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  1. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    On SF there is no "nice spot" to start, since you start with 1 dirt block and a tree. You expand as you go and you can change the biome if you don't like it. You decide what you do, so I have no idea why you're talking about getting a nice spot. About the strategies, if you dont like the way you did something you can 1. remove it and do something else, or 2. Restart your island if it's a huge failure and you really think you should re-do it. A wipe wouldn't help with people who are bored in SF, since they'll reach end-game in no time and get bored again. We can't have a wipe every 2 months. The fact that there are abandoned bases doesn't matter either, since they aren't loaded and they're not taking away any space for new players. You don't need a wipe to start over, since you can just restart your island. You can do this as many times as you want and you won't bother other people. I do agree about the economy, but since we have Magic Crops and RFTools, it's really easy to get a lot of resources really quick, which means the economy would be ruined again in no time. Plus, you don't have to buy items in the market or via auction if you don't like it. We're not forcing you to.
  2. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    There are 4 arguments in the post you linked. 1. Lag issues 2. Lack of space for new players. 3. No mob spawns 4. Player reaching end game and getting bored. Let's start with the first one, SF doesn't have problems with lag, and if it does it's only for a few minutes and then there are no more problems for hours. Second one. There's no world border on SF, which means there's an infinite amount of islands left. We don't have to worry about having no space for new islands. Third point. Hostile mobs will only spawn if you have a big enough island with a dark room(better eith cursed earth), or a big spot of grass for passive mobs(which is logical). This will always be the case, so a wipe won't fix this. We also got Draconic Evolution so we can use spawners from that mod. Forth and last argument. SF is quite an easy modpack, so reaching end game won't take super long. Still, some people take ages to complete the modpack and others are done in 1-2 weeks. The nice part about SF is that you can reset your island whenever you want, so if a player gets bored, they can reset their island and start over. Or, they can do the same as Lancelot, which is joining someone elses island using /is trust. All the arguments from that topic don't apply to SF, since we don't have the problems like they have on DW20. This means you can't use it as a reason for a wipe on SF. -Dragon
  3. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    Like voodoo said, that topic has nothing to do with SF2. There are still plenty of spots for new people to join and there's almost no lag. So I ask, what exactly is pretty clear?
  4. Please Re-Add Creative.

    Thanks for the compliment twitch, we're glad you like it here :). T/C
  5. Disable creative.

    Can someone close the topic?
  6. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    I don't see the need of a wipe. There are almost no issues with lag and people that want to start over can delete their island.
  7. Skyfactory 2.5 island stolen

    Hello there, I was online when you and RC were talking and you said you gave the ownership to him. This means you gave it to him willingly and he hasn't used your account to give him the ownership. You then left the island to make your own, but when you saw you couldn't make one, you told RC to add you back. RC didn't want to add you, because you have creative access and he wants to do everything legit. Next you proceeded to tell others RC was is "traitor" and then even threatened him. Also, don't talk like that about other players on the forums. -Dragon
  8. [Rollback Request]

    Spoke to player in game, rollback succesful. T/C
  9. lost items

    Hello there, Do you know what items you lost? If so, edit your post and use the following template: If not, use this one(and ask for an inventory rollback): -Dragon
  10. [Rollback Request] Town rollback

    As player stated above, rollback no longer needed. T/C
  11. [Rollback Request] Town rollback

    Hello there, The only person that can rollback a town is Brunyman himself. He is a very busy person, so these kinds of problems are only taken care of on mondays and fridays. He did do maintenance yesterday, it may have been before you made this post though. -Dragon
  12. Cant join the server

    Make sure you're using the correct modpack version. The server is on version 3.0.1 -Dragon
  13. Can't Login

    As player stated above, problem fixed. T/C
  14. [Complaint] deathbygerbils

    Problem solved T/C
  15. [Town Removal] Inactive chunck remove request

    As player stated above, problem fixed. T/C