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  1. Even tho we would like to go to other planets, we never change the mods of a modpack. If we update galacticraft, every single player will have to do the exact same change, and we can't guarantee everyone knows how to do it, or wants to do it. I guess there are other packs that have Galacticraft, or other mods similar, which have more planets.
  2. I added 2 Legendary and 20 Vote keys to your Inventory
  3. We are sorry, the End of Stream issue is server-side, and it can only be fixed by restarting the server. It should be fine now
  4. Please use this template Either edit your post, or comment below
  5. in a state of death from chance cube , i cant die, and cant do anything

  6. You can't really do anything about it. We only refund items lost because of a server issue. Sorry
  7. Item refunded, no need to delete previous mine colony T/C
  8. Since the pack hasn't been updated until it released, i guess you have the correct version of the pack, but make sure you don't have any newer one. Could you say what message you get when you can't join? Note: I teleported you to spawn and i moved the creeper pet from your inventory to one of your chests, so you might be able to join now. I went to your base, but i didn't disconnect or crash though.
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