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  1. i need to be added back to my old is

    Talked to player ingame. Player was added back to the island. Thanks Bruny :). T/C
  2. GMC Removed

    Talked to player ingame, gm1 got removed :). T/C
  3. Island rollback request

    Spoke to player ingame. Rollback actually was succesful, player moved the ME drive. There's no need for a rollback to a different date. T/C
  4. /gm 1 removal

    Talked to player ingame, gm1 got removed :). T/C
  5. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but not a single shoe fits you. I wish I had amazing drawing skills.
  6. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but Glados made sure there's poison in it :). I wish I had a powerful gaming pc that doesn't try to kill me.
  7. Command request.

    Talked to player ingame. Worldedit perms are working. No Tick Profiler commands, but player doesn't mind. T/C
  8. A payed chunkloader-ish thing

    There's not really a rank for reaching a vote marker, you just get some extra money when you do reach them ($250 I believe) As for the chunkloaders: First, the entire island would only be loaded if that player is online, otherwise a lot of (big) bases will be loaded all at once and the server will get laggy. Second, I don't think there's a need for a whole island to be chunkloaded. Most of the machines can be build in a few chunks and you can also build platforms on top or below your existing island. I do agree with what Yusixs had in mind, extra saved chunloader spots for donaters. As Voodoo said, maybe give players an extra saved slot if they have 100 votes or so. This way you give players another reason to vote, which is also nice for the server itself. This is what I think of this, feel free to add some things.
  9. Change Another Citys Rules

    T/C Also, congrats on your 1600th post Quagma
  10. ¿Do You Want To Play?

    Granted, but one day you eat something you're allergic for and you die. I wish I could turn invisible whenever I want.
  11. Rollback Request

    As player stated above, rollback was succesful. T/C
  12. Your favorite music

  13. [Refund Request] Sparks dissapeared after restart

    Refunded and placed in your inventory. T/C
  14. New modpack version

    Server got updated. Thanks Bruny T/C