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  1. Your Name: GunA Can A mod/admin tell me if this is just a bug whit applied energistics or is my chunk buggy ,as this is the 2nd time in two days its happen and i think its just me its happening too. Should i move my ME setup to some where else in the base or what can i do to stop this from happening again. Thank you. Coordinates: X - 1511 X - 2816 Y - 57 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 22:30 GMT ish best guess.So about 30 mins or so ago from this post. Description of Issue: One of my ME Drive blocks got up and ran off again Screenshots:
  2. Your Name: GunA Coordinates: X -511 , Z-2814 Y-57 & X -511 , Z-2813 Y-57 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Today about 30 mins Befor this post 22:00pm GMT Description of Issue: Hey,so two of my Applied Energistics 2 ME drive Blocks full whit 20,16k Me drives 10 in each just up and ran off.Talked to Ness real quick about it and was told i need to post for a rollback. Screenshots: Not sure it matters ,as if a rollback will fix it that`s fine.But before the two ME drive blocks up and ran off the first ME(Marked in Green down in the pic) just pooped open and dropped its self and all the drives in it on the floor.I only know this as my Me stopped working and i went to see what was up whit it,there they all were on the floor as if it had being pickaxed but not picked up. About 2 mins later i seen both my other ME drive blocks were gone(Marked in red) Thanks.
  3. So long story sort,chunk loaders seem to be despawning..i had 3 in my base for over a week and have replaced them whit new one 4 times now.each time they just despawn whit in a few mins if your not in the same chunk as it..Seems like its server wide,as other are having this problem too,Thanks.
  4. In Game Name: GunA Server: dungeons dragons and space shuttles. Problem: Lost 34 or so vote keys. So was at spawn using my vote keys i had about a stack or so from the last few days of voting,when i got about half way done spamming them in the vote chest i shift click the chest and the stack of keys that was left all seem to have got stuck in the chest as if i was opening it whit a key.As spawn is claimed i could not get them back,so i relogged hoping it was just a bug. After the relog the keys seem to now show us as an item called *tile.draconicevolution:placed_item.name and have no textures. I took two pics one at the vote chest showing the no textured item and one at the other chests that don`t have this buggy item,just to show that this bugged no textured item is not meant to be there.and is in fact about 34 or so vote keys. ================================== Edit ================================== That post under here by CPTNX is to show its not a client side bug and that it is in fact there. Thanks CPTNX for the pic Thanks.
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