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  1. [Refund Request]LouisFerdi Your Name: LouisFerdiItem Name + ID + Amount: Distillation Tower blockCoordinates: x:57 z:253Description of Issue: marvel bugged out gregtech and the server restarted and when i was back the block is nowhere to be foundScreenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: LouisFerdiItem Name + ID + Amount: Satchel (Reinforced) 1x (Holding IV) List : Leadstone Jetpack 1x Pipette Diamond Trowel 1x Crescent Hammer 1x Yeta Wrench 1x Watering can (Reinforced) Coordinates: X:92 Z:207Description of Issue: my satchel dissapeared while i was making machinesScreenshots (Optional):
  3. Can we increase the apricorn plant limit per chunk from 32 to 64 or more since farming them is hard if there's a limit of 32 plants each chunk
  4. missing Items: Diamond Pickaxe 1x Efficiency 5 Silktouch 1 Unbreaking 3 Mending 1 Safety Goggles 1x Elytra:Unbreaking 3
  5. Your Name: LouisFerdiItem Name + ID + Amount: ilex shrine 1x Beast ball 1xBase coordinates: x:2128 z:-875Description of Issue: i was summoning a celebi and mid fight server decided it had to restart and when i came back he's goneScreenshots (Optional):
  6. Your Name: LouisFerdiCoordinates: 841 349 28 DIM-1Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 18:35 July,4 2020 GMT+7Description of Issue: apparently the nether doesnt have KeepInventory enabled and i fell i to lava while lagging outScreenshots (Optional):
  7. Player said Rollback no longer needed T/C
  8. Items Placed at Player's homepoint T/C
  9. it is indeed possible to play with your friends since we run a modded server you can use the /trust [playername] command to invite your friends to your claim and /tpa [playername] to tp to your friends T/C
  10. Try the Unstuck Package https://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1347141 And if you have it,Paste the crashlog link by pressing getlink and copying that so we can remove the problematic block
  11. try removing the VanillaFix mod
  12. Player said Refund No longer necessary T/C
  13. Item Refunded To Player T/C
  14. Item Refunded To Player T/C
  15. Item(s) Refunded To Player T/C
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