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  1. du brauchst dafür entweder den craftersland launcher, multimc launcher oder curseforge launcher um skyfactory 4 zu downloaden und im launcher zu installieren um das modpack spielen zu können, alternativ kannst du skyfactory 4 auch auf curseforge.com runterladen, die aktuelle SF4 version ist 4.2.2. im übrigen im forum, sowie auch im chat ingame und auf auf dem discord wird nur englisch gesprochen, bitte beachte dies nächstes mal! hier die links: craftersland launcher: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28535-craftersland-launcher-released-v122-fine-tune-your-experience-to-the-max/
  2. uh sheesh that thread is/was old, but yeah i find the idea of an thread that tells you the limits is a good idea, otherwise ppl could say there is no thread or something like rules that says i can only have xx bonsais or hoppers, etc. so i can setup 300 bonsais or i can build a giant smeltery and fill it up or i can have clocks running at 1 ticks, cause there are no official rules for that. and. btw. there is a max of 50 bonsais per island allowed (inofficial). and i think if there were rules to prevent lags, then the server may could run more smoothly at a higher tps rate the
  3. Your Name: Undertakerin but it's for Sielanka Coordinates: x1259 z4564 + area around Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): idk, i think end of december 2020 / beginning of january 2021 Description of Issue: someone nuked his base (he still can't play cause he's working all the day and has no time to play) Screenshots (Optional):
  4. that's not a potential grief or admin abuse edge has removed the bonsais/pipes with obsi and from your smeltery the block too cause they've caused lags. and btw. there are only 50 bonsais allowed per island... PER ISLAND! not per player! and that's the rules! but you had like 115-120 bonsais and they were way too much... i'm still wondering why he hasn't cut your smeltery, the smeltery is way too far big... if you have or want make fluids in this gigantic thing it will cause lags, so i give you the advice cut the half of your smeltery, that's more than enough. and please use buffer
  5. thx for the rollback, nearly everything is back, just a machine is still broken, but i can fix it. if i find something missing, etc. i call ya or eytixis in discord for manual refund. thread can be closed
  6. Your Name: Undertakerin Coordinates: x-3506, z-3247 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 15-20.12.2020 time idk. timezone berlin time UTC+1 Description of Issue: someone destroyed my base with tnt or something explosives Screenshots (Optional):
  7. if you ever were wondering why the heck i'm sitting near my mob farm and no mobs will spawn... so this is cause the mob spawnrate is completely changed in SF4, here's how to spawn the mobs: 1. Method: craft some water candles and a flint and steel, place the water candles in a dark room or mob farm and lit them with the flint and steel, go away ~30 blocks and wait a bit, then the mobs will begin to spawn. (you can build also a mob farm with fans, but remember to collect the items the mobs drop to prevent lags!) and don't set up more than max. 20-40 water candles. 2. Method: very simp
  8. So here's a guide how to get Spawn Eggs (for example to change a Spawner) first you need to craft a mob swab to get mob dna, you need 2 wool and a stick after you crafted a mob swab you need to find a mob like a zombie hit the mob with the mob swab to get it's dna after that you need to craft gm food, it contains the mob swab with dna, normal wheat seed and a bucket of liquid xp if you don't know how to get liquid xp, craft a xp drain singularity tank (or in other modpacks it can be a xp pylon or something else that can collect xp), kill some mobs to
  9. before i begin with the template, he is inactive atm cause he's working and has no time to play atm. i saw his base got destroyed from someone with chance cubes, but i don't know when, so i hope you can find a working backup from the last 3 months from now on. Your Name: Undertakerin but it's for Sielanka Coordinates: x 1274, z 4593 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): idk when it happened, so i can't answer -.- Description of Issue: someone destroyed his base with chance cubes before they were disabled in the overworld Screenshots (Optional):
  10. For all People out there who are using the Twitch Launcher, the Mod/Addon Support ends on November 30. 2020! After this Deadline you need to use the new Curseforge Launcher if you were a former Twitch Launcher User proof of the deadline: (it's in german, but it means support ends on nov. 30. 2020 and you need to switch to the new curseforge launcher) or you can switch to the craftersland launcher: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28535-craftersland-launcher-released-v116-fine-tune-your-experience-to-the-max/ or to the multimc launcher: https://multimc.org/#Downlo
  11. @SatanIsMyLord that's weird, i'm living in the desert and they spawn very often near my base or in my base in the mob farm with cursed earth. the hippocampi will getting a problem, i only saw them in overworld, but i think nearly all got killed and they don't respawn, i think there will be more behind the world border, but d34d said to me they don't remove the world border, so the only solution will be a spawnegg at spawn or as quest reward from another quest to tame a hippocampi in the future or removing the world border.
  12. Quests Removed Required Item Name/Mob Name: Moon Shield Quest Name: Moon Shield Quest Tab Name: Space Exploration -> Aurorian Notices: Item cannot be obtained Solution: Remove the quest Required Item Name/Mob Name: Upgrade: New Era Quest Name: Upgrade New Era Quest Tab Name: Introduction to Science Notices: Item cannot be obtained/crafted, only per questshop available for 25k coins Solution: Remove the quest or make it craftable Required Item Name/Mob Name: Creative Wireless Crafting Terminal Quest Name: θ 25,000 Quest Tab Name: Unlockables N
  13. Quests Removed Required Item Name/Mob Name: Nuclear TNT and Red Matter Explosives Quest Name: Nuclear TNT / Red Matter Explosives Quest Tab Name: Challenges Notices: TNT / Explosives can be crafted, but it send out a massive radiation and contaminates the whole base during the crafting process, so you need approx. more than 100 rad scrubbers to reduce the radiation level to a non deadly level, otherwise you will have a chernobyl or fukushima 2 in your base. Solution: Remove the quest or set it to complete for everyone
  14. Quest Removed Required Item Name/Mob Name: Primordial Malevolence (Betweenlands Boss) Quest Name: Kill 1x Primordial Malevolence Quest Tab Name: Bosses Notices: Boss is buggy, he doesn't spawn the green orbs to break his shield to kill him Solution: Remove the quest or set it to complete for everyone
  15. Your Name: Undertakerin Coordinates: x -3551 z -3245 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 09-9:30am Berlin Time GMT+2 10.10.2020 Description of Issue: someone bastard has nuked my base and i've lost nearly everything in my base and nearly every machine, etc. Screenshots (Optional):
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