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  1. Your Name: ChristmasSpirit_ Town Name: Wakanda Coordinates: +4614 -2660 57 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 15:50 GMT time Description of Issue: Base Got Griefed
  2. Your Name: ChristmasSpirit_Item Name + Amount: Resonant Energy Cell x 1 Resonant Jetpack x 2 Redstone Energy Conduit x 128 Flux-Infused Pickaxe with the enchants: Efficiency V, Silk Touch I, Unbreaking III x 1 Flux-Infused Sword with the enchants: Sharpness V, Unbreaking III, Fire Aspect II, Looting III x 1Coordinates: Description of Issue: i got killed by a skeleton in the deep dark and then my game crashed causing me to loose all my itemsScreenshots (Optional):
  3. Your Name: ChristmasSpirit_i have found multiple towns that have been inactive for a month+ i am simply asking for their removal because theyre inactive and that is all i have attatched a file containing the town names and their coords inactive bases.txt
  4. Your Name: ChristmasSpirit_Item Name + Amount: flux pickaxe with effic 3 flux capacitor X 3 cresent hammer power fist (mele, hv capacitor, axe, pickaxe, shovel, leaf blower, diamond upgrade) Power Helmet(hv capacitor) Power Chest(hv capacitor, glider wings) power leggings(hv capacitor, jump,sprint,step assist) power boots(hv capacitor, shock absorbers) Description of Issue: i was in my mystcraft world i just created and ran around and went into an area that seemed like unloaded chunks expecting it to load, i then fall into the void because it
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