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  1. IGN:CocoManiac Tried to craft the block to reset my quest book and for some reason i couldnt, so staff told me to post on the forums.
  2. Your Name: CocoManiac Item Name + Amount: 1 draconic bow with 1 awakened core upgrade Coordinates: 65 11255 1 (in last millenium) Description of Issue: I was making my dragon farm and i put my bow into an autonomous activator and the warp itemduct sucked it out and my bow disapeared and i cant find it anywhere Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Yea it would be nice to get a rollback. Btw sorry for the late reply from my side too I had no free time for the past month or so. Thank you in advance!
  4. Rebirth of the night and/or All the mods 3. Both are amazing modpacks that are worth a try
  5. Your Name: CocoManiacCoordinates: 986 0 2009Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 7:00 pm GMT+2 8/17/2020Description of Issue: I was searching for end cities the server lagged and my Ender Staff didnt go off so i fell into the void and couldnt save myself in time.Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Your Name: CocoManiacItem Name + ID + Amount: Zygarde from the Pokemon CrateBase coordinates: /Description of Issue: So I got a pokemon crate key from completing 25% of the dex and I rolled a Zygarde but I couldn't find it anywhere, it wasnt on my team, nor in my pc.Screenshots (Optional):
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