crystal shulker box 6982/5 (one red and one light blue) land mark 7257 8xCoordinates: Description of Issue: aromas dimension reset i dont have evidence of the items as it was my quarry setup and i didnt anticipate losing it. there was no warning that the world was going to be reset
  3. Your Name: StevenArchitectItem Name + ID + Amount: liquid meat + ... + 1Coordinates: Description of Issue: just disappeared "again" its just a liquid that i really need
  4. crazycraft needs a lot maintenance to run i used to help running a server but its really difficult , although i say its possible +1 for crazycraft
  5. Chemical Exchange would be really good?? Trollcraft Dreamcraft Blood and bones 1.7
  6. Your Name: StevenArchitectItem Name + ID + Amount: lapotronic energy orb+ #4402 + 1Coordinates: x:2855 y:-4852Description of Issue: just disappeared from my inventory Apache7X gave it to me so i can charge my jetpack and my vajra
  7. there is a guy named yTeQ trying to crash the server and he broke so many rules(griefing,protection bypass...)
  8. The fully upgraded chisel can bypass protection and you can change other peoples blocks (griefing) +i suggest /kill_all in the servers to reduce lag(server cant handle too many entity_blocks)
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