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  1. For all People out there who are using the Twitch Launcher, the Mod/Addon Support ends on November 30. 2020! After this Deadline you need to use the new Curseforge Launcher if you were a former Twitch Launcher User proof of the deadline: (it's in german, but it means support ends on nov. 30. 2020 and you need to switch to the new curseforge launcher) or you can switch to the craftersland launcher: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28535-craftersland-launcher-released-v116-fine-tune-your-experience-to-the-max/ or to the multimc launcher: https://multimc.org/#Downlo
  2. @SatanIsMyLord that's weird, i'm living in the desert and they spawn very often near my base or in my base in the mob farm with cursed earth. the hippocampi will getting a problem, i only saw them in overworld, but i think nearly all got killed and they don't respawn, i think there will be more behind the world border, but d34d said to me they don't remove the world border, so the only solution will be a spawnegg at spawn or as quest reward from another quest to tame a hippocampi in the future or removing the world border.
  3. Quests Removed Required Item Name/Mob Name: Moon Shield Quest Name: Moon Shield Quest Tab Name: Space Exploration -> Aurorian Notices: Item cannot be obtained Solution: Remove the quest Required Item Name/Mob Name: Upgrade: New Era Quest Name: Upgrade New Era Quest Tab Name: Introduction to Science Notices: Item cannot be obtained/crafted, only per questshop available for 25k coins Solution: Remove the quest or make it craftable Required Item Name/Mob Name: Creative Wireless Crafting Terminal Quest Name: θ 25,000 Quest Tab Name: Unlockables N
  4. Quests Removed Required Item Name/Mob Name: Nuclear TNT and Red Matter Explosives Quest Name: Nuclear TNT / Red Matter Explosives Quest Tab Name: Challenges Notices: TNT / Explosives can be crafted, but it send out a massive radiation and contaminates the whole base during the crafting process, so you need approx. more than 100 rad scrubbers to reduce the radiation level to a non deadly level, otherwise you will have a chernobyl or fukushima 2 in your base. Solution: Remove the quest or set it to complete for everyone
  5. Quest Removed Required Item Name/Mob Name: Primordial Malevolence (Betweenlands Boss) Quest Name: Kill 1x Primordial Malevolence Quest Tab Name: Bosses Notices: Boss is buggy, he doesn't spawn the green orbs to break his shield to kill him Solution: Remove the quest or set it to complete for everyone
  6. Your Name: Undertakerin Coordinates: x -3551 z -3245 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 09-9:30am Berlin Time GMT+2 10.10.2020 Description of Issue: someone bastard has nuked my base and i've lost nearly everything in my base and nearly every machine, etc. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Your Name: UndertakerinCoordinates: x-x-xTime/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 30.09.2020 / 23:30-40h / 11:40pm gmt+2 berlin timeDescription of Issue: 30.09.2020 between at 23:57-58h (11:57-58pm) the server crashed and deleted my complete progress, inv, skills, etc. and i spawned on top of the spawnScreenshots (Optional):
  8. Quest Removed Required Item Name/Mob Name: Blazing Juggernaut 15x Quest Name: Nether Bounty: Blazing Juggernaut Quest Tab Name: Introduction Notices: The Juggernauts don't spawn in the nether, since it's broken from the last modpack update, not even cursed earth or lit water candles work Solution?: Maybe removing the quest or set quest status to completed for everyone or maybe add a soul vial or spawneggs to a nether quest or at spawn or the ingame quest shop for xxx coins. Required Item Name/Mob Name: Portal Gun (craftable but restricted) Quest Name: Portal Gun
  9. thanks eytixis for refunding the items, hope you will find me online to refund the aurorian items and ingredients for the moon keys.
  10. thx for rollbacking 90% are back, but i'm missing some items from before the crash/rollback that got deleted at the rollback, i list them 1x supremium pick with fortune 3, soulbound 3, effi 5 (was a gift from asood) 1x aurorian sword max levelled i think 1x aurorian shovel with effi 5 and nearly max levelled 1x tinkers shuriken (same as the nihilite-dragon bone, etc. one from sielanka) (was a gift from sielanka) 1x miners pick (the one with enchants that can be found in lootchests around the world/dungeons) 1x silktouch dia axe 1x builders wand in
  11. just search in twitch launcher for sky factory 4 from darkosto and download it with the launcher. or download it from curseforge: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/skyfactory-4/files/3012798 version 4.2.2, name a folder SkyFactory 4 in the Instances Folder from twitch and extract the files into the SkyFactory 4 Folder, open twitch launcher and you may have a new profile named skyfactory 4, start it and you can play. or download the craftersland launcher and choose sky factory 4 or use the ATLauncher or get the multimc launcher and install the modpack via this launcher.
  12. Your Name: UndertakerinCoordinates: x-x-xTime/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 27.09.2020 / 7:40am gmt+2 berlin timeDescription of Issue: 27.09.2020 between 7:55-8:00 am the server crashed and deleted my complete progress, inv, skills, etc. and i spawned on top of the spawnScreenshots (Optional):
  13. Undertakerin


    hm what about gamerule keep inventory until they found a soultion or fix for graves? i know it would make the game way too easy, but better than losing items everytime or get fu### up from dying and items spreading a mile when you die and can't find them or get deleted from fire, cactus, etc. or you can't reach them cause you die immediately from the mobs. and btw. in the fire and ice config turning off that pixies can steal items.
  14. Your Name: UndertakerinCoordinates: X 13053 Z -7423 Y 1 (my island)Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 6 - 9 august 2020 ~20h (8pm) - ~7h (7 am) UTC +2 (MESZ/CEST/CEDT) berlin timeDescription of Issue: my backpack with spawners (100% legal) is gone from the enderchest (vanilla one) or someone has the backpack deleted, idk. but noticed it today.Screenshots (Optional): sadly no screenie, damn
  15. remove the security terminal from your me and it will never happen again and you can place the inscribers/cables again, cause the sec. terminal is still buggy -.-
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