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  1. DragonLady


    Worldedit granted. Make sure to use it on small areas at the time. Abuse will remove your current commands and the possibility to request new ones.
  2. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request] ZeeDerpMaster

    Rollback complete, if you're missing items, please post a list down below
  3. DragonLady

    [Claim Rollback Request] xRegency

    Sadly a rollback request won't fix the problem. After every modpack update RS gets messed up and all the drives just empty out. Trying to do a rollback on the area doesn't seem to actually rollback the Refined Storage part, thus losing all the items inside. We could refund you some money and items for the loss, but that's all we can do. If you decide to get some money/items refunded, I suggest you no longer use the RS mod, but go to AE2. We have no problem switching your system for and AE2 one.
  4. DragonLady

    [Claim Rollback Request]Nightsole333

    Rollback complete, if you're missing any items please post a list below
  5. DragonLady

    Refund request

    Reactivated again, everything should be good now.
  6. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Apthos

    Talked to player. After a refund, player was happy with the rollback. T/C
  7. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request]KeiranKiller

    Rollback complete. This rollback point might be from just after you died. If that is the case, I'll use a previous rollback point
  8. DragonLady

    [Claim removal request] ExoticPython

    Base and town removed. Feel free to expand T/C
  9. DragonLady

    [Rollback Inventory] Connyobro2

    Talked to player, rollback successful T/C
  10. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request] coreyko

    Glad it was successful T/C
  11. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Apthos

    Rollback complete. If there are any items missing, please post a list down below
  12. DragonLady

    Inventory Rollback

    Rollback complete and confirmed that it was successful from player. T/C
  13. DragonLady

    [Rollback Inventory] Connyobro2

    Rollback complete. If you're missing items, please post a list below
  14. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request] coreyko

    What about now? This is the earliest rollback point of that day. Anything before is from the day before you lost your items. If this one doesn't work, we can try that one instead and refund you the items you lost from the setback.
  15. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request] coreyko

    Rollback complete, if there are any items missing, please make a list below

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