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  1. About 3 years now i have been using turtles in the skyfactory 2 and skyfactory 2,5 servers with the approval of the staff to help people with some stuff like clearing platforms on the nether's spawn and getting graves in it or in the overworld when someone dies outside of the island's border. Although i have been recommended to ask for a formal permission from the owner to use them since i have been spawning them using " only willing to discuss this with staff " . The turtles are banned in the skyfactory 2.5 because they can be used to bypass protection. More specific they are like robots that can be programmed to: - be wirelessly controlled - break and place blocks - interact with inventories I hope this request is clear to you and my intentions are only to use them for good, I understand if the owner does now want to give it but I would be glad that the patch for these turtles being restricted is rolled out or I am given permission. I have played on your server for more than 3 years and never used them for malicious purposes. Looking forward to your reply!
  2. Account Name: eytixis Island Owner Name: rizzla007 Island Rollback Coordinates: x:1480 y:1080 Time/Date to rollback: 28/6/2017 Issue: When i joined today i noticed that the server removed some important machines that are too timetaking to replace them myself. Thats why i want to rollback at anytime to 28/6/2017 because its a sure time. I would prefer to only rollback the chunk in x:1480 z:1080 because some other chunks have my draconic reactor and my me system so it has high chances to destroy the drives or cause power faiilures.
  3. i dont remember when the bug started but i think it was before 5 september
  4. 1st of september was a right time. But after the rollback the me system changed completely. I never had spatial storages anyway
  5. IGN: eytixis Island Owner Name: rizzla007 I asked some days ago to rollback my island to 1st of september due to a crash bug. http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/16378-rollback-request-when-i-go-to-my-island-i-crash-after-30s-1m/ After this rollback all my me cables were despawned and my me system drives were changed to spatial storages.
  6. I had the same problem with teleporting. I guess i will still have it when i will be able to join. But i mostly have it with teleport.
  7. I know, i have read some posts that people have the same problem. I think i have the same problem. I didnt have access to many stuff in my island because of the crash problem.
  8. Account Name: eytixis Island's Owner Name: rizzla007 (almost 2,5 months inactive) Coordinates: x=1400 z=1000 rollback time/date: 1st of september When i go to my island i crash after 30secs. When i lowered my render distance to 2 chunks, i managed to go there but when i moved a bit i crashed. I checked some stuff, and they were changed with other random items. I guess that one of these random items is might the one that crashes me, but i would prefer my island to be rollbacked to be sure.
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