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  1. Your Name: DerpCoordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 15:00 GMT+1, 28.04Description of Issue: Chance cube deleted my grave.Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Derp

    Temporal bee

    Seems to be working again, thanks!
  3. Seems the effect was removed/disabled by some server config past last update, please enable it again. Thanks.
  4. Your Name: DerpCoordiantes: x: -1134 z: 3528Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 27 Nov, 9am GMT+1Description of Issue: Half of my base is gone.Screenshots (Optional):
  5. I wasnt interested in the quest, i was interested in the item. Please do make sure to put the creative storage key on the banned items list so in the future people can decide whether or not they want to play on a server that has it disabled. That decision is quite a cheap way of promoting creative ranks.
  6. The last bit of the game, or rater the end game is to craft the creative storage key, unfortunately this is what happens: And then in turn when its crafted: Unsure why it would be banned in the first place besides being tagged as a creative item you can actually make. Hope it gets fixed, otherwise whats the point of playing the modpack ? Also refund plox!
  7. Regardless of the amount of people the spikes happen every couple minutes for a few second, the tps goes from 20 down to 0, then back to 20. Doesnt seem like anything really causes it. Edit: Although, seems to occur more frequent during data saves.
  8. Derp

    End ores

    Since the end portal doesn't work, there is no way of getting specific ores that are needed for late game. It would be really nice if we could get those added to the spawn stores till the issue is resolved. Ores you get in the end dimension: Iridium Ore, Palladium ore, Platinum ore, Tungstate ore, Dragon heart and Chaos shard. Also another thing we're missing is the Infernal Deconglomerator machine recipe, it's supposed to be a chest drop in nether dungeons but we don't have those on the server so its impossible to get.
  9. Nothing is missing, thanks
  10. Your Name: DerpItem Name + ID + Amount: 128x Silicon dust, 128x Aluminum dust, 128x Sodium dust, 64x Lithium dust. Coordinates: Description of Issue: Gregtech stainless steel chest deleted the items when i pressed sort. Screenshots (Optional):
  11. After building the nether portal and activating it, it doesnt teleport you, nothing happens.
  12. Derp


    Yep, still doesn't produce a mad scientist
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