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  1. DragonLady

    Town Rollback

    Rollback no longer needed T/C
  2. DragonLady

    Command Request IDontHackM8_

    Since you have abused your commands in the past, you are no longer allowed to request extra commands. T/C
  3. DragonLady

    new server

    Right now we are busy with some other projects and I'm not sure if we'll have a new modded server anytime soon. As for the choice of modpack, Bruny or Henk will make a poll when the time is near to open a new modpack. This doesn't mean it will be a FTB Continuum server. Also, this is the Revelation technical support and not the right place to ask questions about a new modpack 😛 Please make these kinds of topics in General Discussion next time So, like I said, when the time is right, we will make a poll and people can vote on the modpack they want to see. Topic moved and closed
  4. DragonLady

    [Refund Request] Jah_Blessed

    Placed the items in your inventory. If something is still missing, feel free to msg me T/C
  5. DragonLady

    [Refund Request] NaminisBebras

    Confirmed from player, thanks bruny! T/C
  6. DragonLady

    [Spawn Shop] Diamond Chip

    Thanks Bruny! T/C
  7. DragonLady

    [Inventory Rollback Request] Bazza546

    Player no longer wants their inventory rollbacked T/C
  8. DragonLady

    Server down

    There was a problem with the datacenter, but the server is up and running again T/C
  9. DragonLady

    Golden Shovel Claim - Private Plot setting

    Changing perms so people can't set their enter-claim claimflag to false, is not an option. People use it as another layer of protection, we can't take that away from players. The default enter-claim claimflag is set to true, so there shouldn't be too many players that have it set to false. My advise is to not try to enter random claims, so you can avoid having the problems. We could set the default claim-flag that lets players pick up items in a claim that isn't yours to true, but if you can't get inside of the claim, you wouldn't be able to pick up the items anyway. A different claim-flaig we could set to false, is the one where you can drop items inside someone else's claim. That way you can't lose items inside a claim or find a way to get items that aren't yours.
  10. DragonLady


    No need to make a suggestion. It would look waay too messy if we had to add all the commands at spawn
  11. DragonLady


    We know of this problem, I believe the same happens on DW20 1.12 if you do /help. This is a problem with nucleus, so we can't fix it on our side
  12. DragonLady

    I can't go to my island

    Looks like your data got wiped since you were offline for so long. Your island should still be there, but you aren't part of it. Brunyman should be able to add you back to your island.
  13. DragonLady

    I can't go to my island (sky2.5)

    Duplicate topic T/C
  14. DragonLady

    [Rank reactivation] RandomNukes

    Spoke to player, rank reactivation successful! T/C
  15. Everyone is having this issue when trying to access almost all EnderIO machines. It's not happening in singleplayer, I have tested that already. DW20 1.12 also seems to have the problem.

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