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  1. Your Name: Carbony2897 Item Name + Amount: Openblocks Tank 2288 filled with uu-matter 216 (16.000mb) Coordinates: x -2571 // z -2408 // y 3 Description of Issue: i mined the full tank of uu matter to replace it with an empty one. the tank disappeared. used tool: Flux-Infused-Pickaxe 6783 Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: Carbony2897 Item Name + ID + Amount: 1x Builder block 2393 // 1x Shape card 6959:7 // 1x Tesseract 2675 // 1x Ender chest 2686 // 1x Personal anchor 1315:2 Coordinates: Deep dark, x-363 / z-245 / y 82 Description of Issue: Due to recent server crashes, i assume the mining worlds got reset. there was no warning or time to remove these items. happened around 2 am CET.
  3. Name: Carbony2897 Username: Carbony2897 Account: Carbony2897 Rank: Premium Reason: World Wipe, need rank reactivated.
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