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  1. DragonLady

    Unbreakable grave

    This is not a bug. Every player gets a plot that is 201x201 blocks. If you die outside of that, you are no longer in your plot and this means you can't break blocks. It was intented to be this way. Moved to SF2.5 technical support Edit: Broke your grave and put your items in a chest in front of a stone barrel near your other chests. T/C
  2. DragonLady

    [Request Reward] Roellynger

    Spend your money wisely 😛 T/C
  3. Glad to hear it was successfull! T/C
  4. DragonLady

    Login issue

    Tping the player to spawn fixed the problem T/C
  5. DragonLady


    Glad to hear it was solved T/C
  6. DragonLady

    [Refund Request] Roellynger

    Refunded the chunkloader. They are very unstable in worlds other than overworld, even if its claimed, thats why it results with a despawn of one from time to time. As for the review rewards, make a new post in technical support, linking the reviews and stating your in game name. Someone that has the perms will add your money. T/C
  7. DragonLady

    Unable to login

    No problem, glad I could help T/C
  8. DragonLady

    Inventory Rollback Request - greenMachine1123

    Good to hear the rollback was successfull! T/C
  9. DragonLady

    Unable to login

    I have tp'd you to spawn, when you log in the first time you will see the "Logging in" message. If you try to log in a second time, you should be able to log in just fine.
  10. DragonLady

    [Spawn Shop] Thaumcraft Saplings

    Thanks for adding the saplings! T/C
  11. No problem, glad it worked! T/C
  12. DragonLady

    [Refund Request] _StormSpy_

    Replaced the items with the correct ones T/C
  13. DragonLady

    Inventory Rollback Request*Gold3nWolf*

    Player made a refund request insted T/C
  14. Player made a refund request instead. T/C
  15. DragonLady

    [Claim Rollback Request]_Soulless_

    Glad to hear that it got fixed! T/C

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