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  1. Your Name: ChristmasSpirit_Item Name + Amount: flux pickaxe with effic 3 flux capacitor X 3 cresent hammer power fist (mele, hv capacitor, axe, pickaxe, shovel, leaf blower, diamond upgrade) Power Helmet(hv capacitor) Power Chest(hv capacitor, glider wings) power leggings(hv capacitor, jump,sprint,step assist) power boots(hv capacitor, shock absorbers) Description of Issue: i was in my mystcraft world i just created and ran around and went into an area that seemed like unloaded chunks expecting it to load, i then fall into the void because it was an island world Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Account Name: Senhor_Buly Character name : Senhor_Buly Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 25/11/2017, 23:25 (11:25pm) GMT+0 Description of Issue: well I was playing and a random nether portal appeared in my base and I went in to see what it was and then when I got to nether I just started suffocating and got killed by the end. First, i thought it was lag but then I lost my items. *Screenshots: Screenshot Of Portal That Spawned In Base please note i am doing this for someone else that cannot make an account for some reason
  3. i did not know there was a place for this XD i got told by someone to do it here
  4. so basically im changing name i used to be Wubb4Lubb4DubDub proof<< i changed it to ChristmasSpirit_ i would like my vip rank transferd over to this name please thanks heres proof of me being ChristmasSpirit_
  5. Account Name(you):Wubb4Lubb4DubDub Every information from template not given is in the video i shall show Coordinates: X: 105 Z: 32 all information you need:
  6. ok this may be a glitch cuz noone else could see it ...
  7. spellbyte32

    bad doggo

    In-Game Nickname: no idea Time and date: no idea Description of what happened: dog called gay nigger at spawn Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/HIhzJkv List of eyewitnesses: anyone that goes to spawn
  8. https://imgur.com/MPyhZ4l
  9. i want my town (Nigeria) rolled back and my inventory (Wubb4Lubb4DubDub) and my friends inventory (AgentWaffle84)
  10. Account Name:Wubb4Lubb4DubDub Town name: / Character name :Town name is Nigeria. Character names are Wubb4Lubb4DubDub and AgentWaffle84 Coordinates: X= 126 Y= 83 z=36 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:20:42 GMT+0 11/10/2017 Description of Issue:ok so what happend is agent died and then we did not realise he had antimatter in his inventory and blew up everything we had including our inventories so would be helpful if we can get both these rollbacks *Screenshots: attached
  11. Account Name: Wubb4Lubb4DubDub Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 12:15 25/08/2017 gmt +0:00 Description of Issue: i was in a dimentional door world and i got teleported back into the overworld in a wall and i fell down into the void and lost my entire inventory
  12. In-Game Nickname: the player who spawned in the cows is unknown the spam killers are in the proof XD Time and date:10/08/2017 around 19:00 ish GMT+00 Description of what happened: i found a bunch of cows spawned in called cheesy, like loads and then people started spam killing them, not long after this happend a giant spam chain happened instantly Screenshots or Proof: What i found: http://imgur.com/4HnjC8N People who where spamming kill: http://imgur.com/mT3H4BN http://imgur.com/ZxxAnlA http://imgur.com/kQ4wyvc http://imgur.com/9HbW42r http://imgur.com/9HbW42r Something else that happend afterwards: http://imgur.com/vsgmiZo List of eyewitnesses: anyone in this tab menu was a witness http://imgur.com/1uQLlSM
  13. i am a large townand i want it XD
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