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  1. No need to ping. He will see the post when he is free
  2. Your items must have changed because you had asked for an Inventory Rollback Under your draconic reactor i have put a chest with the items you had before the rollback Please make sure you still need the Inventory Rollback and respond below so we can proceed with it.
  3. @BenaBearO He can get the unstuck package at the store (free). This will teleport him to spawn after a little. https://craftersland.buycraft.net
  4. I suggest you make a complaint post in this section https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/150-complaints/ using the template provided there
  5. Items Refunded. Player Confirmed (Was online during the refund). Thread Closed.
  6. Player Decided to make a Refund Request. Thread Closed
  7. Player was hacking. He was banned according to the rules. Thanks for your report.
  8. Even tho it is possible to add such plugin to the server, there are some problems that set this function unworthy to bother with. Such Plugins, protect the chests from being destroyed by other players. This means that a possibility to block Nether and End dimension spawns will be given to the players, causing trouble for both the players and the staff members. Even tho teleporting or traveling to other players islands, is not a big matter, such a high traffic between islands is not recommended, because since the server has the Modded Nature, it could easily cause troubles. To be specific: The ability to grief: Even tho griefing is a forbidden action and restricted as much as possible, there are still ways to bypass the protection. Allowing all the players to teleport freely to your island, even tho you are offline will be like a blessing to griefers, since it won't be possible for us to narrow down the suspects list. Possibility to crash: Because of the Modded Nature of the server, the possibility to crash is high, and it becomes a lot higher when you teleport to other islands. Considering the fact that some objects can make you crash on join, it would be a high risk for every player to try teleporting to someone's shop, just to buy some items. Since the modpack depends on the automation, its highly possible that players will need to buy a huge amount of items, which will most likely make them teleport back and forth in the island triggering the problems mentioned above. Again, because of the modded nature of the server, there is no guarantee that the plugin will be able to work correctly with every item of the modpack, since it was created with the expectation to work with the vanilla items. The troubles this could cause can be: A new Bug-Glitch that allows duping items. Cause lag to the server or the client, depending on the nature of some items (Data size of the ME Drives etc ...). Using the signs in a chest (or other inventory storage) that comes from a mod could cause troubles and even crashes as well. Using modded ways to transfer items to even vanilla chests, while they wear the shop sign could have a bad reaction for the server. Some of the problems mentioned above might not exist, or be easy to fix, but some others (The ability to grief and Possibility to crash) are most likely unavoidable. Considering we already have the market which is at spawn and configured to avoid the problems mentioned, adding shopsigns is not really worth the problems it will cause.
  9. Confirmed with the player, this is no longer a problem. Thread Closed.
  10. IGN: eytixis Time/Date: Any before 1st of January Description of issue: I failed /clear command... ?
  11. When opening a chance cube, there is a chance to force kill you, upon asking you a question and giving you 45 seconds to respond. Sometimes, if for some reason it fails to kill you (for example if you have eaten a Notch Apple), it will cause you to have the Semi-Dead Bug. This bug is when your screen shakes, your life hearts disappear and you can't interact with any inventory. To solve this bug, you need another player (any player that doesn't have this bug) to help you. The other player has to help you: Move your items to a chest Create a new Shell using Sync mod Moving items to a chest This part is necessary if you have any important items, because your items will remain on your old Shell, therefore you won't be able to get them after you resolve the bug. If you have no important items on your inventory, this part can be completely ignored. If the one that's helping you is a staff mod+, he can use his power to take all of your items instead. The helping player will need to have: A PIM from OpenPeripheralAddons mod to be able to access your Inventory. A Transfer Node (or any item transfering pipe) to transfer your items from the PIM. Finally a Chest (or any storage, preferred to be at least 40 slots) to store the items until the bug is resolved. The setup is simple enough, you just have to place the PIM somewhere and pull items from it to the chest. The bugged player has to step on the PIM and wait until all his items are gone to the chest. Moving the items part is now complete. Creating the new Shell Now to fix the bug, you need to create a new Shell for the bugged player. To do that you will need: A Shell Constructor from Sync mod, to create the Shell. A Shell Storage from Sync mod, for the player to temporary hold the old Shell. Any RF power source to power the Shell Constructor. A continuous redstone signal source (Lever) to enable the Shell Storage. Now you need to place down the Shell Constructor and Shell Storage (no need for them to be next to each other, just close is enough), give power to the Shell Constructor and redstone signal to Shell Storage. The bugged player now has to right click the Shell Constructor to start the creation of the new Shell. After that's done, walk into the Shell Storage. You should see a circle where there is the new Shell on its top side. Move your mouse up, until it highlights and shows the coordinates of the Shell Constructor. Then Left-Click. After that, you will get to your new Shell. All done. You can now take your items from the chest. You can break both the Shell Constructor and the Shell Storage. You can also have a setup ready on your island before you go open chance cubes, so you don't have to wait for a player to help you.
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