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  1. Refund request

    Refunded player T/C
  2. [Bugged player data ?] Techno1001101

    As player stated above, everything's fine T/C
  3. Island rollback

    Player no longer crashes server when joining. Thanks Bruny T/C
  4. Island rollback

    Please edit your post to follow the following template
  5. Rollback was succesful, but player lost some items made before the rollback. Refunded player the lost items. T/C
  6. Refund {Request}

    Player got the items. T/C
  7. Island World Edit Request

    Move no longer wanted T/C
  8. You will have to wait until friday. If you know exactly what item you had, you could have made a refund request. I think a rollback is better though, because you lost your entire inventory Also, please try to use the edit button under your posts, this way you don't keep bumping the topic
  9. Only Bruny can do rollbacks, so you'll have to wait until the next maintenance day, which is on friday.
  10. Talked to player ingame, rollback succesful T/C
  11. Talked to player ingame, rollback succesful T/C
  12. Refund Request

    Refunded items T/C
  13. I lost my stuff

    What server is this for?
  14. Deep Dark Reset

    Placed the items in a resonant strongbox next to your cobble gen As Lancelot said, the Deep Dark, the End, the Nether and the Twilight Forest get reset at the beginning of the month. I suggest removing your items from those dimensions at the end of the month, just to be sure. T/C

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