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  1. Name: eytixis Coordinates: Your base.. Time: The oldest backup Description of issue: We got griefed
  2. WorldEdit and Speed permissions added, removed the TP Timer. Vanish is staff only permission, so i can't give it to you.
  3. Rollback Complete. If anything is missing, write them down below for a manual refund.
  4. Rollback complete If anything is missing, make a list below for a manual refund.
  5. Added the items to your inventory
  6. Sorry, but due to your past with W/E we can't give you access to it. T/C
  7. Town Rollback If anything is missing, comment down below so it can be manually refunded.
  8. Added the item to your inventory
  9. I guess your account was hacked and used to spawn in items, since you have Premium+ rank. Your forum account is enough proof of ownership, so i will unban you. T/C
  10. Sorry, but the link to Imgur home page doesn't help me. Do you have any proof about it, either from the chat, or from your logs?
  11. Moved to PO3 Tech Support
  12. Added the items to your Inventory
  13. Sorry, but our backup files don't go back that long. If you still have issues joining the server, DM me on discord so we can figure something out.
  14. Rollback Complete I placed your current items in a chest at your home location If anything is missing, please make a refund request below
  15. I'm sorry, but our backups don't go back that long... If you still want the items you lost, you will have to make a refund request
  16. Rollback Complete make a refund request below, if anything is missing
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