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  1. Hello there, sorry for the long wait. I completely missed this topic when looking at the forums. I have found only 1 grave belonging to you and didn't find any other graves belonging to either you or your teammate. I take it you lost quite a few items because of this. If you still have the death notes, you can make a refund request and I'll refund the items. If you don't know what you had/lost the note, you can make an inventory rollback request. You can make a new post(Your friend will have to make a post themselves if they need an inventory rollback) in the Technical Support section. https://forum.craftersland.net/forum/310-technical-support/
  2. Hello there, sorry it took such a long time. It seemed like I missed this topic when looking at the forums. I have retrieved your graves and have placed them at your island near your greatwood tree. I wasn't able to break the graves myself since they aren't mine, otherwise I would have broken them and put the items in a chest.
  3. I have placed the creative sponge in your inventory. As for the 2 extra creative magnets, you are allowed to sell those since you got them from a mystic crates. The crates are chance based, so we can't just exchange 2 items for a different one. Feel free to message me in-game or on discord if you have any questions. T/C
  4. Placed the 3 rockets in your inventory and send a PM on discord with proof. T/C
  5. I placed the items in a marked chest at your base T/C
  6. I have placed the Holy Sword Excalibur in a chest directly next to your cauldron. It will have a sign on it T/C
  7. Retrieved the graves and placed the lost items in the chest I mentioned. EMC bug gets fixed when relogging as told in game T/C
  8. Glad you're able to get online again T/C
  9. I went to your base and didn't crash. When I was there I removed the redstone dust in front of the machine so you should be able to go there. Just to be sure, I sent you to spawn
  10. I have tested in the overworld myself and both the iron ingot>wrought iron ingot and grains of infinity "crafting" seem to work now. Could you test it yourself so we can be sure it's fixed?
  11. As you figured out on discord, the server was down due to it updating to the latest modpack version and you should be able to join just fine now T/C
  12. Refunded Make sure to take the Excalibur out of your hotbar so you don't accidentally click the anvil with it T/C
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