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  1. Derp


    Yep, still doesn't produce a mad scientist
  2. Derp

    Refund zDerp

    Your Name: zDerpItem Name + Amount: Transcendent OrbCoordinates: -Description of Issue: Server time'd out, my orb disappearedScreenshots (Optional): -
  3. Derp

    Refund zDerp

    Your Name: zDerpItem Name + Amount: 34 Quantum Solars, 4 energy acceptors, 2 quantum rings, 2 tesseracts, 2 me chests, 1 molecular assemlyCoordinates: -8, 29, 93Description of Issue: Town vanished at ~22-24:00Screenshots (Optional):
  4. Derp

    FTB Infinity Evolved Server time for WIPE? Vote!

    Im game for a wipe, would get me back on cl
  5. Derp

    [DW 1.10] Forum

    Pointless since eventually 1.7 will be closed and 1.10 will take it place, why confuse people, do some staffing instead of filling the right drawer of the same cabinet.
  6. Derp

    Reason for low tps dw20 1.10.2

    This issue is rather self explanatory, if you lack the ability to see it, maybe you should do some additional testing. As for the setup, you can clearly see it in the screenshot, or the video. Also to clarify, i've tried it in the overworld without any noticeable tps drop, however the above screenshots been taken in a rftools dimension, same as the video.
  7. Im aware that the new dw20 server is constantly being worked on, however some things do get unnoticed though, the same way as the builder quarry from RFTools. It causes huge block updates which cause major tps drops within a second if it receives a constant redstone signal (lever). Example: Builder being off and tps being 20. Builder being on, tps instantly going down to 6.
  8. Derp

    [Refund request]

    Refunded, T/c.
  9. Derp

    i got griefed.

    I've talked to one of your town members yestarday, i seen the base and imo you should ask for a rollback, as the damage to your base is really big.
  10. Derp


    Fixed, T/C.
  11. Derp

    DW20 Server mods

    There's a few, to name some of the top of my head: - Steam - Glue - Energized glowstone Those liquids go up, so once you break a block or anything in those dimensions a massive chunk update lags out the server. Theres also no way of closing/deleting the dims, no access to the block :/.
  12. Derp

    [Refund request]

  13. Derp

    Refund Request


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