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  1. Island Removed. We are sorry about that issue, /is leave and /is delete don't work for the players, but we will look into it. I think an option would be to just /is invite, but i don't know if your friend would be able to accept it since he already had another island, so i just removed it.
  2. Item Refunded. Since you have an Inventory Rollback Request pending, i put the item in a chest at X:-2095 Y:90 Z:2899
  3. I agree, that the server should wipe soon. Last time there was a wipe poll, half of the players were new (maybe a week or less) and didn't want the server to Wipe. Although, most of the players now are actually old, and they would like a fresh start. Also, since the modpack updated recently, i believe it's a good time for a wipe.
  4. Your Name: eytixis (Island Owner) Coordinates: -769 92 12543 Time: The most recent before 3:30 AM of 30/5/2020 (EEST) Description of Issue: Too many bytes 😢
  5. Items Refund. I put the items in the satchel in your inventory.
  6. The only thing you can craft with the redstone clock is the Aqueous Accumulator which has an alternate recipe
  7. The lag you might experience on the overworld is client based, and is caused because of bad optimization of the modpack itself. No plugin will be able to change that and we can't change any modpack configurations, as it would require every individual player to do the exact same configurations to join the server
  8. There is no point in using such plugin for Interactions T/C
  9. please edit your post according to this template
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