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  1. Hey, first i suggest you try again. Maybe something was down at the time you tried to download it. You can also try using the portable version of the launcher. If the portable version works, while the normal one doesn't then the problem is within your files. Remove the Craftersland Launcher folder from your documents folder and download the latest launcher version here. That can fix the problem sometimes, if it's caused from updating to an old launcher version. If the portable version has the same problem, then i guess the problem is not yours, but the server where the files are downloaded from. If the portable version works, you can also just keep using the portable version. It downloads the packs to it's own folder and doesn't need installation. After all, it doesn't give you any restrictions with the packs at all.
  2. I don't believe it's possible to give the current map of the server (Maybe there is no problem, or maybe only for your base only). As for the old maps, they have been removed from the server when it wiped. They are being uploaded by brunyman, but the link is temporary and i don't think he has the files to upload them anymore. If you know anyone that had downloaded them, you could ask him to send you i guess, but the data they might send you are always your risk and responsibility. If you want to look around tho, you can always join the server.
  3. I checked both Nether and Overworld on these coords, didn't find any grave Please wait, until the manager rollbacks your Inventory
  4. I am sorry you see this problem. The End of Stream error you see is totally server side, which means that you can do nothing to fix it. It's a bug which happens to the server and doesn't allow anyone at all join the server after it happens. It doesn't kick the players that are currently online, but no one can join after it happens (not even the staff). We are still trying to resolve it, but we haven't made any serious progress so far. Again, we are sorry for this.
  5. Even though you have a point about kids adding random people met in game, we can't create a rule that completely prohibits asking to add a person to a private account. We can't take any responsibility for your private messages and accounts outside of the Craftersland network. Indeed if you tell someone that you don't want to add them, spamming you over that becomes harassment which is not allowed, neither in our discord server or in game. You can always ignore the person (/ignore <player>) and make a complain if you see that he insists on it.
  6. Could you edit the description of issue to how you lost the items ? Since it's an inventory rollback, we already know what were the items.
  7. It will soon close, so I don't suggest you actually start playing before the reset.
  8. I am not completely sure, but i think it's a matter of hours or even minutes
  9. The creative tag was causing the problem, use Infinite Energy from CalclaviaCore instead T/C
  10. eytixis


    Do you have proof that you were a part of that town, and that your friend doesn't mind if you get back to it?
  11. Island Removed. We are sorry about that issue, /is leave and /is delete don't work for the players, but we will look into it. I think an option would be to just /is invite, but i don't know if your friend would be able to accept it since he already had another island, so i just removed it.
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