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  1. Refund {Request}

    Placed the items in a chest in the town. T/C
  2. login problem

    Problem solved, tell your friend to have fun on the server! T/C
  3. Refund {Request}

    Refunded and placed in your inventory T/C
  4. Refund Request

    Refunded and placed in your(Maelstorm71) inventory T/C
  5. Purchase Restore

    Claim blocks and money added, thanks Bruny T/C
  6. [Command request] Dragonlady

    Perms are working, thanks Bruny T/C
  7. Player made a new topic in the correct section T/C
  8. [Command request] Dragonlady

    Account Name: DragonLady Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands: World Edit Reason for Request: I love building and since I'm making an elven city atm, building the same house over and over again is a bit annoying. I know I'm not supposed to do it on large areas to prevent lag and that abuse will restrict me from requesting commands. -Dragon
  9. Time for a WIPE on FTB Infinity Evolved server? Vote!

    You can request the rank reactivations in Technical Support. Make sure to state your player name and rank
  10. Purchase Restore

    IGN: DragonLady Hello there, could I get my claim blocks and money from S+ back? -Dragon
  11. Lagg/Economy: Reset request

    Bruny made a poll to vote for or against a wipe. You can vote here:
  12. [Rollback Request]

    This is the correct forum for a rollback reqeust. Just keep in mind only Bruny can do those and there's no specific time on the maintenance days when he does them. And no, you're not banned, don't worry
  13. Lagg/Economy: Reset request

    What I said is that the server already had problems after 2-3 months. No idea how you got "the server has been running for 2-3 months" out of that. I also never said 6 months wasn't enough time for people to reach endgame, cause it is enough time imo. I said that about 2-3 months, cause that's when some people have reached endgame(a lot of farming, being online all the time) and when the server is starting to get laggy.
  14. Lagg/Economy: Reset request

    This is probably not because of server lag, but rather someone placing a block that caused problems or maybe even a chuck. You can check this if you look at the player list. If the server restarts everytime the same person logs on, they're probably the one causing it. We have a plugin that only lets you use 4 chunkloaders, if you place more, they will get removed when the tps drops too low (The 4 you placed first will stay). I'm not sure if restricting chunkloaders will work, because last time people were complaining they couldn't load their base properly, which in turn caused problems. Will a wipe help for that long? I have my doubts. 2-3 months after the last wipe, some people were so advanced and had such a huge base that we had some lag already(not as much as now though). If we reset everytime the server gets laggy for a long period, we'd have to reset every 2-3 months. A lot of people won't be able to reach end-game in that time and we'd probably lose people since they don't have enough time to do the things they want. As for the economy problems. I do agree that sometimes people sell end-game items for waay too low price. If staff members are online, we tell them not to do that. If they do continue we will give them a warning and maybe even more than that. Quick summary: Wipe might help, but I don't think it'll help for long. As for economy problems, we should really do something about it, maybe check the market more for end-game items being sold too low. -Dragon
  15. Player is using a different chest now and there have been no problems since. T/C