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  1. great, will you write about the results later?
  2. why not make this command public, it doesn't affect the balance in any way
  3. Account Name: Ups Rank: - Requested Commands^: /bq_admin default load Reason for Request*: in instruction on changing language quest book need commands https://github.com/cyber01/ddss_locale/releases
  4. @brunyman when is the next vote?
  5. Ups

    Connect server pack not fix it?
  6. Ups


    players not have official account not can connect and register on server
  7. Ups


    before, there were no problems with this, and it was possible to register on the server
  8. Ups


    if launch craftersland launcher, and push play offline, when connect to server, get error "session is invalid, restart launcher or game", reconect and reinstall launcher not fix it
  9. server pack on modpack developer available
  10. Ups


    hi, not premium players are not connect to server, is this planned to be fixed in the near future, or when the modpack developer will release the server package?
  11. "hybrid login system will not work here" now can play only prem players, not prem not connect?
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