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  1. Player didn't get back their draconic armor and tools, but they have made them again. Other stuff was fine T/C
  2. Your favorite music

  3. [Skyfactory 2.5] Bifrost Block

    Yes, the recipe is working, thank you! T/C
  4. Spoke to player in game, rollback succesful T/C
  5. [Skyfactory 2.5] Bifrost Block

    Thank Bruny. Turns out the script I sent you didn't work . I edited it and it should work now: BifrostBlock.zs I also saw that the blocks are added to the spawn shop, so thanks for that
  6. I think it's a bit unfair if you get access to use turtles. They are banned for a reason and just because you've been on the server for a long time, doesn't mean you should get access to items that other people can't use. I mean, even staff can't use the restricted items and I'm sure Bruny trusts us. Staff is there to get graves for people when they die outside of their island or in the nether. We can also clean the nether platform, no need to use turtles for that. Even if you have a lot of playtime, that doesn't mean you get treated like you're special and different from others, that would be unfair. Hell, Lancelot has the most hours out of everyone, but he doesn't get special perms for that. Still, it's Bruny's decision, but if 1 person gets access, how many more are going to ask for it with the reason "I've been here for a long time/played a very long time?"
  7. [Skyfactory 2.5] Bifrost Block

    Since the rod of the bifrost was banned, we can't make the bifrost blocks. A few people have asked me if there's another way to get the, but I had to tell them there is not. Maybe it would be possible to get a custom recipe for them? Lancelot and I thought this would be a good recipe: This recipe gives you one bifrost block Here is the script to get the recipe: BifrostBlock.zs If that's not a possibility, adding them to the spawn shop is an alternative. For the price I'd say $50 per 16 blocks would be a good price. The blocks can only be used for decoration and to make the fabulous mana pool (the pool just looks fancy, that's the only difference with a normal mana pool). I hope the recipe gets added, since someone told me they needed 3k+ blocks...
  8. Player has told me that a rollback is no longer needed since they no longer crash. T/C
  9. Weird server behavior and crashes

    This is for SkyFactory 2.5. Laya put the modpack version in the tags, but it's very easy to miss there
  10. Trashcan

    I just tried using the trashcans, but it seems we can't access them :/ Might want to look into this so we can.
  11. [Player Data Transfer] kageswithane2

    Player now has their werewolf and vampire levels back! T/C
  12. Trashcan

    Thank you Bruny T/C
  13. [Chunk rollback)

    Rollback succesful T/C
  14. crashprevention

    Confirmed that it's removed! T/C
  15. Favourite Food

    I'd do everything for my mom's pasta sauce... I also love sushi, steak with mushroom sauce and almost anything Italian or Greek related.

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